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Glad to hear my review was helpful, I'd love to check this game out again if you plan on polishing it up a little bit after the jam!

My first thought to mitigating this would be to ask some friends beforehand if they could playtest a version of your game without all the polished stuff just to see how the level design and difficulty curve are. Of course this is easier to say than to do, but I think its worth a shot in the future :)

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Honestly one of the most ambitious games I have seen, and it mostly works!

The gameplay consists of getting new face properties and face numbers - even if I mostly used just a few, the option to have others was really nice, and with more developed levels this "dice building" gameplay could be really engaging and interesting, especially with a little bit of a cost to be bale to improve your dice. During the first 70% of the game or so [20 minutes of my 30 minute playtime] I really disliked how the dice controlled, however after this point I got quite used to controlling it. The amount of control the game gives you is actually quite big, however to master this power, you must really use visual markers and learn how to position the camera properly. If you were to develop this game further, I would recommend giving the dice a little bit of a random force when throwing it, so it spins, as oftentimes I would find that I could just throw the dice in just the right way and keep it on the same face. The camera controls okay, however, its oftentimes really slow and I would have to pick up my mouse multiple times just to turn around, the zoom speed is also painfully slow. It also does not allow you to look up, which isn't a super big deal, but I did find myself wondering why at some points.
One of the biggest detractors to my enjoyment of crook was the unclearness of the goals of each level, the premise of reaching the highest point seems simple, however what this point is seemed to change arbitrarily, even on the same map, just with different levels (i.e the jars and the book with a skull)
Another notable thing about the gameplay are the bugs, there are two main types I noticed: the ones which will get your model 95% stuck into geometry, and the ones which do not put a cap on your use of face abilities such as explosion and reroll. The former is the more serious one, as it can sometimes make it so you cannot click on your dice to throw it, which means that you will have to reset the level, the latter is more funny than anything , but still an exploit.
This game's definite biggest shortcoming is its presentation, specifically the textures and lack of lighting - these features, or rather lack thereof, made the game look really mushy and they also injected problems into the gameplay, where the player can't properly see edges from most angles when both faces are made of the same material, which sometimes made it hard to see where you're going to fall etcetera. Another thing I am sorry to not see here is music, and general sound effects, as I would've liked something spooky or relaxing to add to the atmosphere.
A feature which this game really excels at is the UI - quite a rarity in gamejams such as these; the UI was simple but it was good enough, and most importantly, it worked: there was a pause menu which allows you to exit and change your dice, the main menu has a level select which opens up as you play the game, you get to read a little story snipped before every level and it all feels quite polished. Speaking of the story, it added some context which was really nice, it was not in fact Shakespearean, if you can believe it, but nonetheless I enjoyed it.

This is definitely the most full fledged game I have seen so far, and I really hope that it gets more reviews, as it really deserves some more attention. I wish you luck and thanks for making this!

P.S: You submitted this game 12 minutes before the deadline — you are a mad lad

Clever name, fun concept, not super fun in practice.

Presentation is relatively nice, if quite generic. Adding some texturer to the platofrms mightve been a good idea, as it can sometimes be hard to tell where the ground is if youre jumping down from a higher platform. It might also be good to indicate on the power meter when you have double distance enables, as it can be a bit confusing with the exact same texture and size.
Gameplay is like GWYF, but youre a cube, which is pretty fun and funny, although getting 5s can be really annoying, and maybe using a different effect couldve been better. The level design worked okay, however it is very much trial and error to get the correct angle and power combo, although I do appriciate it being relatively easy to replicate shots. The lack of a crosshair was a little frustrating, as the pivot point seemed to be somewhere above the dice and you never quite knew where you are aiming, either adding a simple corsshair, or even better a vector arrow coming out of the cube would be a huge help in making the shots feel more like something you have control over. A small, I think unintended thing I noticed, is that with a certain angle and power combo, you are able to slide to dice without actually rolling it, which means you can relatively easily control you total number of shots by farming the 2.

I unfortunately ended up not beating every level as the lack of control was frustrating, but I checked each one out and apart from the difficulty I quite enjoyed this. Good luck on the jam!

I actually meant to say lvl 7, the one that is just a 4x5 rectangle with a lot of pads, not sure why I said 3 (maybe the third to last?); I felt like this was the hardest level in the game, as I always thought that one of the solving moves would kill me, but was instead the solution, whereas I did die a few times on the last level, but I ended up figuring it out quite quickly. I think that otherwise the difficulty scaling works pretty well, its just that the last few levels seem a little misaligned

Very cool concept, not so fun to play. I got stuck on the second level, even with the hint unfortunately :(

Clever and fun!

I enjoyed the visuals, although I think that some sort of more stylized... style might've worked better [perhaps using a sort of cell-shaded shader] as the textures did look a little cheap. I enjoyed the notes that played when the dice rolled, although I think that sometimes the note was double played when dying, which was a bit jarring. The UI was simple, but quite effective, I liked that you had scaling for different resolutions and a fullscreen option - just some good ol' QOL features, which are often missing from gamejam submissions.
The main mechanic was clever and quite intuitive, and I enjoyed the puzzles, however I often had to resort to just guessing, as I often just didn't know what side I would land on because I don't have the numbers on a dice memorised; perhaps allowing the player to rotate the camera, or to have a floating cube model which you can rotate and look at all the different sides without having to guess would greatly improve this game's fun factor as it would allow for the player to actually thinking about their movements. Regarding the difficulty curve, it felt like lvl 3 should've probably been the final level, as, at least to me, it seemed like the toughest one with a lot of ways to fail and it and it also felt quite unique and different from the other levels, with it being so compact. I did also feel a little cheated when I worked out a solution and ended up not using half the addition/subtraction pads, although I do understand that they server a purpose as just showing only the needed pads would make the solution quite obvious - a not so easy solution to implement would be to focus more on non-pad levels and just designing the tiles in a more tight way, but I do understand that that is easier said than done.

Overall I really enjoyed this! Thanks for making this, and good luck on the jam, I hope you get somewhere high!

Fun game, but doesn't really fit the theme.

This game looks really nice, has pleasant sound effects and music, and is just very nice.I liked the animations and the character was cute. The tutorial works good, and apart from accidentally skipping a level, I had no problem with the UI.
The gameplay is VERY simple, however it works, the puzzles were well designed, and they were just the right difficulty, I ended up spending just over 20 minutes to beat all of the levels, my favourite was the last one, quite well designed. This however ignored one pretty big part of the experience - the controls were not very good, and felt kinda weird, and moreover, the whole system for moving just felt strange; the concept of having a limited set of moves is a good premise for a puzzle game, but it simply does not fit in with the dice theme at all - a much more fitting control scheme would be to select the desired move number with mouse/arrow keys instead of the janky rolling.

I really enjoyed myself, however I just don't think that this should be in the "Roll of a DiceL game jam. Either way, thanks for making this and good luck!

Honestly the best game I have played so far in this jam, genuinely great!

The presentation is top-notch with beautiful cute monster designs and letters, the color palette is really nice on the eyes, the music is really chill and very much fits the vibe of the game [although a bit of a changeup for the boss/last floor would've been nice]. Only real gripe I had was that the game was locked at a very strange aspect ratio, which isn't a big deal per se, but it did feel a little bit strange, that half of my screen was ugly black bars; even just having the edges be the same color as the background would work very nicely. The communication was very nice, all of the dice were self explanatory, and the tutorial wasn't too long or too short - just right. I'd also like to point our that there were zero bugs I encountered, which is a pretty big deal for something made in a gamejam, good on you!
The gameplay was nice and satisfying, I really liked how you could influence where the dice would roll by clicking on it from a specific side. The no-click zones were a nice addition that added some tension in a few fights, like the windmill, as I was nearing the timer end, and the dice were moving with the zones. I enjoyed basically all of the monsters, although the last fight did feel a little anticlimactic, as I beat it without a single damage to myself, perhaps giving a few more hearts and/or the enemy damage dice would've made for a more impactful ending. Other than the last floor having monsters that were a little easy, I really enjoyed the mechanical progression curve, as you got healed up every time you beat an enemy, all the while your max health slowly depleted every floor - I really liked this as it did give you a chance to recover, even at 1hp, while also giving rise to more tension over the game's progression. I personally never ended up dying, however, I can imagine someone barely scraping by to the last floor and dying because of a quick misclick, and then getting frustrated to have to play the entire game all over again, perhaps checkpoints at every floor, or at least every second floor, which would save your hp, would provide the players with a little bit of a safety net, which might be appreciated. Last thing I'd like to mention is that the dice cycle through the possible options instead of just being random - I really appreciated this, as the theme could've easily devolved into an annoying RNG-fest, and even though dice do not in fact work like this in real life, I still appreciated it as a player.

Overall a really wonderful game, I'm really glad I followed you guys [wait was this made by one person??] last time I had played a game of yours. Will definitely keep following. Thanks for making this and I wish you a lot of luck, you definitely deserve to be in the top for this jam

Unfortunately, even after renaming the folder and using a controller to start the game, it is very very broken, perhaps in future, try and give yourself a few more hours to bugfix and playtest. After getting unstuck from my character running into one direction forever, I managed to sort of get into a fight, however there was indication of what I was doing and how; I kinda just clicked some random arrow keys and pressed space a few times and then died.

It's a shame, as thus game looks like it could be a bit of fun, but unfortunately the deadline got to it, I hope you do not get discouraged, wish you more luck next time!

Very strange, interesting game.

The map is REALLY zoomed in, I think I'd zoom out like 0,3x. The art is cute tho.
As for the gameplay, the zoom really hinders it, but otherwise its pretty interesting, even if only tangentially related to the dice theme. It did seem strange how the enemies seemed to stick to the player...

Thanks for making this and good luck with the jam!

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Oh Im sorry about the death sound haha. Perhaps just toning down the volume and pitch a little bit wouldve been fine.

If youd like to keep the ratio o f actions, it might be a good idea to just swap two random actions and their dice rolls (so [AADHAD] → [ADAHAD] where we just swapped 2 and 3). This could keep the sense of a single unified "run" while also spicing it up a little bit

edit: oh haha, this is like the only game where I didnt read the description because I thought the game spoke for itself, sorry!

Despite the fact that you had less than a day to complete this, you made something and it works! Good job! It is definitely not the greatest game ever made, but I enjoyed the 3 or so minutes I spent with it.

The was really strange at first and I just kept dying as I roll enough dice to kill all the cards, but after reading the description I understood that I could knock the king dice away, which made the game a lot better. With that being said, I think that the game is a bit unbalanced, as just shooting dice at the king dice will basically make you invincible, I think a compromise which might work better is still being able to knock the king dice away, but not giving it the ability to kill cards; this would force you to make trickshots to both kill cards and save the king at once, which might be a bit cooler [if this is too much, perhaps disabling normal dice collision would balance it out]. I like the ability to change sides as it makes it a lot easier to track down specific spots; perhaps a more intuitive design would be to have the play are be a circle and to move the dice cup around the ring based on mouse position.
The presentation is nice, but the song starting over and over was very grating, I don't think that torture should be a punishment for dying in a game ;w;. Just letting the song play even after you die might be a better idea in future. Otherwise the graphics are simple but cute, the pastel background is nice.

Overall just a fun few minutes :) Wish you guys luck and thanks for the game!

Really cool idea well executed! 

The game looks really pretty and is really fluid. I didn't find out about the non-used dice affecting the performance of the action until after reading another comment on here, it totally changes and improves the game! I do wish the music would change inbetween matches as it seems a bit strange that is changes only after you start a new game and not after you start a new match. The only thing I didn't like about the presentation apart from the unclarity of the combining dice is the death tone, it just sounds horrible and makes me want to cry, pls chang thx.
I like the gameplay loop and the combining dice are a great idea. I didnt love that the build changed completely every match, but it should change a little bit to prevent the game from becoming stale/you being stuck with a great/horrible action build, it might be a good idea to change just 1 dice action (or swap 2) every match to spice things up.

Not much else to say really, a really nicely done, nicely polished game! Thanks and good luck!

A surprisingly fun game. I ended up spending 12 minutes with this one - most of that time spent trying to (and sort of succeeding to) break the game.

As for the presentation, there isn't much to write home about, however what little is there works - everything is intuitive and clean, the edges warn you, that you're strying away too far and it's just nice, I like it a lot, even if it feels a bit uninspired at points.
The gameplay works just as fine as any clicker game, however the spin (or roll) on the concept is that fact that you have a lot more control over how many points you get. The loop that is there works well, however it is quite limited, a few more options shop options [perhaps a power dice, a weighed dice/rigged dice, etc..] would really elevate this game, I can totally see this being something I would sink hours into. I really enjoyed the physics, they worked perfectly. The roll value detection is something I also loved, but for the opposite reason: you can bump your controlled dice into other dice to roll them, however this second hand roll seems to be calculated differently to your active roll, as it seems that you are able to get the value without actually turning the dice, unlike with the active roll, where if you roll from too small of a distance the roll won't count; this led to a lot of dice humping and racking up a lot of points without having to rely on RNGesus, I ended up quitting with around 2.1k points with just 2 autodice and a few normal dice. I also noticed that second hand rolls sometimes displayed the incorrect value, so a second hand rolled dice sitting on a six might report a one or a two or a four, it was very strange and there seemed to be no pattern to it,

As said above, I actually really enjoyed playing this game, and I really wish there was a bit more content, thanks for making this and good luck in the jam!

Oh I totally understand the exit just being a time issue, I think its worth it to point out such things so you may know for future :)

As for how to make it run in itch, I honestly know only the complete basics to game making, and I know actually nothing about unity gamemaking, so I wont be able to help you there much unfortunately. The "play game" button simply doesnt appear on the app, but appears fine on a browser. I found someone with the same problem, but no solution unfortunately

A pretty simple tower defence game - it works for what it is.

The presentation was alright, and while there were some really low res textures and spirtes, it has that old flash game aesthetic, so I get why it is the way it is. The sound design wasn't great the sniper was especially annoying and loud. I really liked how you introduced all of the towers, as a lot of games in these jams have a problem of just throwing you into the deep end without telling you or hinting at what each thing in your arsenal does.
The gameplay is okay, however the fact that what towers you get is entirely random and the fact that they disappear after a little while makes the game feel really out of my control - if I'm winning I feel like I'm just getting carried by the RNG and if I'm losing it feels like I'm just being screwed over by it - not great feelings, perhaps a little more iteration to give the player a little more agency would've elevated the experience very nicely.  The game also quite quickly devolved into a mindless routine for me, where I just placed any tower I got into the vicinity of the hen house where there were towers missing and I just repeated this until I died at 1.1k foxes

Overall I definitely enjoyed myself for the 9ish minutes I played, but the lack of agency and expanse sameyness unfortunately brings the game down

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Interesting game (pack?)

Apart from the ugly colors of the main menu (for next time, I recommend looking at some color pallets online, as they can help build harmonious color schemes really easily) the presentation isn't too bad as the glowy aesthetic works fine with the simple models, but I'd maybe work on the fonts (especially their colors). A few things to spice the game up a little bit would be: spawning the dice in DA a little bit higher so you cannot see the spawn in; giving the dice in DA a random spin strength and direction in order to produce more interesting visuals; replaced the number in DT's strength gauge with a bar that would gradually fill up as you click on the button.
The gameplay of both games is really simple, but I suppose it works well enough: Dice Attack is the one I enjoyed most of the two, it's basically a glorified aim-trainer, but so be it. Dice Tosser was definitely the weaker of the two for me, as the combination of its simplicity (even more so than DA) which reminded me of a project you make when first learning about Random in a programming language, combined with literally no reward as you state yourselves in the game's description and no way to influence the dice apart from the strength, it just felt really pointless and boring - and while that may or may not be a critique of gambling, either way, it makes for not a great game. A small, but fatal flaw I had notice is that I could not for the life of me find any way to exit out of a minigame, so you have to alt+f4 to change minigames, which doesn't seem right.
As a sidenote, I would also like to point out that the game does not in fact run in the itch app, you have to go through a regular browser unfortunately.

Overall, it definitely feels like a jam game, but that's okay, I enjoyed the little bit of time I spent with DA. I wish you guys luck, and thanks for making this!

Fun game!

The presentation of this game is definitely the best part, there is a lot of juice, but it's not super overdone, apart from the screenshake, which could definitely be toned down a few notches. The art was nice and creative, and I liked the glowy bits, also, the gif of the shotgun spinning is very I'd also like to point out that the game was stuck at a singular resolution with no scaling at all, to me it was just an inconvenience, but to somebody with a 4k or even 8k display, this could make the game borderline unplayable. Last thing I'd like to point out, is that the title is clever and cute.
The gameplay is actually really solid, just taking the shooting mechanics and the movement controller and plopping them into basically any other scenario would work really nicely [especially if you had to use the blanks' knockback to cross gaps or something]. As stated in others' comments, the biggest drawback of this game's gameplay is definitely the lack of variety, especially on the map front, as it gets boring pretty quickly, I ended up just running into the enemies at around 30 or 40 kills because I was getting bored. I wish there was a way to reload manually once you were at one shot, as it was a bit annoying to waste time firing a blank just to have a chance at a better shell.

Generally, I really enjoyed this game, even if I did have to end it myself, I feel like you could really just grab the mechanics of this game, create a few levels and make some enemy placements instead of a spawner and it would be like twice as good as it is now. Thanks for making this, and good luck in the jam!

Unfortunately, in the state the game is in currently, it is borderline unplayable, I tried to play it several times, but I would just die without anything happening, Id get stuck inbetween cards and have to reload the game or Id get stuck in an encounter with glitchy collision and couldn't do anything.

The game has unbearably small UI with text seems to be have font with a size of 5pts, it uses a dev texture for the playermodel, uses strange collision and just doesn't seem to be ready.
This is of course totally okay - its a game jam, but it unfortunately isn't in a state to be played right now, in my opinion.

That being said, the idea doesn't seem half bad, its just that it seems like the developer bit off way too much. It might be a good idea in future to focus on getting a minimum playable product as the first thing, and to focus on an idea you think you'll be able to pull off.
I wish you luck in the future with gamemaking, and hope that this comment doesn't dissuade you from making games, or even from continuing this one, I'm sure you'll be able to make better things in the future!

Of course, Im glad I helped out, even if a little bit! Do you plan on updating this game further after the jam, or are you going to move on to something else?

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This game is enjoyable, even if  it isn't the greatest  game ever made.

The concept is nice, and one that is seen surprisingly rarely, even if it seems quite obvious.
The movement felt a little slow, but this might just be my own preference. It wasn't unbearable, but it just didn't feel right, perhaps with a bit more animation and some changed particles it might've felt better, but as it stands Id say its just serviceable.
The presentation is overall quite simple, but it does the job, apart from the aforementioned walking, all the art and animations are quite nice. As for the music and sound effects, it definitely achieves what it's going for, however the harsh saws and squares were a little unpleasant to the ear, especially at the start. Also, the sword is pointed the exact opposite direction you are aiming, this felt really weird, but I got used to it pretty quickly, just something I thought I'd note.
Challenge gameplay felt overall pretty good, the lack of variety was a bit disappointing, however I understand that concessions have to be made in a game jam. The difficulty was a bit on the low side, but I did manage to fail at one or two collection challenges, and I didn't perfect a few of them either. One thing that annoyed me quite a bit was that the UI often blocked the enemies/shards, which made me lose perfect a few times, a simple fix would be to make the UI smaller, or to simply zoom the camera out a little bit so you can compensate for the blind spot in the top corners.
Board gameplay is good enough, although the communication could do with a little work, telling the player their min/max rolls would be a good QOL feature, and so would some indicators telling you which "portals" go where. It was also a bit frustrating, that you couldn't look at a map while at a crossroads - the place where you need to look ahead the most. Apart from the communication issues, the map was built pretty well, and some of the "grinding loops" were a nice addition, although because of the lack of proper marking, you don't really know when you're even going into one. I also enjoyed the portal just before the end, as it was a nice QOL feature which prevented me from having to do the whole board again, although I can imagine that even with that feature, if one were to have a <100% chance to roll a single number, it could still be quite frustrating.
As for general communication, the tutorial at the start is probably good enough, although it felt very strange, how it explained 2 tile types, but not really any others, whereas the types it explained seemed to be the most self-explanatory, perhaps either describing all the tiles or describing none of them could've been a better option.

I overall enjoyed my time, and it was fun slaying 10 knights at once, however it did seem to be bogged down by repetition a little bit - at one point I got the exact same challenge twice in a row, that was weird. Good luck and thanks for making this!

Pretty cool game!

The presentation was definitely the best part, while it was a little much sometimes it was never too too much to handle. The art and animations are cute, and I love my uwus and epic speak.

The game controls very well and it feels quite satisfying. I like how the click basically acted as a roll would in more traditional games, although it having two whole bars of "stamina" did seem a bit much; as a pretty bad gamer, who had very limited idea as to what was going on, I beat the game on my first try with 2 or 3 hp left.
The overall gameplay is very simple, but if you know what to do, it accomplishes what it's trying to do very well and it was fun trying too avoid all of the enemies, even if a very easy dominant strategy emerged very quickly [that being to go around circles and clicking when the dice is in trouble]
Unfortunately, the worst part of this game is just how confusing it is. For around 40% of my playthrough, I genuinely had no idea if I was supposed to be doing something, or what was my progress bar or anything else for that matter, I did eventually figure out, that the progress bar kept rising as time progressed, but I only realized it was being done by a dice after reading the description of the game [which I did after having already beaten it]. Perhaps a simple and relatively elegant solution would be to include a "readme" file with in-universe text about the virus before the file gets sent or perhaps an antivirus warning or something of the sorts. Other than the concept of the game being a mystery, the enemies were quite well telegraphed and I knew what each did after seeing them just once, so the communication on that front was very well done.

Overall I quite enjoyed my limited time with this, even if the concept wasn't super clear, thanks for making this and good luck!

Quite a cool demo.

Im guessing that you dont really wanna develop this further, but if you by chance do, I think that some kind of moody maze/puzzle rouglike would really fit this foundation

Pretty cool! I feel like there could have been more to it, but whats here is nice

The game looks like its a lot of fun, however, the amount of just waiting doing nothing is painful, and I hat to quit after about 3 minutes because I was so tired of having to 10 seconds minimum before each attempt so I kinda just left

Seems like a fun game, getting like 5 fps on toaster, sadly

If you're still supporting the game, a 0 effort for the potato computer users among us is a resolution scaler 

Pretty fun concept of a game! It is obviously not the most complex game in history, not does it set out to achieve such a thing, it works as a basic pick up and play brawler to kill some time (and shapes) for a few tries / minutes, and that's great! The graphics are simple enough where they  obviously did not take too many resources from the developer, but distinct enough to convey what they need to convey well enough. Controls can be a bit wonky, especially with the seeming ambiguity of whether Kluh is controlled globally or relatively, however, it's possible to get used to it, but the hud displaying the keybinds to the actions at all times, along with cooldowns serves as a good remedy for this [well, apart from the run toggle, which was super janky, I say that a better solution would be to either have hold the button down to run, or to have it as an actual toggle, because with the state that it's in currently, it feels extremely bad to use,] Regarding sound design, it's not very satisfying, but again, works for what it is; although some hit animations would really help.

Anyways, I've rambled on long enough, thanks for making a game, it was pretty fun, even if limited ^^

Alright, this game is kinda sick, but there's a few gripes I have with it: It feels too much out of control; especially the random targeting, which basically makes for waiting behind a wall until it targets a favorable spot, a way to influence the direction (maybe have it still randomized to some degree, but have it influenced my the mouse where you point at XY, the game generates a cone of Z degrees and then chooses a random spot in the cone) would be very good

There are a few smaller things like the fact there's no feedback for getting hit and  killing / hitting enemies which would be appreciated

I like the different enemy types, but they don't mesh well with complete randomness.

I love the idea and the execution is very solid, definitely adding this to my collection of game to be played after the jam

Yeah no, this is more of a shitpost than art in my humble opinion

Neat idea, the presentation was meh, some music would go a looong way, as for the gameplay, it felt pretty boring and frustrating a few markers like where the "gun" is located and where your last shot was would be awesome and make the game much more enjoyable, also, a "how to play" section would be great, as it took me quite some time until I realised that the speed of the "missles" was based on how far from the "gun" I was pointing, perhaps a "power gauge" or osmething similar showing you how fast the missle will be would be nice

Overall, good idea but some lacking execution :/

Graphics are great, Im not too much in love with the audio though, it just kinda felt ear piercing with its inconsistency...

Besides that, I love the idea, however, it really feels TOO much out of control, after a while the jump doesnt really do anything and to get along, you just have to pray to RNGesus that you will get enough bumps, which sucks, with a few little tweaks, I feel that this could be a great arcade, just give the player a BIT more control

I loved this! Everything was smooth as butter and was fun even while taking control away, pretty good idea, great execution!

Quite fun! The biggest problem I had with thr game is that for most of it, my controls were just WASD, and thats because of the level design, in I think 4 of the 6 levels, I went out of the map because it was much easier than completeing the course normally, and its quite the shame too, because there's a lot of things you did right, the controls being shows ON the ship is great, the fact that you only used WASDspace makes it much less tedious and annoying to readjust, and it was genuinely fun try to stop the ship and steer it away in time while having completely different controls.

Speaking of time, I think that the addition of a timer is a great idea, however I feel that it was a biiit lenient, perhaps a hard setting for the time limit would be in order.

Overall I think that you took an idea everyone was doing, and just made it really good! I hope that you update the game with some more levels and such, I'm adding this one to my collection of games to play after rating is over :D

btw, you should probably also fix the intro music because it seems that it's only playing in the left audio channel

Yep, Im playing on a bit of a craptop, that would exaplain it lol, Ill put it in my collection of games to check out after the jam, Im glad youre fixing it, thanks! ^^

Unfortunately, the game was laggy as hell for me so I didnt really enjoy the music too much, but from what I heard , it was excellent, the game all round looks and sounds incredible and I like how it fits the theme, good job! :D

I loved this! The comments basically summed up my thoughts, I think that a little intro or how to play sectionn would fare nicely, because at first I did not notice that you had to aim at all and just played it like a rythm game

The only thing that is worth mentioning and I didnt see in the comments is the bg which kinda sucks because it was very hard to focus on anything with it flashing :(

Anyways, good game :D

Most fun game Ive played so far, the SFX and visuals are amazing, the biggest problem with this game are the bugs! The weird double jump, checkpoints, weird ass collision, et cetera, I will definitly check this out after you guys update it because this seems like a very fun game that just doesnt have the polish it needs because its a jam game

Quite interesting concept, I like it, the visuals and audio fit very well with the game, my biggest gripe with it are the controls which feel really akward, I feel that with a controller or with a fixed mouse point, this game would have felt a helluva lot better

Very good game nontheless

Oh, and I almost forgot, I cant believe you made all the art in the 48hrs! Its phenomanl!