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That's a really cool idea! I wasted a lot of time on trying to map the in-game lighting to the real-world time of day (and weather!) I think I'd like to give that another go if I get time

Think I was late to the party with this, as I struggled to find much in the way of food! Really enjoyed the persistent map though, and being able to see what other people had discovered!

Cool little tower defence game! The balance is a little skewed (some nodes are definitely better than others, and cash seemed a little hard to come by at first). Interesting choice to have the city health tick down the moment one virus gets through - it definitely puts a timer on you! The idea of being able to switch between top-down and first-person mode is cool as well!

Unfortunately don't have a controller to hand, so I couldn't play it myself, but I managed to watch over a friend's shoulder! Really like the way it ramps up over time, with more zombies and bigger guns :D

Fun game! managed to infect a whole leg, but definitely struggled to tell which way the arrows were pointing sometimes (especially when under time pressure!) Might be worth adding a "tail" to the arrows to make it really clear 

You absolutely nailed the feeling of trying to wrangle an out-of-control trolley! Definitely felt fast and frantic - just missing some pyramids of tins to smash into! ;)

Absolutely love the polish of this game, the visuals and music are great! Sometimes a little confusing - where to push the cubes, what to interact with, etc. - but overall a really smooth game

Love the vibe of jumping and shooting in slow-mo; would be great if you took it further and developed some levels. Or even endlessly respawning enemies!

Nice little arcade-y game, but it takes a long time to load, and there's a LOT of weird-looking .exe files in the submission!

Great story! I enjoyed being able to help each of my robo-friends :)

The voice-controls were a lot more responsive than I expected and it felt pretty smooth to control. My only real piece of criticism is the colour of the obstacles and the goal - it was a bit tricky to tell them apart - but I'd love to see some more levels!

Really liked how each level added a new mechanic to add to the roster; the building complexity made it feel really well-rounded!

Super well-written story; I'm curious to try it again and see how the sequences change depending on my choices!

Really nifty mechanic that absolutely took me by surprise the first time I played - I almost don't want to spoil it for other people, but I'd love to see it expanded on with more puzzles!

Yeah, turns out that voxel art - and art in general - is tricky! Who've thought, eh? ;)

I had a lot of fun playing this, and the art style is really nice! Definitely found it tricky to stratergise in Phase 1, but I bet I'd get a bit better with practise