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I did, though mostly because I found a disgusting strat (exploit) for the final boss. I did miss the second spell (probably behind the first waterfall, I realized too late)

Yeah I thought it would be more fun to capture the group's first reactions in our group stream, though I have personally played through and rated each game.

I found all the stuff in the second level (I think), but def missed something in the gauntlet. I cheesed through the 4th room as fast as I could

Obviously the muscular frog 

Stoked to have a VR entry, please don't drop the idea forever. Thanks for including that concept art too, it's sweet.

I know you started this late, but it was worth it to let us chop some spiders and have Sleezer knock us off axis for eternity.

This is the start of a clearly cool thing. Definitely don't drop the template you created here.

I appreciate that each character has their own unique, room-clearing super attacks. Points for being the only entry that attempted the L3/R3 stealth/special directional swap 

When I played this with a 360 controller the start button was accelerate and it was excruciating, so I'm glad I read your notes here. Everything went much smoother with a PS4 controller (and learning to just mash the absorb button). That final boss sequence rules

I like the consideration that went into the different spells we unlock and the enemies that are introduced alongside them. Probably my favorite use of doors we can't enter. I hate those birds worse than anything.

Obviously it would have been great to see your whole vision, but we still got a rapid fire shotgun that never needs to be reloaded and a suitable reward for getting to the top of the cake.

You win the prize for Worst Sleezer. I like how the specials of our three party members serve their own important purpose in battles, pointless as they may be. I forgot what this jam was about for a second and when Oh No played on a character's death it really got me.

I like that you picked survival horror seemingly to give a greater impact to the Interact/Use Consumable ingredient. Strong RE/Game Boy vibes, makes for a fun environment

Below you said it's intentionally vile, but I really dig this game's style too. That usage of "I can go both ways"--genius.

I love the witch ball, as a mechanic and as a means to collecting ingredients. And being able to pick up an NPC and drop them off somewhere else.

Art for enemies is extremely good, and the logic to beating them is sweet too.
Still heartbroken thinking about what happened to Dovus. 

The ghost mechanic is actually cool, and you know what, I even enjoy the level up surprise machine. When Fire Emblem does it I get mad, but here it's enjoyable somehow. Excellently bad character designs.

I respect your restraint with these screenshots.
Really fun pointless secrets, which rank highly with me.

Absolute top tier hot springs scene. I cared deeply for these Paragon characters by the end of their quest.

I love the town music obviously. Great vibes, great Sleezer, and modifying the combo on each level is a cleverly simple idea for making each level up feel valuable. 

I got you

I switched the deadline to 5PM PT (mostly for @warrenEBB) so if anyone missed the deadline or wants to upload a new build, there's still a little more time!

I believe I clicked an option to allow submissions to update their game but that might cut off after the deadline, meaning you could submit now and do a tiny update before tomorrow. The judgment period is just one week, so really there isn't much time to change things anyway

I was thinking about keeping them there to be nice, but you're right, they have nothing to do with the Cauldron Jam and clearly ignored the prompts for ingredients when submitting. Glinny's rules have to mean something

I talked to Glinny and Cahrsurraurher and they've agreed to extend the jam by one week. The goal in the tight deadline was originally to get everything in before Jones took his paternity leave, but hey that's out the window and this is all for fun. Looking forward to seeing everything you've made!

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Anyone will be able to be a judge, but judging won't open until the game submission deadline at July 5th 2019 at 5:00 AM PT and closes a week later.

I believe that you'll be able to download and play any submissions before the deadline, so you won't necessarily have to cram playing everything into one week. I'm actually not sure what the normal time frame for judging is so I'm willing to extend that, especially if we get a ton of games submitted.