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Rated and posted a comment, here is mine:

Great concept, chill music and graphics :)

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Interesting game. I like the visuals and the animations :)

Pretty cool game! Nice concept and atmosphere :)

Nice game! Here is mine:

Good game, nice visuals and music. Pretty interesting concept as well :)

Rated and commented. Here is mine:

Short but cool game! The visuals and sounds are great!


Nice art! Feel like there could be some music. The concept is nice, but I feel like it is quite easy, as you can just wait for the item you are picking right now and dont care about the others. It is pretty and chill game overall :)

Thank you :) The dark side is much harder, thats why you have double jump. The hitboxes are exact, but it is probably a good thing, to make them smaller as you said. I didnt want to make the jump too big, so you wouldnt jump to the other side without swaping. But I should have zoomed out, made the whole tunnel bigger, so I could make a bigger jump. Thanks for your constructive criticism :)

Nice game, here is mine:

Interesting idea and good atmosphere :) Gets a little repetitive though.

Rated and commented, here is mine:

Pretty cool idea! The fast one is way too fast though xD

Rated and commented, here is mine:

Interesitng game, I like how you can shoot more enemies at once ;)

Fun game! Nice visuals and music :) But it has some bugs, sometimes you get teleported or die for no reason.

Thakns, rated your game as well :)

Cool idea! Sometimes it is hard to equip the side. The visuals are simple but nice :)

Thank you for your feedback :) I spent so much time making the levels, that I wasnt able to make more mechanics and add better visual effects :/

Such a cool concept! The best game from jam I have played so far! Fits the theme perfectly. Too bad it has no music and SFX, but other than that, great game :)

Fun game, i like the visuals :) Could be something different behind each door though.

Pretty cool game. I like the grappling hook. Sometimes it is hard to see where to go.

Simple but cool game! Would be nice to speed it up as you reach higher score ;)

Pretty good game. I like the atmosphere :) The movement felt weird, the player moves too quickly for me. But other than that, cool game!