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Ah, I’m really sorry about that. Since MV keeps the source code for everything easily available and I haven’t worked with it in a long time now I forgot that plugins used in RPG Maker games may not be public or free, so I just modified it to work on the web for the Escaped Chasm web version (the second link in my previous post was supposed to link there). I have deleted it from there now.

Did you try the workaround mentioned here?

Yeah. I mentioned that to Archeia after Escaped Chasm released but she answered that Temmie is using an older version of the Bitmap Fonts plugin and the newer probably does not have these problems.

I already did. See also this.

Linux does not come with Wine. Dweller’s Empty Path also doesn’t seem to work through Wine, and I’m not completely sure why (it doesn’t work even after fixing the Bitmap Fonts plugin).

You can fix this by searching for Fonts/Bitmap Fonts in www/js/plugins/Bitmap Fonts.js and replacing it with fonts/Bitmap Fonts. Yes, Temmie is still using the same broken Bitmap Fonts plugin as in Escaped Chasm.

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Did you use the approach with fixing how the game runs through Wine or with using a newer NWJS version? Did you also try to use the other approach?

Can you try searching for it in your documents?

Have you tried downloading the game through the app?

Since it’s just a NW.js app I doubt you need any newer macOS versions to play the game, though from what I managed to play there might still be bugs with the macOS version of the game.

Uh, iOS? As in, Apple’s mobile OS? I don’t think Escaped Chasm has been released on mobile devices yet.

Yeah, the methods I described in the thread should be working on Ubuntu too. Are you having issues with these two approaches?

Did you try redownloading the game? What’s the exact error message saying?

See here.

The actual Linux port was worked on on this repository. I used to build the Steam version of OneShot and a small modification to's line 12 could make it build OneShot without Steam bindings, but the script does not install other dependencies so it will not work by itself. My old build instructions from here don't work anymore but should contain the list of dependencies that need to be installed in order for OneShot to successfully compile.

Temmie used RPG Maker MV to develop Escaped Chasm.

I think we don't know if there will be a sequel to Escaped Chasm, but Temmie's next "personal project" is in the works, according to her New Year resolutions (and it seems to be a game).

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Yes, just like many applications of recent times. Every RPG Maker MV game, many chat clients like Discord and Slack and other applications are running engines that are just running Chromium (no, it's not Google Chrome and there aren't "extensions" for it) in the background. It's why the game's much larger than it would be in older RPG Maker versions, and it's not a great path the industry is following (both space and RAM-wise) but that's just how things are.

Do you run any antivirus programs and could you check whether they quarantined the Game.exe file? That's the usual problem behind files not appearing after being extracted from the archive.

Are you seeing an Escaped_Chasm_Contents folder with Escaped Chasm and Extras folders in it? There should be an executable named "Game"/"Game.exe" in the Escaped Chasm folder and, if there isn't any, it might have gotten removed by an antivirus.

It's an error with the fonts script, but it's not a font error. The error tells you the game is running outside of a nwjs context, and that the app is probably sandboxing the game inside of a browser. If that's really so, you can try modifying the game files the way it was done for the unofficial "web" port and seeing if it works then.

Which error?

You could also uh, just use something like this to decrypt the image and audio files, place them in their appropriate directories replacing their .rpgmvo/.rpgmvp counterparts, download the RPG Maker MV trial (assuming 30 days is enough for you to translate the game), create a separate project and copy its project file to the base directory of Escaped Chasm's RPG Maker MV project (that is the www directory), open the game with RPG Maker MV and translate it with a nice UI.

If you prefer the JSON approach, though, I would advise at least beautifying the JSON so it's more readable.

You aren't, saving is disabled throughout the game, probably as it's pretty short. The game itself is like 5 minutes long if you follow Temmie's guide for taking the fastest route (from the Extras folder).

What part is the game crashing on for you? If it's on the TV scene, have you tried trying this possible fix or running the unofficial browser "port" of the game?

Escaped Chasm 2 is a joke game so yes, that's supposed to happen.

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Either don't interact with the demon doll near the end of the game or don't reject picking it up. Don't explore where the lonely girl doesn't really want to and escape the chasm when offered the chance.

Temmie also made a guide of all the endings in the additional downloaded files that you could read.

You can change

return $gameSystem.isMenuEnabled() && !$gameMap.isEventRunning();


return !$gameMap.isEventRunning();

on line 787 of the www/js/rpg_scenes.js file to prevent the game from disabling the main menu. Interestingly, it looks like most of the useless options were removed in Escaped Chasm for some reason.

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I'm not sure if you're aware, but an RPG Maker game's default menu is full of battle and party related options that make no sense for Escaped Chasm to have, as there are no battles and there's only one party member ever. Saving seems to have been intentionally disabled (a run through the game is like max. 20 minutes so I don't really see a great need for it anyways) and shutting down you can already do via regular program controls, so that leaves the options as the only useful menu command.

Could the useless menu buttons be removed? Could the game be made to open the options menu instead of the main menu when X is pressed? Yes and yes, but both require modifying the game scripts which Temmie knows basically nothing about (as she's pointed out before) so it was certainly easier for her to make her test game simply not have a menu. To me, it looked like even less of a default RPG Maker game without it (which is a good thing).

I'm pretty sure your OS should have an option to selectively change an application's volume (Windows Volume Mixer, for example), though I guess not playing the game works too. I agree that the menu being disabled probably isn't the greatest choice, but it definitely was the easiest choice Temmie could have made to prevent a mostly useless component from appearing in-game.

The menu is disabled in-game. I'm pretty sure you get BGM volume settings in the settings menu from the title screen. Another option (that doesn't require restarting your game) is lowering your system volume.

Could you try running it in the unofficial web browser port?

I wonder how didn't I notice that. Anyways, I ran the port offline, hacked into the Bitmap Fonts plugin like this, enabled it and moved the JSON files from the fonts/Bitmap Fonts/GameFont folder to the data folder and the game loaded the bitmap font fine, so you could try doing that.

Also, you should probably add a note about the offline index.html not being able to load files from the file system unless Chrome was launched with a specific flag or unless a local web server was set up. (At least it wasn't able to for me.)

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I posted a fix for the Bitmap Fonts plugin on Linux here, it had to do with case-sensitivity. Not sure if the plugin is web-compatible but as far as I'm seeing it's not using Node APIs so it should be fine with applied patches on the web version as well.

The loading screen was used, it's just that the files loaded too fast locally. I managed to get it to show up after having to preload the bitmap font on Linux.

Nice work!

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I agree, but I don't think Temmie monitors the community part of the page. It would probably be useful to also link her to a tutorial for installing MV plugins as the only custom plugin installed into Escaped Chasm is the Bitmap Fonts plugin Archeia helped her with.

Edit: Apparently some others are also installed (I thought some of them were default), whether with help of Archeia or not I wouldn't know, but I still feel like she wouldn't immediately know how to install it if you just link her to the plugin. :P

No, Undertale was made with GameMaker.

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The character "moves a bit after you release the arrow" because movement in RPG Maker isn't pixel movement - you can only move between 32x32px (I forgot this was changed in MV) 48x48px blocks (unless specified otherwise, since RPG Maker MV the block size is configurable).

Also, mouse movement is only an addition to movement functionality introduced in RPG Maker MV because RPG Maker MV had to support touchscreen devices, all other RPG Maker versions used arrow movement.

What operative system are you running on and are you using an antivirus that might be interfering with the game?

Your issue mostly sounds like this open NWJS issue. It means that either your AppData directory has modified permissions so that NWJS can't access it, or that another instance of NWJS is running. If it's the first, try running Game.exe as administrator. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer (I've had issues with invisible NWJS instances in background before...)

If none of that works, you can try starting Game.exe by opening the Command Prompt/PowerShell in the directory with Game.exe and then running the "Game.exe --disable-gpu" command. No guarantee that any of this works, but it might be worth a try.