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Escaped Chasm

​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. · By temmie

[Guide] How to translate this game

A topic by centekfurkan created 40 days ago Views: 113 Replies: 2
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Escaped Chasm was created by RPGMAKERMV. So easy to translate.

Im making Turkish translate to this game now. Here is little gameplay video:

This is not hard. Just you need time.

If you want make a translate. Lets start. 

Note : You must use english alphabet.  e.g i cant use "ı,ş,ç,ö,İ,Ö,Ç,Ş,ü,ğ,Ü,Ğ"

Note 2 : I will show you hard way now. But if you want easy way  you can read Pera Pisar's  comment.


First step :  we must edit .json files.

- Escaped_Chasm_Contents\Escaped_Chasm\www\data   (you can find here)

- Note: Just edit "Map" files. (Dont edit MapInfos.json )

1- If you have .json editor. Open Map002.json (im using notepad)


- Dialog sentences starts with "SE" 

- Example of a dialog:


- Example of a option :


2- Now translate all .json files. (Just "Map" files)


Second step: Edit movies. (Optinal)

- You need a converter and good video editor. (I recommend Any Video Conveter Ultimate and Movie Studio Platinum 16)

- Escaped_Chasm_Contents\Escaped_Chasm\www\movies    (You can find movies here.)

1- Choose one .webm file     (I recommend OPENING_HQ_MV.webm)

2- Convert to mp4

3- Open mp4 video with video editor.

4- Edit video like youtube video. (I mean very easy)

5- Render video and convert to .webm

6- Replace with original .webm file.


If u have any question Twitter : @C37053075 (Or just send comment )

Thanks for reading. See you! :)

You could also uh, just use something like this to decrypt the image and audio files, place them in their appropriate directories replacing their .rpgmvo/.rpgmvp counterparts, download the RPG Maker MV trial (assuming 30 days is enough for you to translate the game), create a separate project and copy its project file to the base directory of Escaped Chasm's RPG Maker MV project (that is the www directory), open the game with RPG Maker MV and translate it with a nice UI.

If you prefer the JSON approach, though, I would advise at least beautifying the JSON so it's more readable.

This is an easier way. Thanks. I will try this...