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Escaped Chasm

​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. · By temmie

Found a way to fix TV scene crashing + Bugs

A topic by Darkvolt2974 created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 13,938 Replies: 9
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Dunno if anyone has gotten around to doing this yet, but its pretty annoying when I crashed to the TV cut scene. Thus I tested for about an hour and came to conclude the you need to turn the {ALWAYS DASH} feature {OFF} in the options menu in order to not crash. I tested it a few times and have had  zero issues. 

Hopefully this helps someone out. Have fun!

There is also 2 areas where you can clip out of bounds that I have found. both  from the same stair case in the Downstairs room and the Basement room.  The game loads you onto exit room tile when entering the Basement or Downstairs room and there ware no walls surrounding the tiles around these exit room tiles.  In Basement only on the third day you can travel on the outside of the room. The Downstairs can be clipped into all 3 days, you always load on the left most tile and can just walk left into a small area and clip outside just a bit. 

Looks like Dash doesn't do anything anyway, thanks for the tip!


oi wtf stole my topic >>::((

Jk im glad more people found it, so Temmie has more chances of seeing it

Hmm...that's strange. It was the complete opposite for me. I kept the dash feature OFF, and the TV cut scene still crashed on me. I switched it to ON and now it doesn't crash anymore.

I've had the crash when I had the dash feature OFF, and then I relaunched the game. 

With the dashing still OFF, I managed to play the TV cutscene fine.


same here!

So... not sure if anyone needs it now, but what causes the TV to soft lock the game is when you read the dairy before turning on the TV. I figured this out in my playthrough of the game for my youtube channel. The diary is your cue to end the day, so it needs to be the last thing you do. if you read the diary before you turn on the TV the game doesn't seem to know what to do with it and soft locks.

After I rebooted the game, I skipped the diary and went strait to the TV. Still crashed. Always Dash has been turned off too. Dunno what's causing the glitch.

Weird, for me it was the diary thing for sure. The first 2 times I wrote in the diary and soft locked when I tried to watch the show. The 3rd time I skipped the diary until I was done with everything else in the house and had no issues with the TV show. Always dash was on for me too for what that's worth.

i got a glitch where i couldn't go back to the room after leaving