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AHHH thank youuu

thanks, nice to hear the boss works :> i'm working hard to make 2022 release happen...!

thanks for trying out the game! it was a fun play session to watch!

sorry, TIC-80 doesn't support (yet...?) exporting to mobile platforms... You can try to play the browser version with a bluetooth controller on mobile, but I can't promise anything about how well the game runs.  

Oh, that's definitely something I haven't heard before. :D thanks!

Phew, I'm SO relieved to hear that! Once again, thanks for your critique, it really pushed me to make it a much fairer first boss. Cheers!

ok the boss is now updated, hopefully it's less frustrating now. try it out! :]

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Thanks for the insightful critique. I feel like I shouldn't take this lightly, especially as I see how much the boss killed your enthusiasm.

So I certainly need to rebalance the boss. I think most of the work I have to do is managing expectations - stage three is actually quite easy mechanically after you figure out what you gotta do (hint at the end of the message). But as the first two phases are purely about mechanical execution, you'd reasonably expect the third one would be, too.... [EDIT: I actually went and made the stages mechanically easier as well with a few level design changes. Should be MUCH less frustrating now]

So I guess this was a fair warning to me - I should always playtest a new feature with new players, instead of just those who already mastered the mechanics. :D cheers!


the bottom one is not the only bird that can be scanned to start the sequence.

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hold down Z (or on controller: A). good point, i could make the skip button a bit easier to notice.

EDIT: skipping the intro is now easier!

went and did it

thanks for the comment and the follow! <3 the densely packed maps are very time-consuming to make, glad you like them :] 

thanksss!!! <3<3<3 your line about the journal feature is so good i might end up using it when advertising the game lol

in castle, an online game service thingy. i was going to upload a deluxe edition with music to itch but never did...

Thanks for feedback! Always appreciate comparison to Nifflas, Knytt Stories was a big inspiration ^^

It's good to know about your frustrations, too. I admit, changing the platforming dynamics sounds a bit daunting this late to development, as it could have many ripple effects to level design. One thing I could consider, however, is to add a "game speed" option, where you could make everything a bit slower to fit your tastes.

Now only to, uh, try implementing it.... :D

another banger

Hint: If the butterfly disappears before you manage to scan it, you can load the game to try again. :p

^^ If I recall correctly, you can't fill the Emuudex in the demo. But there sure is more to be found beyond the tutorial area, as Dzar's recent comment hints ;>

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I thought it's better to communicate in some way how these obscure Eastern Finnish creature names should be pronounced. :D

Thanks! It's always nice to hear when someone has found their way to out-of-bounds areas in the demo. :D Thanks for the comments, I'm working hard on the full version literally right now :]

nice little puzzle game, always in for more Kultisti creations <3

hmm, the game screen should be white in the beginning. Press spacebar in the rhythm of the bassdrum, and the screen should be slowly filled with noise. Then the game truly begins.

haha, you could say that

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thanks for the report, i gotta investigate what's going on. That message should only appear when I've updated the save format, and this isn't obviously the case here. The credits reset isn't to blame either, the game only saves when you touch the Salavia flower. I suspect the data is actually fine. If you can, it would help debugging if you sended the save file to borbware (at) gmail, it's a gibberish named file located in appdata/roaming/com.nesbox.tic/TIC-80/.local

Anyway, great that you liked the demo! Thank you for playing! :]

thanks for playing & feedback! I'm working on an updated demo where you can reset snails after a mishap :>

Hehee, thanks for playing! A new demo with less lying (TM) is coming soon :D 

About 100%; the blue Salavia flowers save the game - you can load the game by pressing ESC and choosing Reset game.

sorry, i don't have mac  :( syzygy has worked on mac in the past so maybe a recent mac update has changed things someway? my apologies, but i don't know what i could do to help you on the matter. :/

kultisti does what borbwaren't!

headphones recommended! this is a nice little puzzle game with moody sound design, interesting ideas and steadily climbing complexity. took me ~30min to complete, which is pretty much the best duration for this kind of a puzzler.

A reasonable decision! :D Keeping it up as we speak!

i'm actually in a similar development phase with emuurom atm so a teaser video could be a smart thing to mamake next!

nice teaser! the water mechanics look quite......... deep


i know, right! every finished game seems like a miracle at this point lol. and EMUUROM isn't even that big!?!

vivid and powerful story, atmospherically framed with glichy graphics and ambient tunes!

oozes charm! the games were fun, but the most exciting thing about this were the transitions - what is it going to be next?

i wish i got more tries for minesweeper, i accidentally clicked on an obvious mine on a first go, and then got a starting point of only one tile for the second game, after which it already ended...

feeling honored, thanks! the full game will be even better...!

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I do have, in fact! You're warmly welcome!

Thanks, these messages mean a lot!! I've been busy at work for a few months but now I'm starting to have more time to work on EMUUROM again. A bit unsure if I get to finish it this year like I promised in the trailer but I aim for an early 2021 release, at least!

thanks!! ^^

oh, and congrats for winning the jam! :>