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thanks! i know right, feels surreal!

thanks for believing in me! ^^ it really makes game development worth the effort

hmm the game should show keyboard buttons if you're using keyboard to play it!

i'm planning to jump into the version 1.1 of the game engine in the future, so it should be much easier to rebind your keys.

devlog out now!

nope, just polishing :) i'll post a devlog about it later!

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thanks for your kind words. and the bug report!

that's the result of making the game in a matter of few hours.

i should try fixing them sometime!

yeah at the moment the game's unplayable :/

i do have the love2d source code, and started recently converting the game to not use castle's dedicated functions.

there're still some broken things that need fixing but i aim to rerelease the game later this year

129k! wr?

Let's see... 

- Lately I've focused on bugfixing & gameplay fixes, which is actually the reason why I haven't had that much new stuff to showcase

- But! I finally got the second-to-last bossfight done a few weeks ago. Not that much left!

- Yesterday, I finished the EMUUROM OST. All songs are now done!

It's all coming together, slowly but surely!

Hello! This is such a lovely asset pack, and I have included a link to it in a Unity course that I'm giving atm, so my students can choose to use it in their projects.

A student of mine has a problem: they are making a game project that is uploaded into a public GitHub repository. Are they allowed to include these assets in the repository, or would it be regarded as redistribution?

Haa, congrats!

There's one more hat to be found....

Nope, afaik scanning that cloud is impossible.

And no, that's the only way to 1.6...

BUT! I don't want to let you and other out-of-bounds explorers down, so I made the OOB areas a bit easier to traverse in, which is out NOW ^^

always glad to be of help! this game looks hella promising 👀

nice to hear! ^_^

already cutting the cardboard! ;D

i won the game! It was fun!
Combat & graphics were good. World design was a bit too linear for my liking (especially if you had to backtrack), but it was not horrible as the game was quite short.


Had 7 hearts at the end, and 1 missing villager was left unfound. I also had no idea what armor the one guy on the right side of the village wanted to see, I showed him two but both were wrong ones...

Thanks for continuous support! :D

I should probably make an explanation blogpost of the runes. 🤔

Spoilery responses:

TBH, I've removed the frame-perfect double jump from the upcoming full game (demo still has it!), it was a bit too easy to find accidentally (someone even thought it's a mandatory technique for progressing!), and it also made speedrunning infuriatingly difficult. So it gotta go!

PS. At the moment, the only way to get the butterflies back is to load a save.

Thanks for the commentary! You bet there will be TONS of surprises to be found...!

The phase-thru-walls thing, although originally a bug, is an intended feature at this point :D 

(PS. You can do the fancy blue text by setting Format to Heading 1.)

Note to self: I should probably make the secret tunnel more obvious.

yeeeeah, 2022 is running out of days!

working on EMUUROM as we speak! i should probably write a new devlog about its current state...

aand finished! an interesting experience from start to finish

stylish, mysterious, innovative. i love it


yep! ofc there's still a nonzero chance that the game gets delayed to 2023, but i'm so close to the finish line i can almost touch it...



hehee, nice!

thanks!! Making it greater every day!

You need to use the hidden frame-perfect double jump for getting to 2.6!

I just opened Celeste and copied the physics (forgot to paste them, though). 

I also added graphical clearness (wiped my monitor with a screen cleaner) 

Spoilers for getting to Mt. Sus:

you can get to Mt. Sus from the in-bounds tutorial area!

A hint:

 there's a secret path in the first Kaakana room.

i've come to the conclusion that making the double jump is way to finicky so it will remain a demo feature - it won't be possible in the full game. i think it makes speedrunning the game more accessible when it's not dependent on frame-perfect input...

great, that was fast! ill give it another go then 👍

nice touhoulike! i got invested in the story in a short run where i died in the first boss, so i tried the infinite lives mode. that felt a bit too inconsequential so i might give another shot to normal mode! good stuff!
a few notes:
- the game screen went black in saffron fight, and did not recover. I could pause the game normally, tho.

- the core attractor sometimes misses, the cores can shoot into wild tangents sometimes lol.

- my personal preference would be to make the collectibles and bullets different-coloured, it's easy to mistake one for the other in the heat of the battle!

The first commercial TIC-80 game, woo! \o/

Nice to hear you liked my little game! I already made the boss a bit easier by dropping out the fourth form (new demo update out today!), and I'm working hard on the final version....!

You can actually play bigger .tic files with TIC-80 as well. I uploaded the .tic file of here, so you can use it for playing the game on mobile. Transferring the file to mobile TIC-80 app can be a bit tricky I guess, and the game wasn't really created with mobile in mind, but at least it's now available as an option!