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Weird, for me it was the diary thing for sure. The first 2 times I wrote in the diary and soft locked when I tried to watch the show. The 3rd time I skipped the diary until I was done with everything else in the house and had no issues with the TV show. Always dash was on for me too for what that's worth.

So... not sure if anyone needs it now, but what causes the TV to soft lock the game is when you read the dairy before turning on the TV. I figured this out in my playthrough of the game for my youtube channel. The diary is your cue to end the day, so it needs to be the last thing you do. if you read the diary before you turn on the TV the game doesn't seem to know what to do with it and soft locks.

Yea i've grabbed that key (thanks a lot by the way) and I just haven't had the chance to check it out yet since popping up on Steam. I may have to soon lol.

going over some of these profiles over the past couple of months I've come to realize most of these are really janky. Someone wanted me to try Kirby's adventure for example and there are texture popping all over the place and it really doesn't look good because of it. Is there any chance that those with all the weird pop ins and outs could be fixed to be like Super Mario Bros, or Zelda for example? I have hardly found any games with that awesome rounded look to them that wow'd me the first time I tried this in VR.

Awesome, keep up the great work!

The game is out there Nintendo.. you'll never keep it off the net now. (dumb it was removed anyway, unlike most fan made games ,I didn't see any directly taken sprites, only spoofed sprites and a guy that happened to be named Mario.. you know, because no two people, real or fictional, can have the same name... #FU*CKNintendo!

It's npt tp bad

Thanks a lot! You've just made my morning!

I know this is a long shot... but is there any chance that someone could send me a copy of No Mario's Sky itself? I want to play that version if at all possible and can't find it elsewhere. Everywhere I've tried keeps leading me back here, which of course doesn't have the game anymore because of Nintendo's crappy DMCA takedown notices...

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Tried this and it doesn't. Just like before, nothing at all works for me. I didn't mess with anything just like the first time. (Except for when nothing was working, then I tried to tweak things) (The only reason I asked what you change is because it did not work by default in the first place)

Any ideas on what needs to be configured to make the Xbox One controllers work. Nothing is labeled in the input so you can know what anything is. I've tired a few things (like pressing right on the d-pad for horizontal (+) but it will not register. Most buttons won't for that matter. I did manage to get the LB (Left Bumper) to pick up, but who wants to move right with the LB)

The Xbox One controller does nothig at all by default controls, if you were wondering.

Perfect, thanks so much once again.

I'm curious as to where the files in the goes. I saved a quick (and very broken) 3D profile for California games in hopes to find where they go, but still no luck. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

(I'll be back to check in on this later, gotta go rank a little wood before it becomes too hot)

PC Specs:

Intel i5 4670k

AMD Radeon R9 280x

16GB Ram

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

The crash doesn't happen every tiem I try to go into the game. It's happened on 1of 3 attempts so far, so pretty sure it's not my antivirus. (which is up to date because I have it set to auto update)

I never even made it past the unity screen when the game locked up and crashed. I've provided the crash log to hopefully help you out some. :)

If I happen to hit anymore bugs, I'll be sure to let you know.!bw4VkAAD!CQuFzTuldTvXreaj6LAEandduxr9AlZ_6gR9Ttq2h3k

Alright, thanks for the quick response! (You've just made yourself a sale :D)

My question is, if we buy this for the $5 USD ($7 CAD), do we get future updates free, or do you have to pay the $5 (minimum) per update? Do you plan to add controller support as well?