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Can't get my Xbox One controller to work for the life of me.

A topic by kirkyeehee created Jun 27, 2016 Views: 368 Replies: 2
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Any ideas on what needs to be configured to make the Xbox One controllers work. Nothing is labeled in the input so you can know what anything is. I've tired a few things (like pressing right on the d-pad for horizontal (+) but it will not register. Most buttons won't for that matter. I did manage to get the LB (Left Bumper) to pick up, but who wants to move right with the LB)

The Xbox One controller does nothig at all by default controls, if you were wondering.

Delete your current 3dnes folder. Install a new one. And don't mess with the input tab of the wellcome screen. It will work automatically.

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Tried this and it doesn't. Just like before, nothing at all works for me. I didn't mess with anything just like the first time. (Except for when nothing was working, then I tried to tweak things) (The only reason I asked what you change is because it did not work by default in the first place)