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Escaped Chasm

​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. · By temmie

So appearantly Escaped Chasm is just Chromium with an extension for the game

A topic by TheTank2007 created 15 days ago Views: 215 Replies: 2
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I saw this by opening the .exe with 7-Zip, seeing the Google Update Application inside it, and if you install it as .zip instead of through the itch client, you see a error that is seen on Google Chrome.

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Yes, just like many applications of recent times. Every RPG Maker MV game, many chat clients like Discord and Slack and other applications are running engines that are just running Chromium (no, it's not Google Chrome and there aren't "extensions" for it) in the background. It's why the game's much larger than it would be in older RPG Maker versions, and it's not a great path the industry is following (both space and RAM-wise) but that's just how things are.

Surprised that you wouldn't have known that.