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Escaped Chasm

​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. · By temmie

Does it run on itch app in sandbox mode? keep getting error

A topic by Cerbyo created 59 days ago Views: 45 Replies: 3
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Which error?

game has encountered a bug. please report it.

referenceerror: require is not defined

at Function_BitmapFontManager.loadA11BitmapFonts(Bitmap%20Fonts.js:34:2251

at Scene_Boot.initalize(Bitmap%20Fonts.js:34:2894)

at new Scene_boot

at function scene mamanger...


its a font error probably, as is tradition with using custom fonts on rpg maker mv.

It's an error with the fonts script, but it's not a font error. The error tells you the game is running outside of a nwjs context, and that the app is probably sandboxing the game inside of a browser. If that's really so, you can try modifying the game files the way it was done for the unofficial "web" port and seeing if it works then.