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hold fire, go back and forth in a z pattern

would benefit from a how to play sentence or two. my understanding atm is u can only land slowly on the tops of hills and if ppl are around u, u get them. if fire nearby u likely to die. I got like 3 ppl when there were only 2 showing, mbe 1 was ontop of other idk. Favourite part was exploding when landing in water. graphics and sfx very good

farthest got was world 10

cool stuff in here. difficulty needs to be raised drastically. 200+pts and nothing was changing. Would like game Shorter and harder with win condition 

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27>21. win.

cant put food on table ;/

fullscreen is f1 then select start in fullscreen and restart. I really wish people would post this on their gamepages, its different for every engine. also black at the start of the game is bad, i couldn't tell if it wasn't working or is common in rpg maker games cause of dumb things like fonts.

gameplay is 20 seconds, other than that it was fun.

too slow for me. I don't want to grind to hear a story...I should get a story first as a reason to grind.

Unlike your other games I didn't enjoy playing this. The puzzles were frustrating, each required me to go back and painstackingly look over the past area again. Upon Completing the puzzle, instead of feeling accomplishment,  it only presented another puzzle of the exact same type.....backtracking and painstackingly examining everything again and again. As a tech demo its very good, extremely pretty graphics, the environments and all that are great. The other parts that make a game are nonexistant though. I look forward to your next game, each of them is an improvment in different areas.

You need more events happening around the town, and less recycling of the existing ones. This day system is making alot of work for you. I hit +15 days in under an hour...that's 15x the number of city events needed to keep them fresh in addition to u needing to add more completely new events. u might consider a redesign where more than 1 story event can be done during the day.....or split the story events so u can only do 1 set during the night and 1 set during the daytime. It's also disappointing u get 2 sets of times to wander the city i.e. day/night and there's no difference between them.

I'm also disappointed by the story so far. It started out fine and interesting...but a few days doing the main story and I can't tell if the plot is there for the plot or the sex....the sex most of the time is just there for the sex....and the dialogue often goes towards sex at the expense of the becomes very cheese... I mean the "i'll take one for the team /smirk" tentacle bit in the story was...unexpected and really diminished the urgency of any "plot" or "danger". I don't think the sex should diminish the plot..the whole foundation should be the plot and then the sex is an added bonus/reward, u made this whole cool world and it just seems a shame to underplay it as some kind of "nobody dies or gets hurt here, we just have orgies all over the town and hate fk eachother and r ok with the gang rape while playing scooby doo around town looking for more mysterious things to fk us". Debating if i should wait before playing more, as i want to play the finished product. plenty here is really good, just i\m impatient for the full version and i hate how some decisions hurt the current experience for me. mbe I needd to play a sexless run to enjoy it more. 

Don't prevent people from exiting the game....that's just a big no. ur locked in the tutorial. Even from the menu screen if u go to quit u have to stay on the tab and click twice with no prompt or anything just to do the thing u wanted to do .....pretending the user just downloaded a virus is inappropriately scarey. Not playing this, as others said its too much walking  aimlessly and u can get screwed by the spawns very easily.

Very Fun.  Really twilight zoneeyy. The ending shoulda been clearer though.  Would appreciate keyboard input and some scrollspeed change option. Hope you do more, would be worth paying to play a couple of these in a row. NOt sure if I was supposed to go through the list of codes or if I missed something......was annoying to go through the list considering where u placed it,  but whatever.

game has encountered a bug. please report it.

referenceerror: require is not defined

at Function_BitmapFontManager.loadA11BitmapFonts(Bitmap%20Fonts.js:34:2251

at Scene_Boot.initalize(Bitmap%20Fonts.js:34:2894)

at new Scene_boot

at function scene mamanger...


its a font error probably, as is tradition with using custom fonts on rpg maker mv.


Can't play keep getting error: TypeError cannot read property of 'resolution' of undefined. I'm running via the itch app via sandbox mode.