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Thankyou for the kind words. A bit later in the year, but if it's of interest the full-version(much improved) is now live over on the pico8 forums( and available for download right above this comment. Regardless, best wishes to you and carry on.

1.9 is alot easier than 1.0 and the powerups have improved much from before. Freeze dash is especially cool. But I still prefer the waves and feel of 1.0.

This is incorrect. You can achieve wasd through the P2's (in pico8 we have player 0 and player 1 technically) default controls. Furthermore you can achieve any key at all including wasd through at least two different stat() methods. stat(28) in particular covers every key imaginable, can be modified to whatever extent you wish, and provides more responsive keypresses than btn() will even if you modify the elusive settings of btn().

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That was beyond stellar. I couldnt find the grey, but got the others. Is there a music conversion program you use or did you manually recreate it in the pico8 music maker? And is this the default pico8 mapspace or did u use some kind of extended memory method? Is this going to go up on splore? Curious how u madeout with the sprite editor etc.

4/4. Very cute. Music especially sold it for me. The sword finding part...I'd avoid ever doing that again to anyone, that was a bit too close to infuriating for me. 

Did you guys make the music for this? If you did it's absolutely stellar; I would focus on music production and making a music based game.

Would focus on getting the shooting more responsive and fluid looking/feeling. Everything else is surprisingly good.

Good. But is there a reason you made the webplayer so big by default? Even if you were supporting a specific obscure screensize for a specific phone/tablet/whatever..isn't that what fullscreen is for to begin with? I either have to zoomout to 50% or scolldown through unneeded lagg and click fullscreen....why not just rely on fullscreen as the method to fully fit all screensize? I'm getting unresponsive page queries while i'm typing this cause of the size of the player window.

Good. Biggest problem was the jump up to the cash felt inconsistent, I found holding the jumpkey made it a bit better but it'd still fail to get me up sometimes. Also in terms of this webplayer the up/down arrowkeys are moving the entire page, so fullscreen is necessary.

Good. Is this a custom player? i.e. the rabbit? And did you disable fullscreen? Couldn't figureout a method to enable.

Very good! I especially appreciate the ai on the scissor guys, made me laugh. Also the usage of the screenspace was refreshing...letting me go up near the enemy as a method to avoid their attack etc. 34k. died on boss. 

I'm clicking the growing pumpkins and nothing is happening. Should also decrease the size of the webplayer....this is like 2k/4k style huge. On a 1080p screen it doesn't even fit, have to shimmy over to find fullscreen to minimize it.

level 6 isn't possible. you need an extra girder....unless there's a way to stand on the spiked girder it can't be done. Otherwise the game is good. I didn't understand the girder controls from just the ingame ui. The help icons u added on level 2 to try and explain just made it more confusing. I had to x out of the weird different screen player and reread the controls. I thought the girders could be input via just keypad with 1 etc....would be useful to just have hotkeys like that for the girders.

there's something wrong in the webplayer. the menue loads fine, when u click start it just shuffled back and forward and then goes grey.

Good. Got to 30s. Do they just come from two direction? then I would get rid of the up/down....they don't serve any purpose other than to hurt the player's chances of succeeding. And I was just standing behind the bulb inbetween all the time, would layer the player infront of the bulb instead of behind. the music tied to footsteps was a nice touch.


The score to beat:

This isn't working for fullcode, just individual functions. I've tried all the various options and combinations. But it generates all sorts of error like function func(..... with unclosed brackets at the start of the code... And it seems to find always find a way to fail should you toss a comment with --[[comment]] anywhere in the code. If you handpick your functions and toss them in here all at can sort of edge out some usage by doing that kind of prep. Fro
m reading the comments and my own fiddling it seems that in general you'll run into  problems if you are compressing code that you optimized for tokens.

Well that was impressive. I had to cringe when I realized this was unity GL, but you seem to know what you are doing cause there were no issues running it. Your submission is rare on all accounts. Congratulations, this is a very enjoyable game.


"You must submit the original recording in either .mp3, .wav or .flac on AND on another streaming service of your choice (preferably Soundcloud), ..."

Can you elaborate on the logic of this? I don't follow. Why is posting on itch, we can play it on the site and allow direct download of the file, not sufficient? If it has to do with using another site's piracy verification really has to be specific sites u have us choose, and even then that logic doesn't holdup. 

And mp3 is legacy's like distribution of a game on a floppy disk. A proper lossey option is needed..... aac.....vorbis in a .ogg....etc.

  • use different types of presses, such as short vs long press (But bear in mind that distinguishing these inputs can make gameplay difficult, and you should  use visual or auditory indicators to help the player understand what is going on)

Consider the effects of double clicking, or tapping a key rather than holding it. Even one button can effectively take on 5+ inputs: tap (1-5 frames), hold1(5->8 frames), hold2 (8+frames), doubleTap(two 'tap' within 20 frames), tripletap(three 'tap' within 30 frames) etc. You should think of 3 buttons as 15, it's too many rather than too few.

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Jam is listed as ranked, but nowhere on the gamepage does it talk about how this is to be done. Clarification requested.

"- State if your game is a video game or a physical game."  And if the rules gonna be a strictly enforced I would suggest this be, if not already included, embedded in the submission page itself or you just change it to : "state if you are submitting a physical game" and assume its a 'videogame' otherwise.

Most game engines basically take lua and create their own coding variants of lua (some way more unrecognizable from pure lua than others). And there are other languages that are just conversions/variant of lua like moonscript...but even tho moonscript is a seprate 'name' it can be closer to lua than an engine listed as 'lua'. Can you clarify these cases and if they fit the jam?

post gif/screenshots/video of the gameplay so we kno what to expect before download

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Can you give more information on how to play? I figured out you have to grab the dots with 'space' that spawn around u and throw them....and that is ur workers I'm guessing. Ur workers are also your army? I send them to touch things and the things just hit 0 hp and stop moving without dropping or doing anything...meleeing them myself is more effective though. Not sure how I create more workers. What do the white balls do? What do any of the objects around me do? I'm running around killing things and nothing happens they just stop moving. Do I win if I put 400 workers in that gear ball thing? How do I get more workers? More information is needed for the start if nothing else.

 I learn the controls you listed, using the keyboard am I supposed to use keyboard and mouse....? or....2 hands on the keyboard? Seems to be overlap between how you aim/fire...and the types of aiming and firing. Give a more explicit control scheme, and if there are two or more options. If there's just one say 'with keyboard and mouse...'. If ur expecting ppl to move between wasd and uijk with their left hand some finger placement instruction would help....I don't see that working and I doubt that's what you want ppl to do but I'm reading how you tell us to move. Just clarify the instructions.

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The sprites are great. Primary issue I have is the controls are really annoying me given the difficulty level. Jump doesn't work unless u are on even terrain...that V hill at the end of level 1...jumping while walking on that was impossible and u put enemies there that will kill u ridiculously fast without a jump...I feel like that was intentionally done? If so, that's too much. Even just jumping in the starting area with all the uneven terrain object propping u up/down randomly made me unable to jump when I otherwise expected to be able to. People shouldn't be dying cause they think they can jump but can't.

Production values are great. I get that this is a gametrope but the gameplay would benefit dramatically from another gun or bombs or anything else u can do other than tap/hold. I went till lvl 4 but that was where my interest diminished cause the firing was the same everytime and only got slower. Speaking of tap/ holding supposed to be a punishment? Cause I was holding whenever I just had to spam, out of laziness, and for accuracy's sake moving with the enemy it benfited me. U can tap fire just as fast as holding and not have the movement inhibition, but I found the inhibition mostly beneficial. This kinda defeats the point of both modes though. Woulda liked for holding to do a different type of ammo than tappinig to fit the needs of the player etc. I didn't enjoy the main weapon I guess is only my grip.

Good. Osbern is dead.

This is cool. I'm horrible at it, couldn't get past 2nd checkpoint. If you use ur seeds on the wrong thing u basically have to reload the page and restart. Design is pretty brutal. I think I hit every trap imaginable. Goodwork. Would make the start easier and the base-jump of the grasshopper higher. Atm Every jump is MAXPOWER or home.

good. got to beat myself.

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Usually you'd say "its tail wags" or some kind of noun+verb if ur doing 2 unconnected words...'all' is ur noun..."connected" is ur verb...all connected...tail wags...

tail-wags is different from tail wags....but "...its 'tail wags'..." can be the same as tail-wags.

all-connected vs all connected...same procedure. The dog's all connected. The world's all connected. The master's all connected. The chair's all connected. It doesn't really make sense unless u view it as: the dog's all-connected. or: the dog's 'all connected'. Adding quotes doesn't change the words it just changes the that seems the most acceptable level of 'interpretation' like in the OP...since ur effectively just bolding or underlining a part of the '4 word' theme, so its meaning is emphasized 'somewhere' but ultimately unchanged.

Looking at the precedent of jam interpretation: the theme can be dumbed down to 'connect'/'connected'/'connection'....or whatever synonym/tense of those words u want. So if you do that u are going to be just as relevant as most of the other presumed interpretations....since the literal meaning is, again, fairly explicitly cryptic.

The literal spelling of the theme precludes 'it is all connected' from being the theme cause you used 'its'. So it can mean anything related to the possession of something/someone's 'all connected'. What does that mean? Could be a game about a dog whose special ability is called 'all connected'. Similar to how you would say "the dog's tail" you would say "its tail"....replace tail with 'all connected'..."the dog's all connected".....which gets us: "its all connected". In other words the theme is fairly explicitly cryptic.

Is 'showing' your kids how the meat on the table is made considered family friendly? I see problems.

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From the gamepage and website I'm getting the same information....that you want a game that reimagines sustainable/regenerative farming practices that is SFW? What does this need to look like exactly? Do I need to base the ideas around strict scientific principles and real world applications or is it open to a more fictional twist on what could be? Is a play on a game like 'dont starve' and it's 'sorta science' stance acceptable..? SFW and sustainable/regenerative is a hard sell in my opinion, biology for the most part isn't safe for work...u'd have to settle for mostly generic norms like 'plant-based diets'. Cause grinding plants into dust is one of the few things that isn't offensive.


good. 47. controls were confusing at first, I figured them out and then saw u had the wasd keys labelled after the fact. it's hard to see, bigger text/smaller-pics or  bolder text in the foreground or just removing the pics and going by colour would make it clearer.

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good. 70. u should mention that u have to drag the finished cup onto the cup it matches on the right shelf in the instructions.