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This is cool. I'm horrible at it, couldn't get past 2nd checkpoint. If you use ur seeds on the wrong thing u basically have to reload the page and restart. Design is pretty brutal. I think I hit every trap imaginable. Goodwork. Would make the start easier and the base-jump of the grasshopper higher. Atm Every jump is MAXPOWER or home.


Thanks for playing and thank you for the input! We may have gone a little overboard with the thorns and bees, and I agree the beginning should be a little easier, to introduce the player to the mechanics better.  In terms of the grasshopper jumping power, as you held left click down, did you drag the cursor closer to the grasshopper to decrease the jump force? the force of the jump is calculated from the position of the grasshopper to the mouse position on screen, and since the mouse position is usually all over the place, it is usually far away from the grasshopper, instantly maxing out the jump force. It might be more intuitive to use relative positions between the start and end mouse positions, or maybe clicking the cricket to initiate the jump, to keep the cursor close by.  Thanks again you've given us a lot to think about!