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Dweller's Empty Path

A small RPGMaker game exploring the life of a lost being from another planet. · By temmie

Are you game Linux version?

A topic by Kalpar created Jul 11, 2020 Views: 712 Replies: 20
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Is possible you make linux version? i remember you use RPG makerMV have support linux

have you tried wine to run it?

If your tool allows you to have executables in various operating systems, wouldn't you use it so that everyone can access your game?

At least this way we can confirm if those executable creators that RPGMakerMV offers are useful for the game and know if they work on MAC and Linux?.

other case is use a old RPG maker

I've tried to follow the instructions at (the only difference is that the NW.js version that I've used is v0.29.0 instead of v0.12.0), and this is as far as I got:

I've also tried to run the game on Wine, but it got stuck on this loading screen:

Thanks :) i',m read the link now understand the problem T__T,
I really don't want to install wine

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pretty sure linux comes with wine.  you can also try it on a virtual machine

Linux does not come with Wine. Dweller’s Empty Path also doesn’t seem to work through Wine, and I’m not completely sure why (it doesn’t work even after fixing the Bitmap Fonts plugin).


You can fix this by searching for Fonts/Bitmap Fonts in www/js/plugins/Bitmap Fonts.js and replacing it with fonts/Bitmap Fonts. Yes, Temmie is still using the same broken Bitmap Fonts plugin as in Escaped Chasm.

It's not broken on Windows because Windows is case-insensitive, but yeah it's broken on Linux, while MacOS may be case sensitive depending on the filesystem options... Thanks for the workaround!


Yeah. I mentioned that to Archeia after Escaped Chasm released but she answered that Temmie is using an older version of the Bitmap Fonts plugin and the newer probably does not have these problems.


If the game uses nw.js you can often extract it, patch it in one place (the main web page generally) and use darkhttpd or another web server to run it with a regular web browser, I'll see if it's possible, but I would really prefer a real GNU/Linux version.

It seems the Bitmap Fonts.js plugin uses nwjs functions extensively (filesystem access), I don't know javascript enough to convert it to a hardcoded list and web requests.


I already did. See also this.

Wow, thank you, I'll try it now. Your second link seems broken though.

For some reason replacing the bitmap loading functions with a NO-OP yesterday only broke text on the menu (didn't try after that) but with your file it gets stuck on the loading screen without making any other requests, I don't even understand how this can be related… The only messages in the console are about pixi.js and I think it did print them with the NO-OP.

Even using the web Bitmap Fonts.js version and replacing BitmapFontManager.loadAllBitmapFonts with a NO-OP the game is stuck on the loading screen, while it does work if I do this from the game's file.

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I really wish you didn't post it in github since this plugin is not public nor under MIT. That explains why some people have been messaging me about this.

Ah, I’m really sorry about that. Since MV keeps the source code for everything easily available and I haven’t worked with it in a long time now I forgot that plugins used in RPG Maker games may not be public or free, so I just modified it to work on the web for the Escaped Chasm web version (the second link in my previous post was supposed to link there). I have deleted it from there now.


I've got it to work on Linux (Pop! OS 20.04) using Lutris.
Not sure if all the steps are needed, I haven't tested too much. But this made it work on my end.

  • Install Lutris according to their documentation (, pay attention to their warning. You need to install Wine as well)
  • Start Lutris -> + sign in top left corner -> Add game
  • Enter a name
  • Select Wine as runner.
  • Go to game options tab
  • Define a wine prefix (where you want to wine files to live as well as your extracted game)
  • Click save, go to the wine tab in lutris, select the added game and press configure wine (this will generate the wine prefix at the configured location) close the window that pops up
  • Use a file browser and browse to your wine prefix
  • Go to drive_c, add a folder "games"
  • Put the zip in the games folder and extract it
  • Go back to lutris -> game -> right-click game -> configure
  • Go back to game options
  • Set the executable to the path of the game exe.
  • Save and hit the play button for the game in Lutris

At time of writing, the wine version used was Lutris-5.7-x86_64

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