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Always neat seeing 2D game in Unreal. Liking the variety in art. Very difficult but fair. Maybe consider making the intro shorter so restarting after dying is faster?

Great presentation. Reminds me of Prince Of Persia. A lot of love went into this game. Liking the different challenges and details like bugs flying in backgrounds.

Easy to learn but hard to master, and intense in later waves. Played a couple rounds but couldn't beat wave 12. The shield kept me alive a couple times. I'd consider adding a spawn animation so players can avoid taking damage from enemies spawning on them. Endless mode and more guns could be fun in future update.

Great presentation and polish. Liking the glitch effects and the music is relaxing. The Darth Plagueis gun made me smile. Not sure if save points are working? After getting the floppy disk and getting to the next area, I got hit once and the game restarted.

Great presentation. You nailed the 8 bit style. Liking the different enemies and the orb was interesting. The orb hitbox was a bit finicky though. Ran into a bug (twice) that I died at the start of the dash and got stuck inside the bubble after respawning, and had to restart the game.

Cute and fun. Liking how platforms spell messages. The ending reference made me smile. Would like to see more levels post jam.

Great presentation. Liking the atmospheric lighting, audio and dialog, and bugs being allies was refreshing. A minimap would be nice. The first level is easy to get lost in.

Cute concept and art. Liking how the second level's platforms are not just squares and fit the environment. Would like to see more levels post jam.

The Grace Hopper grasshopper was a nice touch.

This is a review swap where you are guaranteed to get a couple reviews. Get assigned a couple games to review and get the same amount of reviews you give.

We encourage you to checkout and review other games too, not just review swap assignments.

How to join the review swap

  1. Join the jam before the deadline.
  2. Submit your game link on Discord or in this thread before November 9.
  3. Games will be assigned out of the pool of games from group members. Each person is assigned the same amount of games. (will be 3-5 games per person, depending on amount of submissions)
  4. Play the game and post a comment on the game's page.

Great presentation. Very polished and nice to look at. Switching gameplay styles is clever. Watching the owl and figuring out what to do next was a fun choice, adding strategy to the game.

I'd consider adding a cooldown to clock switching. If enough objects are in play it's switching a couple times a second, playing the sound nonstop and making the game difficult to control.

Thank you for the feedback!

We didn't have an artist and none of us can draw so we used simple shapes. It's a static because we were experimenting with making art using code. The game is actually using no sprites at all.

The game was designed to be slower than normal shooters so catching particles is easier. This was our first top down game so we were new to balancing it.

Shooting changes your polarity. If the bar at the top reaches 100% either direction, you explode. It's on the game page. It forces switching so players don't play the whole game in one polarity.

Thank you! We didn't have an artist and none of us can draw so we used simple shapes.

Thank you!

Liking the retro colors and pixels. The bomb effect is very satisfying and a lot of health drops, making the game forgiving. I'd consider adding a wave counter for levels. It's a bit repetitive because higher levels have many waves. It's hard to tell if the game is progressing.

Great presentation. Very polished and nice to look at. Liking the shadow shaders on the levels. Not sure if not applying to the player is a bug? The level design is good too. Everything has a clear purpose and I liked the shape switching, and figuring out where to go next.

Neat concept. Liking how the animals see different colors. The controls are a bit slippery, specially the cat. Good job introducing new ideas through level design.

Great presentation. Very polished and nice to look at, specially the moving backgrrounds. Learning midair switching is fun.

Good arcade game. Liking the background and the juice when something takes damage.

Fun game. Frantic like an action game yet forgiving like a farming game because there's no game over. Lot of potential for a full game.

Puzzle like maps. You already have resource management, selecting ants and deciding which to use or sacrifice. Gathering and ant hill camps could be good mechanics. But I think buying ants will make it too complex.

Thank you!

Good concept and presentation. Relaxing music. Gets very challenging. Specially the level with 4 particles.

Liking the physics and breaking walls in the level. I'd suggest adding a down arrow sprite in the 3rd and 4th level. It's a blind jump and I thought it was a death pit. Very impressive for a first game. Good job on making this in just a few days! Looking forward to what you're making next.

Great concept. Simple but elegantly designed. Clever levels and I would like to see more. Didn't know what to do at first because there is no tutorial. Would be a great mobile game with more levels and a less steep difficulty curve. Let me know when you make that post jam update.

Cute and clever! Liking the soundtrack mixing and decorations being changed. Took me a moment to understand what to do because there are 3 realities and  I was used to most games having 2. Designing levels with 3 realities must have been a challenge. I'd suggest adding hints showing which walls are in which dimension and which switch links to what laser.

Thank you! We had to do a couple iterations on the difficulty curve, lol. It used to be way harder.

Thank you! Yes, it was intended. We had a couple levels for that game mechanic but had to leave them out of the jam version.

Showing it using level design rather than telling the player was brilliant.

Good concept and neat title screen. The last level was tricky. I'd suggest adding sounds or effects when you click and place. And collisions to spikes so boxes don't fall through them. Let me know when you make that post jam update.

Great concept. It's an RTS but ants. The puzzles are interesting and engaging. I'd suggest making ants easier to tell apart and showing enemy aggro range. Would be nice selecting ants with boxes rather than control click too. Let me know when you make that post jam update.

Liking the opening cutscene, but black text on a red background is hard to read. Having to anticipate every action is interesting. Will not be taking platforming controls for granted after this, lol.

Haven't seen this concept yet. The music notes and finishing a level are very satisfying. This would be a great mobile game.

Great concept. The puzzles are clever and engaging. It's a bit short. Would like to see more levels post jam.

So that's what cats do when they disappear for hours outside.

This game is charming and I love it. The jelly physics and over the top announcing had me laughing. Quite addicting. Liking the player controlled difficulty where you can stack as many toppings as you want to risk. Wouldn't mind an update with different sandwich types.

Great concept. The design and puzzles are clever. What a surprise when I found out sticking the rock on top of the squid! Only suggestion is changing the level where you're jumping over cannonballs over spikes. It was a more difficult than the rest of the game.

Ok I see. How do I tell if joining worked?

Thank you! We interpreted the theme as levels being made of different pieces. And must be joined together in different ways to complete levels.

Thank you! We had more ideas for enemies but ran out of time, unfortunately. We're thinking of adding more post jam.