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In case you stumbled onto this page (because you don't have an entry), it's a Jam for intentionally bad games. If the game confuses you we've done our job. :) Thanks for playing.


(It's not the most efficient way because editing levels is a pain. But when you have 48 hours you do what you can haha)

The walls are like one big piece so I was pointing gravity down and rotating the walls. Using a circle collider on the player made collisions work at any angle.

Try the HTML5 version.

Try the HTML5 version.

Try the HTML5 version.

Is the HTML5 version working?

Is the HTML5 version working?

Hmm, guess it doesn't show on the devlog. Check the main page?

We had some more background details but ran out of time to put them in the Jam release. Might make a small update to add them.

Thanks for playing! Yep, that was the surprise! :)

Decent times too!

Thanks so much! We created everything during the Jam, so it's great to hear you liked it all.

Yeah, we ran out of time to totally polish the UI, lol. It was supposed to have a pixel font too. Anything specific you want to see improved?

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Hello Yogscast fans! We just saw our game placed 6th and we ended up on the stream!

Here's where to find us if you'd like to see more from us!

Programming and level design

Kira42 - Itch page - Twitter


Gutagi - Itch page
Nodegama - Itch page - Twitter

Music and sound effects

Ryan Steel - Itch page - Twitter

Neat concept. The modifiers give it replayability. I got "all balloons collected" the first time, played again and got "1 hit KO" lol. Would be neat to make the clown hold more balloons as you collect them.

I picture the player saying "Merry Christmas" and handing people a bunch of dirt covered gifts, haha.

I liked the voice clips. Added a lot of personality to the game. The jump height is only 1 block so the biggest challenge is to get back to the surface. It added a lot of planning and strategy to what's otherwise a straightforward digging game. Well done.

Good polish and presentation. Love that the sounds and music are a cappella. Played it 3 times and only got the dodging minigame. What's the other one? My best score was 152.

Good atmosphere, nice concept, and most important, cats. An ideal Jam game.

Owner's going to wake up and find all their chairs in the fireplace though.

Fun little packing game. I like the use of the conversion zone. Got a laugh out of being such a bad employee my reference got misspelled. "Some hep."

Great presentation and pixel art. Very polished. It was pretty difficult because of the short attack range and most of the jumps are pixel perfect and over death pits. There's a ranged purple enemy blocking the path through the level and it fires really fast. I couldn't get by it.

Would not mind seeing more if you update this post Jam.

Nice concept and music. Good variety of spells. I like how enemy attacks stay onscreen after the enemy is dead, and damage other enemies. Adds some strategy to the game. I built a ring of lightning around the obelisk and led enemies into it. My best score was wave 20 and 11408 points.

Had some bad luck in the 2nd round and the game gave me a bunch of 0 damage spells.

Nice game!

Very good for your first Unity game. Good presentation, no bugs and plays well. My only nitpick is it's very short and could use a visual effect when enemies die.

Nice presentation and concept. Good variety of presents and "presents." I had a lot of fun playing it.

I'd suggest adding a tutorial on the game page. I didn't know what I was doing or that the white dots were people at first. Game got way better after I found out. Really like the idea of collecting information about people to find the perfect present. Good variety of areas, gifts, and people. Well done.

Relaxing game, pleasing presentation, cute sound and graphics. Moving around feels great. LOVE the hand drawn art.

My only nitpick is the speech bubble is pretty high and I can't see what trick people want until I'm already jumping. I'd move the camera higher, which would also show more of the character and town art.

Pretty cool idea. Simple but challenging. Sometimes the shark just expects me all the time so my strategy was chasing them down rather than being stealthy. Might be doing it wrong lol.

Thanks! Gutagi and Nodegama created all the art during the Jam.


Thanks for playing! Yeah I didn't have time to totally fix the corners haha.

It was a challenge making levels you can do both ways AND let you dodge all the hazards. There are collectibles that take time off, encouraging players to take risks and run off the main paths. But I accidentally commented out the code that spawns them so they're not in the Jam release. They will be added in the minor fixes version.

Glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks! Every level has a different surprise if you haven't tried the others yet.

I'll take a look at the controls.

I see. Guess it's just my slow as molasses reflexes then haha.

I'm impressed how much you finished in 13 hours.

Would like a version with more contrast. It's hard to see what's happening while it's black walls on a dark gray background.

It's a simple but tricky mechanic that surprises you if you're not paying attention. Appreciate the visual effect on the character before controls switching. It changes it from frustrating to something very challenging. I completed the level where the exit is on the top block and nothing happened. Might be a bug?

The "boosts" are amusing. An enemy dropping on my head surprised me the first time haha.

I see, thanks for the reply!


Good range of minigames, good pacing, fun to play. I couldn't figure out the timing for the moon landing though. My best score was 80.

Pretty fun, specially for a first Jam. Took me a round to figure out which one's Simon. I like how you need to pick the invite up if you miss, so you need to pay attention. Needs a longer time limit though. Highest I got is 15/25.

Great presentation and polish. Love the character design and how they yell "JUMP!" at each other. The platforming was easy solo, but I can see this being hilarious and/or infuriating with another person. The only thing that should be improved is making controls less slippery.

Not sure I follow how it fits the theme though.

Thanks for playing!

The story is you ended up on Santa's Naughty List but you think you shouldn't be on it. So you sneak into Santa's workshop, steal your presents and try making it out alive. A heist game, in other words.

The theme surprise is you don't know what will happen until you get the present and trigger the alarm. The security system does something different in each level. There's 7 different hazards that can trigger, and later in the game, more than one at a time.

The surprise does only work once per level however. I designed each level specially for each hazard to make sure players can beat it on the first try with some quick thinking. We wanted the first playthrough to be the surprise and later playthroughs to be about beating your time. Rather than making every playthrough a surprise.