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That works! Thanks for your help!

Looks like I'm still getting the same result. Was the pastebin updated? It looks the same to me.

I've been using the URP outline generator script for a while now and it's mostly been sufficient. But I just ran into an issue when putting a quad into a string generating an outline. It creates some strange artifacts around the quad and sometimes other characters as well.

Here's an example of what's happening:

Any idea what's happening here or how to fix it? The best case would honestly probably be for the quad to just not be included in the outline at all.

Ah, I see. I didn't realize Continue() had a return. That works great, thanks!

Is there a good way to differentiate between a paused string (via the <pause> tag) and an actual completed string? Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but since both situations call OnCompleteEvent() I can't tell if the string is just paused (and thus should continue) or if it's complete (and should close the window).

I'm having a similar issue. Where did you find that stencil buffer setting? I can't seem to find it anywhere, nor see it in any Unity documentation.

Fantastic, thank you!

Don't worry about it, I didn't make the game for money. If you want to support the game though you could give it a rating.

That's really cool, props to your teacher.

Hey, that's awesome! Glad you like it! How did you even find it?

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for me even in play mode. That temporary script works well enough though. I think with a combination of non-camera canvases and the script I should be able to manage. 

A non-UI version of the script would also be very helpful if you find the time!


I have just run into this same problem after switching over to URP and was wondering if the single pass shader has been finished or if a suitable workaround has been found. I use the outline shader on virtually all the text in my game so it's a pretty significant issue for me atm.


Pretty fun, I liked trying to optimize my movement with sliding and controlling the cart.

In the last level if you shoot a body part over to in front of the target, he alerts security despite being the one that killed the guy.

Super fun game, one of my favorites. Carried completely just by how good it feels to land on the beats when the music is bumping.  Tough to think of where it could go in terms of content though.

Really great concept, but held back by controls. Started with keyboard and had an absolutely terrible time. Switched to gamepad and fared much better, but still had some frustrations. The main one being that I felt completely at the mercy of the lock-on mechanic. Very hard to target pigs that are just outside of the target window, and would regularly swing right past pigs I wanted to shoot. Widening the lock on may have helped, as well as removing the little bit of lag between acquiring a target and being able to shoot. If there's a pig in line of the gun, I should be able to shoot it, even if I'm still spinning.

Gotcha, the paralyze spell works wonders in that section.

Thanks Kyle! The birds can be a pain if not dealt with properly, the poison and paralyze spells work the best! Did you manage to make it to the end of the game?

With the fixes you put in I managed to get to the end! Driving up the big Randy Old Man is pretty cool, and the ending racetrack is great fun. The controls actually felt great once I wasn't on the crazy man terrain.

Thanks for trying out the game! That area is pretty tough, was there a particular spot that you couldn't get past?

Aha! So that's what it was. I had actually managed to get past where I was stuck, but then stopped moving a bit further up the leg. I'll redownload the game with the fix and see if it helps.

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There's a melee attack! It's mouse right click on keyboard or the B button on controllers (You can check all the controls by pausing or checking the game page). It's actually quite a bit stronger than the fireball too!

That's fair, it's a tough game! Thanks for playing through as much as you could.

What an unfortunate bug you've found! The game saves your progress though, so it should be easy for you to restart the game and continue from the castle.

I will try those options and see if it helps.

I'm using an xbox gamepad, and the controls are pretty bizarre. I have to use the start button to drive. It's supposed to be on a trigger though right? Are you basing the speed on how far the trigger is pulled?

Really cool game! I thought the level up system was really unique and interesting. I hit a couple bugs that affected the experience a bit, but overall it was great. Nice environments and music, good dialogue, sleezer is implemented really well, and the enemies/boss are fun to fight.

Good stuff!

Really great game! The RPG encounters took a surprising amount of thought to get through them. Sleezer was perfect, and the boss fights/cutscenes were great as well.

I can't seem to progress past the start of the game. I drove all around but there's no way up. It looks like the intended path is up the front of the big polygon coming out of his foot, but the tank won't drive up it. Am I missing something?

This game has some great visual style, and what's there feels really nice and polished. It's unfortunate how little you managed to get done, I'd legitimately be interested in seeing an expanded version.

This was great! The art is really cute, and I really like how you can attack with your sword in different ways. The items were cool and fun to use too.

Dungeons were well designed with some clever puzzles. It's a shame only 1 boss got done, the other dungeons deserved a good boss at the end.

Cool game! Great atmosphere and visuals. I was stuck on the chess puzzle for a bit haha.

Pretty solid entry! Controlled decently, and the ghosts were cool. Random level ups is pretty silly and fun. Good amount of content to play through as well, I liked that you could choose either direction to go in the beginning. Though a way back to the Ranch after beating a boss without having to backtrack would have been nice.

The bosses looked pretty cool, but I was so beefy after the first boss that the second and final bosses didn't last very long.

Good stuff overall!

Infinitree is a soothing game in which you control a leaf as it falls down an infinitely tall tree. Boasts unique controls, a low-poly art style, and wonderful music by Caleb Faith ( Collect sap as you fall to purchase upgrades for the leaf and see how far down you can make it!


Originally released on the android store last month I'm putting it here as well to localize all my games in one place. It's the first in a series of monthly games I will be making, so look out for more to come!

If you enjoy the game please consider downloading it on the android store as well, it's much appreciated!