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Kcorac (César Héctor)

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Nice idea, controls are a bit hard to get at the beginning but I guess with a little more practice I would get better. Love how you applied the theme of the Game Jam!

Nada que perdonar, la idea es buena. Sería genial que la desarrolles un poco más. Es entendible que en una Game Jam de dos horas sólo se haga un nivel pequeño 😅

La mecánica empezaba a ponerse interesante cuando acabó el juego XD

Buena forma de introducir un elemento de estrategia con una mecánica sencilla.

Adictivo :-P

Hahaha... Thanks for the comment 😋

Thanks for the feedback, yeah, the idea is to give Morty a tool to try to get the coffins but due to his sloppiness he is unable to do it. I agreed it needs more polishing. I'll work a bit more in the controls.

Just loved it, II can''t believe how fluid it feels in my Macbook Pro running Windows. The great performance allows a great control using my game pad. I look forward for the harder puzzles and the music. I sense that solving puzzles has a lot of intrinsic value which is cool so no need for extrinsic rewards, wouldn't mind if there are some in the future though XD

I would love to see a bit more of variety in the future if the game gets to be very long but as a short aesthetic experience it's absolutely amazing. Can't wait for the full final version and would also love to see how you did such great optimisation and implementation.

I'll consider it for the future. I just got an old PC for 50 bucks and runs the game smoothly for now :-P

Hi there, will there be a macOS version available soon? I've got the game in my wishlist for a while expecting for it and now that everybody is playing it I wanna try it with my friends. It would be great!