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This is a really good puzzle game; I liked that the primary restrictions are on space (and time if you try to beat par); this lets the player really explore the mechanics of the pieces as much as they want to. The music is catchy and works well together with the graphics. 

I'm sure others out there will beat this, but here's the ones where I bested par.

Count on It/M&M: 35

Choking Destiny/TMWORS: 40

Love - A Choice/V: 65

Break Apart Jeremy/S: 84

Lean Copper Partner/CA: 80 

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad I was able to get the idea across, even if it didn't all work.  Yes, the script does follow your choices in the woods now, which didn't happen in the judge build. I do think checkpoints or some way to go back in time seem to be the biggest missing feature. As for completing a task, when it starts solid red you can't do it early.  For the car, if you stop near the right area when the task is green, it should turn white.  

This was pretty enjoyable, although I ran into some bugs.  I liked that I was actually planning 'plays' after a while, though I never got the hang of defense. The AI really was done well.

Issues i ran into (Mac version on High Sierra on a pretty old laptop):

Some animations went way too fast - dribbling was crazy, and I think some transition screens flashed by too quickly too; I'm not even sure if there was something to see. The tutorial also had problems of this sort; I couldn't quite follow it. Luckily I could figure out the game easily enough.

On defense, one of my players got pushed into the lava, and then the game never switched to my side. It was as if waiting for the AI to terminate its move, or maybe trying to start my move with a dead player.

I really loved the style of this. The graphics are great, especially the sunset model. The music is incredible - the sound design overall is fantastic.  It had the right amount of story. The crafting system seemed to make sense as well. That said, however, I didn't quite find it as much fun to play. The timers felt too short, and the UI a bit too fiddly, to really bother with crafting or trying to use the weapons properly.   All too quickly you would die, and it became easier to just luck into any needed food/water as opposed to grinding materials.

There was too much time spent in darkness, which never allowed any sense of location when diving down, and made it even harder to see the effect of the weapons.

 I may come back to this later, especially if the UI gets some improvement, because I really wanted to like it more than I did. (One possible suggestion already noted : have hotkeys for food/drink/healing that can persist between runs.)

I think this would have been fine with just aesthetic changes to each 'sequel', but there should have been a tighter focus on the intended effect. I think it either should have gone for 'upgrades' that were nothing more than a reskin (so a radically changed player sprite/background), or just gone fully surreal in an Eversion way. As an example, at one point there sort of seemed to be a tornado approaching in the background, but that didn't go anywhere. As it was, the joke fell just short of landing for me, but I think it was a worthy effort.

I like how weirdly cute this is!

I'm not sure if it's known or not, but playing this in the browser, it was really blown out to white, at least inside the room (food especially  was hard to see). This was in Safari on MacOS High Sierra.