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This is a really good puzzle game; I liked that the primary restrictions are on space (and time if you try to beat par); this lets the player really explore the mechanics of the pieces as much as they want to. The music is catchy and works well together with the graphics. 

I'm sure others out there will beat this, but here's the ones where I bested par.

Count on It/M&M: 35

Choking Destiny/TMWORS: 40

Love - A Choice/V: 65

Break Apart Jeremy/S: 84

Lean Copper Partner/CA: 80 

I had the moderately farfetched wish of implementing a Zachtronics style leaderboard which would show average performance, and I wish I remembered to implement either a screenshot-taker of solutions or ability to share layouts so that it would be easier to show your ability to easily best my times. Thanks for playing and proving my hypothesis that I'm not very good at puzzle games (even when I design them :V)