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I really loved the style of this. The graphics are great, especially the sunset model. The music is incredible - the sound design overall is fantastic.  It had the right amount of story. The crafting system seemed to make sense as well. That said, however, I didn't quite find it as much fun to play. The timers felt too short, and the UI a bit too fiddly, to really bother with crafting or trying to use the weapons properly.   All too quickly you would die, and it became easier to just luck into any needed food/water as opposed to grinding materials.

There was too much time spent in darkness, which never allowed any sense of location when diving down, and made it even harder to see the effect of the weapons.

 I may come back to this later, especially if the UI gets some improvement, because I really wanted to like it more than I did. (One possible suggestion already noted : have hotkeys for food/drink/healing that can persist between runs.)

We appreciate the feedback and totally understand where you're coming from. We'll definitely be working out the kinks in the UI once the voting embargo gets lifted, along with the other items you noted. Glad you enjoyed the style and music, and thanks for playing!