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This was pretty enjoyable, although I ran into some bugs.  I liked that I was actually planning 'plays' after a while, though I never got the hang of defense. The AI really was done well.

Issues i ran into (Mac version on High Sierra on a pretty old laptop):

Some animations went way too fast - dribbling was crazy, and I think some transition screens flashed by too quickly too; I'm not even sure if there was something to see. The tutorial also had problems of this sort; I couldn't quite follow it. Luckily I could figure out the game easily enough.

On defense, one of my players got pushed into the lava, and then the game never switched to my side. It was as if waiting for the AI to terminate its move, or maybe trying to start my move with a dead player.

Hm, thanks for the feedback. I've never played the Mac build. One of our developers kind of made it on a whim. I wonder if there was some weirdness there.