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Nice game, I like the graphics and music. The controlls were little bit unusual and confusing from start but it did not bother me much.

Hello, I really enjoyed your game! If you have a little of spare time, here is my game: Have fun!

I really like that you colorcoded parts of the level, it helps with memorizing the layout, great design!

This is the best iteration of this idea I've seen  so far! Very clean visuals and the audio part is also great! Good job

Looks really nice, I love the bouncy animation of the character :) Sometimes the spikes feel a little bit bugged and I got weird error when using the browser version, but the downloadable version worked fine!

I didn't not complete this and my brain don't not hurt!

The art and the "juicyness" is amazing as always! The controlls were responsible and with great feedback. You really explored a lot with the mechanics you got.  But I must point out that some levels felt little frustrating (especially the tower level where enemies were flying from top) and little unfair (same level, sometimes lot of enemies spawned at the same place). Overall polish was exceptional. Bravo

Thanks for the comment, yeah, maybe I should increase the speed of the sword but on the other hand, it makes you not too overpowered and so you need to approach enemies more carefuly  instead of rushing them... The yellow guy should not kill you instantly if you have some upgrades, what mask were you using?

Simple and addicting, fits well the theme!

I really like the phoneix animations, they add some weight to it. I would like to see more levels...

Thanks for a comment, I like how every player finds his own way to overcome the challenge that this rather difficult combat system makes. I agree with you that enemies should somehow telegraph their attack, I will try to update that post jam.

Good job, feels like some weird version of tetris :). Maybe if you make the player respawn automaticaly when drowned, it would be better. 

You have packed really lot into this game. There is very nice intro, powerups are close enough to not make the gameplay repetitive and I especially adore the little details in background. And the bossfight is the best I've seen in this jam so far! Good job.

That's great feedback. Funny that when I let my friend test the game, he also found the weapon chaining bug and I though it was kinda cool so I kept it in. When you buy weapon/mask and then take the worse one, it unfortunately takes the worse one (although the masks are discounted and the weapons are free) and to open the door you need three keys.

(Spoiler: 1 in world, 1 in shop, 1 from the boss)

I could finally jump across that gap! I think if you added coyote time and some jump buffer it would work well for this game.

Glad to hear that

Thanks for the feedback. That background is shader that uses open simplex noise to generate that look. I followed this tutorial:

To fix your problem, try to stretch it or press "Windows + arrow key". I hope it helps. Btw thanks for the tip with the debug console, I forget about it when I was exporting :)

Very good music. The animation were really juicy.

I like the idea, but it would work better for some puzzle type game. Collision don't work properly sometimes.

Nice concept but not really playable. The jumping is quite broken and unresponsible. I like the simple visuals and the music is good though.

Wow, this game was really amazing! Very beautiful visuals, the gameplay is fun. I would like to see some timer on levels to compare my scores. Overall its very polished and fun game.

Cool game, jumping is really satisfying. You should explain mechanics little bit though, I did not know you could wall jump or even double jump until I nearly completed the game. Sometimes you can block your path off by dying at the wrong moment. The sound effects are really clean and satisfying, but the music is too short and repetitive.

I doubt it, but if you want to try, use linux version and maybe this emulator:


Thanks for comment. Yeah, the difficulty may be a little too rough. I never really introduced the game mechanics in game which could cause the frustration from not knowing what killed you to many players. Timer or little mark that shows where the wire was interrupted would possibly fix it.

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for your honest review. I absolutely agree that there should be some transition effect after death and the game should somehow telegraph that you died.

Thanks for playing!


I finished the game today. I was stucked on level 5 for pretty long. The reason why I think i did is that you introduced two new things at once: new type of enemy and position swap cards.  It was clear that you needed to use new card on the new type of enemy. But the execution was not clear. You needed to time the swap perfectly so the enemy killed itself. You should introduce the new mechanics in preceding level where is absolutely clear what the new card do. 

This was really unique experience. I cannot belive that this was made in three days!

This is really great game with only 12 ratings.

Fun little game. I like the mechanic that you get a new spray whenever you kill enough ants.

Played your game, it was fun. Here is my game: Thanks

Very good game! I love the effect when you kill enemy.

This is super fun game, the theme was executed really well. The bugs are funny. Final boss is kinda hard though

Good work. I think there is no need to hold two buttons at once to shoot, you could bind it just to arrow keys (similarly as in isaac). Also I was missing any sounds that would make some feedback.

The mechanic was really interesting but the game has little problem with explaining it's mechanics. I'm stuck on level where you're supposed to change position with turret or what and don't know what to do. Btw the music is really interesting and graphics is cool.

Game is very fun, visuals are great, I really like the color palette and parallax effect. It's pretty hard to lose, because you can easily recover every time you miss, so only thing that could end my run was my patience.

I enjoyed this game. The way you interact with game world using bugs is clever!

Hi, I'm unable to play this game, it just can't load. I see the unity logo and then the screen stays gray.