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This is a ux thing, and maybe mostly applicable because I played ending, and didn't carefully read the release notes on this, but I think a little help to know that death isn't final would be welcome. 

thats a totally reasonable complaint! You don't have anything to base the mechanics on except for the art on screen, and it is telling you something different than what is happening.

the shoot / drift thing is really nice feeling, kinda like an airplane or something. I appreciate movement feel like that in turn based games. The puzzles were really good too! great job.

This is really neat :) I like that it took me a few go rounds to figure out the rules, though I don't know if I fully have all of them figured out yet.

This is awesome! The core puzzle mechanic is great. I love the push pull stuff. I am not a huge fan of the "timer -> death" thing, I think it would work better with some kind of softer end requirements. But really great work. I don't have any good suggestions for how to extend it, I think it is great as is :)

thats cool! I am really partial to "timing" puzzles inside puzzlescript games. Like slogo says, I think it hits the right length.

I enjoy the doors eating each other.

wow! This took a second to follow all the systems that were happening - but I really enjoyed it once I could follow. The upgrading + 1 dimensional was really clever.

The part that feels like it could use more exploration is the decision to hold vs throw a weapon. Maybe if I was able to remember what the weapons did that decision would have more stuff happening around it.

music and animation and concept were all great here! I like the system that you are laying out the map as you are moving through it. I think that idea is ripe for exploration, there is something nice about integrating it with the movement mechanics.

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I really liked this one!

My only complaint is that the difficulty curve feels a little shallow - once you know the rules, it is easy to zip past the first 6 or so levels without thinking too much.

Using chess rules is a really good idea for a brough like though, I like how it breaks up the board into zones of activity. I could almost see this expanding with different puzzle boards that give you directed challenges to accomplish.

I am curious what kind of scores I should be aiming for? I like how you are dealing with the early game slow ramp by just making the ramp way faster.

aww dang, I got stuck in a wall and I am pretty sure it wasn't intentional :( was falling inbetween screens. Can send you a screenshot if you want.

oh gosh darn it terriv, I totally meant to put sound effects in and just forgot. maybe I will cram some in there today.

whoa, this is really really good! I like how the rise rate is faster than the fall rate. Captures the difficulty of the original without having the gravity acceleration in place. Also screen flipping is the best thing for infinite runners. Well done.

this is a pretty cool concept! I liked the circular thing, but it seemed like the hitbox was a bit confusing.

that was great! the animations with pictures swapping was really clever, and the whole story was just so well done.

cheers, thanks.

nice one terri :)

wow, almost a month eh? I have been heads down on contract work, so haven't had to much time to work on this. Terri Vellman did some cool animations for one of the games, and I got inspired, so overhauled the graphics for another one of the games.

I am at 3 games now, which is super pitiful for the 2 months or whatever I have been working on this. I think I am gonna scuttle the overworld / story driven thing, unless I can come up with a cheaper way of handling it, and have it just be the internal games for now :/

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I am unclear on if these are intended behavior, but they were confusing.

  • the itch page scrolls down when I press spacebar to jump. I don't know if you can cancel the event in an iframe or not.
  • a little thing about how wasd/e/q works would be nice?
  • I couldn't tell what was happening with the diamond, it seemed to cause me to spawn in the next room over
  • hard to tell the difference between collidable and uncollidable all black cells.

Feature requests:

  • helpfile, please :)

Well the past 2 weeks have been interesting. I went through two different game engines, then finally settled on love2d. I really like love2d a bunch, but was excited to make everything in my own engine. Ah well, next time. I managed to port everything over from my own engine to love2d in about a day, and got some of the cool tech implemented as well.

The first thing that I did was get my synth engine in. Right now there is just an 808 bassdrum, snare drum, and closed hat, but the tech layer is there for me to add as many modules as I want. It uses package.loadlib on desktop to bring in the dylib (osx dll) that I have built of my c code. Luckily I can just open up a new audio stream without any issues using SDL_openAudio and start chucking my buffers over to it.

The other neat bit of tech I have is a webserver that runs on the iOS device builds. With the server I can just post lua files directly from my text editor, and have it reload lua data without needing to recompile and send to the device.

My main love.update function that hotswaps lua code looks like the following:

function love.update(dt)
    -- check to make sure we are running the webserver
    if webserverLoadString then
        local webserverString = webserverLoadString();
        -- if so, bring the data in
        if webserverString ~= nil then
            local serverChunk = loadstring(webserverString)
            local noerr, res = pcall(serverChunk)
            if not noerr then
                print("error: ", res)
                -- attach the incoming arcade game to the current state if it is the right type
                if == "ArcadeState" then
                    res = res.start()
           = mainState:add(res);

on the c side, I am just running a webserver that queues up the data that has been sent to it, and waits until lua asks for it.

I suspect this could be built as an extension that runs on the desktop as well, but I haven't found a good crossplatform webserver yet. If anyone has any tips for stuff that isn't like a zillion c files, I am happy to hear about it. Even better if it already has lua bindings.

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So, my goal this week is to finish 2 small games, and work out some underlying issues. I have one done already, and one in progress.

some kind of momentum based skating game where you need to collect flowers. Blue flowers give you points, red flowers flip you to attack mode, so you can clean up enemies.

dual stick thing? I dunno, just started playing around with this one today.

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Heya! this is a project that I have been working on for about a year now, but only a total of an actual week or two of work.

Last year, inspired by kenta cho's 50 games, I made a web based editor to use his micro game library. I was the only person that ended up using it, and with a year of hindsight, I can totally see why. There were a ton of just totally annoying things about it, that most people would never be willing to overcome.

That said, there were some cool things too. The limitations on graphics, level layouts, music and more were just really clever. I can make a fully functioning game loop in about 10 minutes with it, and start iterating on my ideas. It is just so nice to work in a way that is fluid.

So I resurrected the project. I ported everything over to a c / lua lib, which builds to the web using emscripten. I am planning on making a pack of 15 small games (think about the scale and scope of flappy bird or something), and put it out on iOS. I have the editor still running on the web which is fun, and that will be an ongoing aim, so other people can take what I did and make their own games with it.


ooh, this is great! I love the fact that I am two clicks away from playing a game, so much faster than downloading, unzipping & double clicking. I am guessing this is the thread for feature requests, at least for now (I should I just post on the github?).

  • It would be cool to be able to remove / move things between lists in the client. I use tons of lists as I am browsing, and that seems to be the primary thing in the client.
  • payment flow through the client. It would be amazing if this held payment details, but I recognize that is probably a total pain in the butt / security issue.
  • when you update a list on the website, it doesn't update in the client until after a quit / restart (osx 10.10)
ok! thanks for all your hard work amos, this is awesome :)

Yeah, A4 is hard as heck to get in the states unfortunately. I think you can get it at specialty paper shops and japanese bookstores, but other than that, I haven't seen it. I would just put safe areas on your prints so they can be safely cropped to fit both paper formats.