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I am unclear on if these are intended behavior, but they were confusing.

  • the itch page scrolls down when I press spacebar to jump. I don't know if you can cancel the event in an iframe or not.
  • a little thing about how wasd/e/q works would be nice?
  • I couldn't tell what was happening with the diamond, it seemed to cause me to spawn in the next room over
  • hard to tell the difference between collidable and uncollidable all black cells.

Feature requests:

  • helpfile, please :)
  • the scrolling in the embedded version is a problem- most of the player character controls also scroll the page! i'm not sure yet if there's a way to fix that on itch, but here is a clean version which should auto-resize and solve the problem. folks are welcome to use this offsite version instead:
  • it's true, i think wasd / q / e (and f) could stand to be explained more fully somewhere. possibly the in-game help file is a decent place for this, or a series of video tutorials.
  • the diamond is a second, nongravitational player character. thanks for the heads up- it seems there are some spawn rules which don't correctly handle having two types of player characters. i've added it to the list and will fix it!
  • solidity can currently be set manually per-tile. you can check solidity by holding shift. it seems there is a bug where switching tiles with wasd ignores the defaults, which can result in some surprising solid / nonsolid tiles. i'll put that at the top of the list.
  • i agree about the need for a help feature + more documentation!

thanks so much for all the helpful feedback. sorry about the bugs! i'll work hard to get this shipshape for the release of v. 1