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if you have flash player on your pc, you can download and play it.

thanks! here's the source for you:
it's in gamemaker studio 2

for the effects you can check out obj_levels

Love me some puzzle games, some good ones in here already.

If you're in for some logic puzzles: (browser)

I enjoyed this one!

the html5 version also flashed for me, and I couldn't jump. only then I found there was also a downloadable version. I'd say just keep that. 

the game is good! got more creative than I thought. smoot tutorial, nice use of the shurikens and cool touch with the red legs. 

Very clever, very stylish!

Awesome, glad you liked it!

And thank you for writing the article and recommending it :)

Awesome! and no I'm not high haha.

Hope you can get that last level without getting too frustrated

Hey thanks you very much for your feedback!

I'll look into this


the sound design is done by the awesome guys at Echolocate

The rest would be me:)

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Okay I found that in "Account setting" -> Payment, you can set your currency to USD. Seems this solves about everything.

Still the bug(?) on 2. is maybe something to be looked at

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So I got two things regarding prices:

1. When I'm in de "edit game" section and set the price €4.99, it's automatically set to euro's. Which is fine I guess, since I live in The Netherlands. But I do not see where I can set the amount in dollars. So I assume it does a conversion automatically. If that's the case, that a bit unfortunate cause I can't set a nice number for it. And since 90% of the transactions are with dollars that's even more unfortunate. I hope I'm wrong and I can set it somewhere!

2. I set a limited amount games to be sold in the "exclusive content" section. Here I set it to go for the same €4.99 earlier, so this is what it shows. But now when I click the price field it changes itself to $4.99. Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Hope someone can help me explain what's going on in these cases!

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That doesn't sound good.

It may not be ideal, but have you tried uploading this version the regular way at the "edit game" page?

Circles community · Created a new topic FAQ
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Is this on mobile?
Nope, Circles is not on mobile. From the start, it was developed around mouse controls, so the best experience is to be had on PC/Mac. That being said, mobile is still an interesting option in the future. But currently all efforts are being directed at the PC version.

Can I upload a let's play on Youtube?

Yes you can, but keep your let's play limited to world 1 and 2. Keep some mystery for the rest.

On opening Circles.exe I get the message "Windows protected your PC"

Click "More info" then "Run anyway" to continue and play the game.

I can't unzip the game on mac

This could be a problem if you use the Archive Utility. Try Unarchiver and see if that does the job. If all else fails, you can download the game using the Steam key. You can claim this in the download section.

I get the message "Circles can't be opened because it's from an unidentified developer" on mac

To open the game without this message, right click the app, then choose "Open".

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Well, I managed to work with the zip. A batch file now updates the needed files in the zip

If anyone wants to know, you can do this by downloading zip and executing:

zip -r "" "\Contents\Resources\Game.swf"

So in this case it replaces the Game.swf in zip by the new one I have in the same directory.

So is there any way to do this?

Circles community · Created a new topic General Feedback

Have a suggestion, idea or just some feedback? Let me know here.

No problem, good luck

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Yes, I was hoping I could get around the zip and still make it work. I can generate a build from mac, zip it in mac, and upload that on windows, but it would be easier if I could upload it as regular files from windows. Since I just have 1 folder of files for my game which contains the mac build, and further in the windows build.

I did try to make symlinks on windows with:

mklink /D "directoy" "symlink"

But butler didn't pick up on them. I'm not even sure if that would be possible.

If there is no other way, I'll stick with the zip file, I was just looking for alternatives

On second thought, I don't think the status has anything to do with it. you should just see the files pop up in your edit page.

Sounds more like it has to do with the size. maybe try uploading just a few files to see if that actually works.

could be that there's still an upload limit on butler:(

Do you still see the upoad in your "edit game" page?

For me, I can see the files I uploaded from butler there and see the channel name on the green button

It could also have to do with the status of the game page. When it was in draft (and restricted I think), I couldn't retrieve the game version with the line

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Hi, I'm trying upload a mac build from my windows machine, but I'm not having much luck.

The game will just instantly quit itself on mac. I've had this problem before on Steam, but resolved it by setting symlinks in the install script. But while uploading with butler, it says it found 0 symlinks.

How can I make butler find my symlinks?

come on butler:(

EDIT: it does work as a zip, but I prefer using just files. Would make the update process so much easier

Circles community · Created a new topic Bug Reports
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If you've encountered a bug or crash, great!

This is the place where you can report it.

Please describe in detail what happened.

If you encounter a crash where an :( emoticon appeared, please provide the error.log in your report.

The file is located at 'documents/Circles/'

Found it.

Setting up a reward and ticking "Require a reward to buy" did the trick

Hi, I just uploaded my game Circles using butler and I setup my page.

Now I want to setup closed playtesting and set set limited keys/downloads, but I can't find where to do this.

I've looked through and but can't find an explanation.

Am I missing something?