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An abstract puzzle game where everything responds to your mouse · By jeroenwimmers

General Feedback Sticky

A topic by jeroenwimmers created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 1,069 Replies: 4
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Have a suggestion, idea or just some feedback? Let me know here.

Alright, so who does the sound design? Were you the visionary for the graphic design and animations?



the sound design is done by the awesome guys at Echolocate

The rest would be me:)

Awesome! The sound really intrigued me and the animations were well supplemented by it. I played it a bit and got past the first ?world? and I can easily say that I'm enjoying it so far!


If this game had infinite procedurally generated levels, I would buy it for $20. I love how meditative the experience is, how everything responds to subtle movement and there's no hurry or frustration (at least in the demo levels). It's just too short.