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I want to spend more time to play this, but I loved what I saw thus far!

BUT, a new menu should be coming soon, if you are still interested.


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Uh, let me play this again real quick because I don't have a lot of time and I didn't take notes last time :/ .

So, first off, the into scene is cool and all, but sometimes it gets buggy. Also, the intro scene just froze on me when it cut to the little house. I made sure to wait and give it some time, but it never continued, so I had to use ESC and quit the game. Upon further testing, it appears that I can use ENTER to skip, but if I press SPACE before this, it sometimes breaks things, and it won't work. I think pressing SPACE in the intro sequence is generally bad, so that should probably be looked into.
OK. So pressing SPACE during a cutscene almost always breaks something, and sometimes crashes the game.

The music in this first level is cool and all, but it doesn't loop. It just stops at the end. ----- The music came back suddenly. I don't know what triggered it. I think the music doesn't loop on the first time, but then it suddenly comes back and begins successfully looping after a long time. 
After further testing, I've determined that the first time that the music is initiated, it does not loop. After I enter a new area or respawn, the music plays, then it appears to loop, from that point on.

Sometimes, the enemy that throws bones backs up against the wall and gets stuck, or he will freeze in mid-air while throwing bones. He eventually comes back down.

There is a part where there is a 2x2 block with hearts in them under the cliff. It's hard to tell what is the wall and what can be walked through. I'm not sure if this is intentional or should be redesigned. The problem is with the visual inconsistencies in the tiles.
There are also some visual inconsistencies in the floor platform near the falling worms. Playing this game more, it seems like there are some walk-able areas that seem invisible or unpredictable, through the game. It's kind of confusing. Not sure if this is intentional.

There is this type of enemy that is a bouncing head. At one point, there is a head that bounces higher than the others. He is near the enemies with guns. If he is not killed, he ends up flying away and sometimes coming back at later points, bouncing over/through/Idek walls xD
OH!!! | | He has now gotten stuck on the corner of the ground and it is making this terrible loud rumbling noise, which I theorize to be the sound playing over on loop at an extremely fast rate. It is worth noting that the game is not frozen. There is likely some collision issue here. This noise is unbearable and is interfering with the music. Whenever I walk near him, the sound plays. I think the sound processing is being pushed to its limits xD. Killing him has stopped the sound :D.
Also, the particles for the bouncing heads won't despawn unless I walk off-screen.

When fighting the boss with the rapid-fire machine gun, sometimes he flips around and freaks out on-screen. It took me a moment to figure out how to beat him. Also, when I died by him once, it displayed the "well I'm dead" text over the game over screen. All music has stopped here, once he is defeated the first time.

Sometimes, his head is not displayed when it falls down. It would also be cool to skip this cutscene, so we don't have to watch it again if we don't want to. Also, I think that the weird close-ups at this point are probably intentional, but I think that there might be some issues with them. It's very strange in the first place, so I can't tell.
Also, after I died from his second form and respawned, he didn't attack me anymore. He just sat there. I went over to hit him and the game was being very laggy and slow at this point. Almost as if something was stuck in some sort of loop, keeping him from attacking and slowing down performance.

So, I just killed him and it brought me to the game over screen. Unfortunately, the ESC key doesn't allow me to do anything else. Honestly, I can't do anything else at this point except for closing the window manually. It would be cool to be brought back to the title screen or something.

I'd also like to note that it's hard not to die in this game. A strategy that I've adopted is to die in order to replenish health, and I'm not sure if that's the way things should be.

I think that's most of everything. I don't have a lot of time to test this.
Anyways, I appreciate what you are doing and hope to see more development on this!

Hey, so that was pretty interesting. There are some bugs here and there and little details that should be polished and such. Overall, I like where this is going. If you want more feedback, be sure to let me know; I have some to give. Keep going!

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Awesome! The sound really intrigued me and the animations were well supplemented by it. I played it a bit and got past the first ?world? and I can easily say that I'm enjoying it so far!

Alright, so who does the sound design? Were you the visionary for the graphic design and animations?