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Some questions about $ and €

A topic by jeroenwimmers created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 206 Replies: 2
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So I got two things regarding prices:

1. When I'm in de "edit game" section and set the price €4.99, it's automatically set to euro's. Which is fine I guess, since I live in The Netherlands. But I do not see where I can set the amount in dollars. So I assume it does a conversion automatically. If that's the case, that a bit unfortunate cause I can't set a nice number for it. And since 90% of the transactions are with dollars that's even more unfortunate. I hope I'm wrong and I can set it somewhere!

2. I set a limited amount games to be sold in the "exclusive content" section. Here I set it to go for the same €4.99 earlier, so this is what it shows. But now when I click the price field it changes itself to $4.99. Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Hope someone can help me explain what's going on in these cases!

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Okay I found that in "Account setting" -> Payment, you can set your currency to USD. Seems this solves about everything.

Still the bug(?) on 2. is maybe something to be looked at


Yep, 2. sounds like a bug, I've opened an issue so we can further investigate!