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Try Windowed setting with 1280 X setting. Also, when you play the game from the beginning you will only see 1mm of the health bar as the one you sees on the screenshot are when the health been upgraded. Hope this help.

G'day developers. I am about to release my latest PC game in about a month. It is a free game and there will be ads. However, not just any ads. As developer to developer. Please let me help you by promoting your games in my game. All you need to do is make a one-time payment deals with me. I can be contacted on

The game will be releasing around Mid November. 

That's good, you are just one hour behinds me. So we can try Discord or Skype (I have both) for voice chat?

First, let me ask you what GMT time zone you in? If we have the same day time hours (plus or minus a few) then it is easier to use voice chat. I am in a GMT +10. Otherwise typing..... 

I sure will check them out later. By proceeding you mean what? As in getting the game? Or what to translate? 

A bullet hell VR game. 

Is all about putting your creations out to more people, not just to your friends and family. Even you don't click on ads but you are aware that such brands exist. Also just because you don't click on ads does not mean other won't. 

Seriously?!?!? What you need to do is paid marketing. No one is going to know about your games here or Jolt or even your private website if you don't tell anyone about it. If you want more followers. Then you must spend at least $5 on Facebook ads (You can reach at least 500 people or more depending on your audiences) and also play around with what adverts work for you.    

I am wondering is there any retargeting codes embed in website? Like those codes that get whoever look at some games in but didn't purchase anything. Then that person goes to another web and the game they previously visited in appears on that web's ads.  

Also, it is possible to install Facebook Pixel for my own games in 

Thanks mate

Let said that I like Mr. X's and Mr. Y games and would like to bundle his games with mine. I had completed the bundle and now waiting for Mr.X approval. Mr. Y approved. However, Mr. X does not response for a very long time and I now don't want to do business with him. Now here is the trouble I ran into. It seem that once I get into the 'waiting for participants approval' stage I cannot remove nor delete games I had chosen. So what do I do if I want to swap out Mr. X's games with Mr. Z's games or just do me and Mr. Y's games.

Ok I believes this to be the page were you give your approval

Ok would you like to go ahead with just the game you completed? You have quite a selection.

That's seem fair enough but how would you stop someone from reselling not in their account but other places (i.e. reselling it in their Shopify for example)?

That's all right, when do you think Bacci & the Duckling will be finished?

OK I actually I did not really look at your project, now I have. How about 30% then?

Well seeing there is not an affiliate setup for nor a system for affiliate was really in place. In fact, affiliation make business boom with more sales. I don't see why it would not work for indie game industry. Yes, it is hard to say if this is a good idea or not. Especially if one choose to commit step 7.  

Well least we on the same page now. So you got products you want to bundle with mine and possible someone else?

As there still not an affilaite system set up for I have this idea I would like to share.

This affiliate idea can help  developers to gain more revenue. For this affiliate system to work the affiliate must be humble and be willing to split their profits with the original developer. 

  1.  Download the game you want to sell. Make sure it is an Unity game. As you can easily re-zip an Unity game (am not so sure about other system games) and give it to someone else. Also, I find the free games are much easier as you can just download the game, and also most developers of free game have a 'support me' donation box. Prehaps paid games will also work but I could not find the 'donation box' (as in just giving them money, after all you would probably already paid for the initial download). 
  2. You probably need Dropbox or similar to clould share the zip you just created
  3.  You probably need to have to set up a PayPal BUSINESS account (see PayPal on how to do that) to gain access to the buy now function. 
  4. Give a price for your 'merchendise' (in this case is someone else game). Never put $0 as you want to make money for yourselve and the developers you uncondionlly helping out.
  5. Inside the create buy now button, there should be section which said 'if buyer paid successfully, sent them here' ~ post the Dropbox link to the actuall game there. 
  6. Create a Facebook PAGE, so that you can use Facebook ADS. That's right use Facebook ads to advertise your 'merchendise'. Now I am not going to teach you how your should do it nor how you much you should budge the ads cost. However, do remember to put that PayPal buy now link somewhere in your ads. 
  7. If you make a sale, give at least 50% to that game's developer. (This really depends on what kind of people you are). 

Hi, I think you got the wrong idea here. I am looking for other developers to do a co-op bundles deal with me. As I have said before. I had tried to find games to bundle and asking for their approval (As quoted from somewhere else in A bundle cannot start until all the participants have reviewed and accepted it. After everyone has approved, you, the host, will receieve an email telling you it’s ready to be made public.) Seem to be not effective at all (i.e. no reply).

I am not merely asking anyone to join my development team, least not what this post are about. This post is about you let me sell your games together with mine (and perhaps someone else as well) and we all profit from it. 

To be honest, when you first reply, I have no idea what you are talking about so I ignored you. I am not sure, if my price asking might have confused you. What I am really asking is that do you want another price for your games and what the least share-rev percentage would you want for this collaborated sale.  

Hi, would you agreed to at least 60% profit sharing? 

I am not sure if there is a specify place for this, as I could not find it. 

In the past I have self picked some games to bundle and spent weeks  chasing around the developer of each of the game I chose to bundle for their approval. Long story short, I didn't get much of a reasponse from most of them. So this time I taught I might try asking who are willingly to do a co-op bundle sale with my games (

If your are interested in doing business with me. Please reply with the following

  •  The link to your game/s you would like to be part of the bundle
  • Your expected price 
  • Your expected shares in percentage. 

Lausjan is a game of exploration with one simple goal. Read more at 

Yes is DevloG 'typo' ~ latest screenshots, videos and downloadables. In breif, we are trying to make a VR bullet-hell game similar to those space shooter games but with dodgeable bullets.  

Just wondering have you recived my request to bundle one of your games at that I sent a few days ago? Also, please tell me if you are not satisfied with my decision on pricing, games chosen or shares.

I have added your game as part of a bundle, please approve at

Hi, I added this game as one of my bundle, please approve at