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no views / followers on after a month?

A topic by nebelstern created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 541 Replies: 8
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I will get straight to the point -
It has been a month since I uploaded my project here as well as on the 'rival' site (g**ejolt)...
Now you would think both sites are comparable when it comes to pulling attention to your game but...
I gained only 2 followers on, while gaining close to 400 followers on the jolt. 
I put the same amount of care and effort on the presentation on both sites. But only one site generated ~14 new followers a day. The other site, not at all... so if course I ended up being more active and involved on the site that's more active. 
But it still does make me wonder, considering a month has gone by and the difference is so big. 
Why didn't my project get any views / followers here? 
Did i make some mistakes? Maybe in tagging? But I'm pretty sure I use the same tags on both sites...

Oh well, thanks for reading. : ) 


As someone who's also in both places, no, they're not really comparable. GameJolt attracts a different audience. I've had more games be successful here and not there than the other way around; your mileage may vary. Why, it's harder to say, but my vague impression so far is that GJ is largely frequented by players closer to the old stereotype of "horny male teenager", while Itch has a much more diverse population, both age- and gender-wise. Have a little patience, and experiment.

Hello, thank you for the reply -
My, that is interesting to learn. 

The core audience is so different?
Curious. I heard  Va 11 Hall A was started out on itch, and that's a pretty interesting game. ^^ Well, among other very fascinating and popular titles. Of course, I suppose mine can't really compare, it's more in the pervy weeb trash* direction. It's the best I can do. But that would explain the difference in follows and back up your theory.

Anyway, thanks again.

*still a big labour of love though, quite honestly.


Seriously?!?!? What you need to do is paid marketing. No one is going to know about your games here or Jolt or even your private website if you don't tell anyone about it. If you want more followers. Then you must spend at least $5 on Facebook ads (You can reach at least 500 people or more depending on your audiences) and also play around with what adverts work for you.    


That too. I prefer Project Wonderful, but yeah, if you can spare five bucks it will make a difference. Also a social media presence, which is gratis but costs time and privacy. Either way, go out in public and brag about your work. It should go without saying, but clearly doesn't. :)

Do five bucks really make a difference? o_O 
I mean, I never tried that method but... I always thought it was bullocks ( since I almost never click on ads, even with ad blocker deactivated )


Um, yes, I speak from experience here. The tricks is targeting the ads well. Just as I click on other recommended games and e-books after downloading one, or on related webcomics after discovering one I like. And that's one reason why I prefer Project Wonderful: they allow for excellent ad targeting.

Is all about putting your creations out to more people, not just to your friends and family. Even you don't click on ads but you are aware that such brands exist. Also just because you don't click on ads does not mean other won't. 

I've read all your answers, some very interesting. I originally tried to sell my products on eBay before ITCH.IO and I have had very little results, even by supplying printed manuals, light-scribes CDs and home delivery. With "ITCH.IO" I'm found better,but, although I'm here by only 3 months, I have not had a great result yet. The ad technique is, perhaps, valid, but also, in my opinion, one must find the right audience.

Interesting the GameJolt site!