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Looking for Developers Who Might be Interested in Doing a Co-op Bundle.

A topic by Jefone's Games created Jun 29, 2017 Views: 421 Replies: 14
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I am not sure if there is a specify place for this, as I could not find it. 

In the past I have self picked some games to bundle and spent weeks  chasing around the developer of each of the game I chose to bundle for their approval. Long story short, I didn't get much of a reasponse from most of them. So this time I taught I might try asking who are willingly to do a co-op bundle sale with my games (

If your are interested in doing business with me. Please reply with the following

  •  The link to your game/s you would like to be part of the bundle
  • Your expected price 
  • Your expected shares in percentage. 
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It made me smile, funny, but In fact, from what I've seen, maybe because it depends on me, I do not understand the purpose of the game. The graphics are very nice. Maybe adding more cadres would become even more interesting. Cmq cats are my favorite pets ...

In fact, it is logical that you do not understand the purpose of the game, since it is just a tiny tasting of the game, a kind of "spot". The development of the complete game will take months ... However, the aim will be to turn the birds into meat to cook, since Bacci is a hunter, without being reduced in this way by his hunters rival.

I apologize to you, if I was a bit too explicit in defining my video game, even I like the cats a lot, I had 3: Nerina, Priscilla and Tito. I'm not against pets. Unfortunately, I like steaks and any other kind of similar food ... The game I am developing, however, will have some kind of ethics, although it will not be suitable for people under 15 years of age.
With regard to your proposal of collaboration, I can only say that:
- I could develop the software you need, provided that I use the development systems I know.
- I do not have time to deal with graphic design or music as a musician.
- Any agreement should be made by providing personal information that can not be disclosed (Privacy Act), so it would take a secure channel, such as email.
- I do not know how old you are, but you seem, perhaps, a bit too young to collaborate, without offense, but I'm a lot older; This does not mean it is better, though.

Hi, I think you got the wrong idea here. I am looking for other developers to do a co-op bundles deal with me. As I have said before. I had tried to find games to bundle and asking for their approval (As quoted from somewhere else in A bundle cannot start until all the participants have reviewed and accepted it. After everyone has approved, you, the host, will receieve an email telling you it’s ready to be made public.) Seem to be not effective at all (i.e. no reply).

I am not merely asking anyone to join my development team, least not what this post are about. This post is about you let me sell your games together with mine (and perhaps someone else as well) and we all profit from it. 

To be honest, when you first reply, I have no idea what you are talking about so I ignored you. I am not sure, if my price asking might have confused you. What I am really asking is that do you want another price for your games and what the least share-rev percentage would you want for this collaborated sale.  

Yes you are right when I wrote the post I was thinking about something else so I did not understand what you were asking for. I have seen that you are a software team already launched and there is no age. I thought I would launch my video game at $ 7.99, I do not know what you are asking for; I thought, as an initial hypothesis, that I could give you 25-30%, if it does.

Well least we on the same page now. So you got products you want to bundle with mine and possible someone else?

I can definitely put together, with your games, my "BounceB" video game and my "DBMovie" and "NewPatch" tools, for now. When the development of "Bacci & the Ducklings" will be completed, I can also put that.

That's all right, when do you think Bacci & the Duckling will be finished?

Levels bottom are already ready. I have to deal with the soundtracks and management of game mechanics, as well as some menus: it may be before, but I expect it will take at least one or two months.

Ok would you like to go ahead with just the game you completed? You have quite a selection.

Yes, it's fine for me.

Ok I believes this to be the page were you give your approval

I've subscribed your bundle cooperation link. We will see tomorrow at 16:00 o' clock ours result! Good luck!

Thanks mate