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Yeah, balancing how much the reflections show the monsters and still make it see behind you was a weird balance. 

The code for the safe is 4 numbers, which are all only seen as reflections using the phone. They can be a bit tricky to find without knowing they're there. There is a number inside each room that opens with a key, whether it be in the mirrored or regular version of the house. 

Thanks for the feedback, I was hoping the numbers wouldn't be too hidden. I'll keep that in mind. 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

That robots voice will haunt many dreams. Nice job, simple and fitting! 

I like the concept. The camera seeing through walls is a bit jarring. The doors work nicely and the photographing to pick up items is cool.

Pistol took so long to reload I wasn't sure it would. Fitting for the time period. The knife works really well! Nice job. 

I like the concept a lot. When you restart the game does it use every object that was made in the round before? There's so many to dodge when restarting! Really nice job, the whispering was a great touch!

Nice job! I like that the chemtrails are the weapon. At first I thought I had to use the body of the plane to hit the tanks.  Turning takes a bit to get used to, but it works well!

Besides holding right click do the Changelings have anything that gives them away? The xray mechanic was really cool! 

I'm glad the score was based on distance and not time. You can jump into the green arrow sign and get stuck up there for as long as you want. The alien floats around you menacingly if you do! Cool runner game!

Looks really good! Really simple and works well. I just wish I could get the socks I need to not go under the rest of them! Great work!

I like the theme! At the end I couldn't get it to show the 3rd picture even though it said I had taken it. I wish the path the enemy took to get to the bell was clearer (I thought it would take the shortest path). The camera stunning them is a great idea! The quick reset of the levels felt nice and the last level being zoomed in more made it feel unique to the rest of the game. Great job! 

Cool top down shooter! I wish the camera followed the cursor to help see what was ahead of you. Being able to shoot their projectiles felt 50-50. I liked that it blocked getting hit, but I also wanted it to still hit them. Being able to shoot faster than the enemies helped that a lot. Good use of color on the title for what the buttons truly meant. I wonder what someone that's colorblind would think the buttons meant. Nice work! 

The light idea works really well. Can you pick up the key? I thought I tried every button and could not get it. Looks good and the title screen fits how you use the lights! 

Really cool strategy game! It has a cool mechanic and very nice use of the theme! I wish it was a bit easier to know which one was selected, clicking too close to an agent selected them instead of moving the one I thought was selected. Great job! 

Really great FPS here! I like the gun effects and using the hologram models for pickups. It felt like a hoard mode with taking so many enemies for the 2nd door to open! I felt like I wanted to earn the health and ammo instead of it respawning. Like having the enemies give you points and using those to get ammo or health back. Really great job!

The sprites in this look awesome! The timing on the fire side is sooooo punishing. The instructions list how to use the elevator but a lot of people skip instructions. Either putting an indicator near them or when you get on it would help anyone who missed that. It also says "Quit" on instructions, I thought the game was going to quit. Turning into other things with the wrong combination was unexpected but very nice. Great work! 

I like the title screen effect a lot. Really simple and done well! Not sure why but it wouldn't let me beat level 1 (all the watchers were grouped, but it didn't complete the level). It worked after I updated chrome. Might have just something like clearing the cache. The third level is it possible to get the watcher to go under the top left orange ball? I looks like such a small gap! Very nicely done, and the webcam for a background was really cool. 

Looks really good and easy to pick up! I like how the animations and aiming look so clean. The gun shoots from a little above it, not an issue but it's almost spot on! The choice to have no music on the last level helps make it have a more cinematic feel.  Great work!

I like how the movement and shooting feel. The alien/enemy looks cool. I see a mixamo zombie walk! The health is a good indication you're hitting them, add more to that! I think this would feel a lot better if there was a sound they made when you hit them or an effect. The ranged attack the alien has was a nice touch!

Love the art style! I wish the driving would let me use WASD for tank style controls, clicking works very well still. Nice attention to details!

Oh trust me that has been our biggest complaint too! We've already changed that right after the jam ended! Thanks for playing!

Those boost are brutal! One mistake and it's in that lava! Great job, excellent use of particle effects and trails! That lava leaves you trying to get up faster than you let the player move. Great sense of urgency!

Love that electricity particle effect! Plays really well and full of life. Great work!

The models look great! As others mentioned, controls are a bit hard to get used to but that's alright! I noticed you can walk up the rake and float around above the farmer and never get caught/ wait until time is up.  It seems the animations are also linked to WASD because you can move with the arrow keys without walking! I'm sure you'll change these after the jam. Really great work! 

Really well put together, great animation, music fits the chase theme. The color changing mechanic proves a mastery of negative space. Really awesome job! 

Love the art style! The dash ability feels really great. Switching between sides to solve puzzles is a  great idea! Opening the boxes is a good start, maybe you could make it so something is perusing you and not holding down the full meter makes you not gain as much  money/score.  Really great feel for a game, you guys have a lot to work with after the jam!

Love the animations and the multiple ways to attack!  You even spent the time to make death animations for the enemies! Great polish there!

Theme: Holes. Check... check... theres a LOT of holes. Lots of fun, VERY precise! And looks awesome! Great job!

That lighting is awesome! And combining that to also show their line of site!? Such a great combo. Awesome submission! Super fun and very technically impressive too!

At first I stumbled around trying to just call people to show up, but it was just me not letting them in. Perfect amount of time to let the player figure out what to do and to click everywhere. Very nice polish too! Looks great!

Great level design, visuals look good  (wish it was a little bigger to see things clearer!)  Excellent puzzle game! 

Graphics are awesome! Would love to see more. Great job, keep it up!

Totally unexpected movement! I really like the grid based system! Controls  took a bit to get used to, it seemed like it was set up for 2 players. Great use of the theme. 

Solid use of movement and camera work! Perspective is a bit hard to get used to. It took a while to figure out each black cube went somewhere different. Keep it up! 

Graphics are great! The visual for being hit is a very nice touch. At first I wasn't sure  I was actually hurting the zombies until they eventually died.  I thought there might be other weapons in the holes! Great job!

A game deserving of having rage in the title! I found throwing the hook to help move and to hit obstacles/ boxes to be really efficient. Controls take getting used to but they do work! A little hard to tell which way is forward at time, but the way you put the character together was really interesting all on it's own! Great job!