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Thanks! Yeah I noticed that too. And there is one or two other OP combos. Id love  to remake this concept with energy economy fine tuned.

omg so happy now. Heart sank for Hulk  and Banner.. Prom so awkward lol:) Wow. Thanks though for sending superman to save from wolverine, yikes!

Dope art. Omg I ate so many deer! I think:)

Really cool. Red black is nice, great for your content too.

Dig the vibes. Very clever, relaxing, and fun.

Dig the vibes. Very clever, relaxing, and fun.

Nice one!!!

Cool Game! I made up to 14 years.

This is super interesting and enjoyable and calming. Nice work. 

oh dang:( ...You were close! You just needed to hit the climb button after you jump. no worries! Cool to see on your show anyway:) Controls are in the game page description.

Sweet thanks!:) If you get to the highest point of each level it triggers level complete. 

To get back up jump up from under the sphinx and press climb. I originally put a helicopter at the left bottom where its just walking into black. It was intended to use the other wildcard failing to win but I didn't finish the helicopter in time. In retrospect I would add a collider wall at the bottom of that corridor so you cant walk left there. So yeah its just a pitfall basically, and you have to jump up to climb the sphinx to get out:)

Nice game! I lost immediately at the jump to three digits. If you were to add a cheat sheet with the multiplication tables to study that would be cool.

Nice! Winner! Cool music, art ,and rhythm. Fun.

OMG I love that walking fish:) Cool mechanic too. Fun!

Great idea! Awesome game! So fun. Had a heck of a time beating it! Kept me wanting to try again and figure out the best weapon combos, and movement patterns for bosses. Nice work.

Nice one! Was so happy when I went to ghost pirate mode:) Great opening scene too.

This is really fun. Love those fast snails! Great job.


Cool thanks for checking it out! All good ideas. Def will look into adding mouse zoom and pan movement, that would be nice. I could add to options menu to change speed preference, among other things.. I left out specifics of the energy gain, but menus say what the interaction is basically. I'd like to add a hover text with more details of energy amount gained. Def need to fix that small text. I'll probably add all the fixes to this one and then work on a new version. Getting lots of ideas for how to improve it and take the idea further. And spend more time on it too. Thanks!👍

:) Very enjoyable game! Great idea. liked the end page to mess around with too, super fun.

Thanks! Energy is small text next to the buttons It's on my list of things to fix cause it's just the tiny default text. I had planned to make a custom font for it but just did not get it going in time. It is in the same grid as buttons. So it moves when you get access to new buttons.

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Really nice work! Looks great, fun to play. Good combination of strategy and satisfying feels.

Fun! Love the sound and look. I found the key right away, haha. Would be cool to add more keys to collect(or other things)/randomize location of key.

Cool idea. Fun to try and figure out.

Bounce off canopy has a really smooth flow and combined well with super oregano jump. Jump felt stuck to me when in green oregano mode running down a slope.. . I love garlic!...and oregano. Sweet game!

Love your character art! Cool game.

Very slick, nice game! Interesting puzzle mechanics. Character, audio, and style is chill vibes. I like that.

Fun game once I figured out how to do the puzzle. But yes you maybe need a better hint at controls. Saw the shovel in the picture after and was like ohhhhh. But I actually did not hit space key forever. I am happy to be home now though:) Color logic was cool too once I got the hang of it.

Cool sonar sight mechanic! The goblins seem to be indestructible..and terrifying!

Thanks!:) Great suggestion! Yes there are a few similar scenarios. I made a couple less so but at the same time it seemed like a lot of fun to ramp something up like that.


Dig the pace and art and sounds. Nice one! Cant hit enemies, or takes many hits and I gave up to quick? 



Clever way to ignore theme! Cool art too, and funny.

Cool boosters art!

oops no prob!:)

Do you still need pixel art? I am better with the art side of things, but still very much a newb.