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Such cool work ! You managed to (once again) create something unique and intriguing. Congrats to the team :)

Great work on pretty much all aspects, it's impressive ! As a freshly graduated student, I'm impressed by everything you did. I'll be happy to check your next pieces of work :)

It gave me Feeding Frenzy vibes at first, and then the horror kicked in as my fish craved for MORE ! Fun idea and an overall fun game, congrats ! :)

On a juste fait un mini-scope du coup ça a beaucoup aidé ! Peut-être qu'on se verra à une prochaine jam ?

On a hâte de savoir ce que vous en pensez ! Notre équipe mêle quelques M1, M2 et anciens de l'ENJMIN 😄

Cool art style and interesting take on the theme ! At some point I killed every deer coming at me and it seemed like there were no other spawning, so I'm guessing I won ? Congrats for the work :D

Cool game with pretty graphics ! There was a lot of text and I wished there was a way (maybe I missed it?) to make fights go faster once I planned everything. Good job :D

Hey ! Cool de voir d'autres propositions d'étudiant·es pour la jam ! L'idée du swap tower defense/attack est cool et l'exécution est propre, bien joué ! :)

Hey ! Nice submission to the jam and cool artstyle ! However I was too bad to progress too much in the level, so I couldn't find out whether there's an ending other than getting caught. Congrats on the good job :D

It was a fun take, however it was a bit hard to follow up on the code deletion. Maybe I'm just lacking reflexes :p Good job !

A pretty cool take, the role reversal mechanic fits the theme pretty clearly and the puzzles become pretty challenging soon enough ! If I wanted to complain, I'd say it's not always easy to know for sure which lasers are glowing and which character we control currently. It would be nice to turn up the glow a little bit more. Other than that, good job :D

Hey ! Pretty cool work and there's quite a lot of content, especially since you took so little time to do it ! Congrats :)

It was an amusing take on the theme ! As a souls player it felt good to play as the boss, even though I still felt like I wasn't as powerful as bosses were in the Souls games (which is probably because it would be too easy then). Congrats ! :)

Nice idea and the graphics have a nostalgic feel to them ! I have to admit I was too bad at hiding at never reached level 2, so my experience wasn't the full thing :D

This is a really cool entry, I enjoyed it and it seems I haven't discovered all possibilities yet ! Congrats on the great work :)

Impressive work ! From the overall ambiance to the nice execution it was fun to play. It's all the more impressive that there were only two persons working on it, congrats :D

Honestly, it made for even more chaos and was fun ! I'd say it classifies in the fun bugs category, no shame to have :)

Hey ! Thanks for trying to play our game, we never experienced the problem before but then again, everyone in the team is using Windows. We plan on having executables for the post-jam version as well, we'll make sure to build for Linux as well ! 

Out of curiosity, which browser are you using ? 

Wow, thanks a lot ! We're super happy you like it and are honored your found it polished and finished :D

Thanks for playing and for your feedback ! :)

It's indeed things we are working on for the post-jam version, the orthographic camera makes it sometimes hard to perceive what's actually going to hit 

Thanks a lot for taking time to play our game ! Hopefully you can get back to it with a friend soon ? :D

Thanks for your nice comment, we're glad you enjoyed it ! I'll transmit the cheers to our visual and sound artists :)

Thanks for playing, we're happy you liked it ! :D

It's a fun game ! I loved how the pressure was built when suddenly it was my turn to vote first, with the spotlight and everything stopping and waiting for my input. (I went to jail, 10/10 would play again)

It's a really nice entry ! I have to admit I had quite a laugh when my possible actions went from starting a chicken rebellion to comitting arson and planting explosives ! :D

We're glad the both of you had a good time playing. Thanks a lot for the heartwarming comment :)

Hey, thanks so much for playing ! Glad you enjoyed it :)

This is a really nice entry and a wholesome game to play : every tiny element in the game feels well-thought and masterfully implemented. Congratulations ! :D

Thanks so much for playing, we're super happy you enjoyed ! It makes it all the more valuable considering your super cool entry :)

This was a really fun platformer, and an amusing take on the theme ! Great job ! Did you know players can repeatedly jump using the money bag as a platform ? :D

This was a fun take on the theme and an enjoyable game ! Thanks for the good entry ! :D

Nice and well-polished game ! The monsters were cute and we definitely want to save them all ! Good job ! :D

An interesting reverse snake idea ! Good job :D

The AI was surprisingly good at getting my best attempts out of the way ! Great job :)

I've had some trouble figuring out how to play, other than that it's a cool entry ! The lasso mechanics were nice :)

A nice take on a classic game, good job ! :)

I really wasn't expecting the second phase, this is a neat idea ! :)

It feels like it could have been one of those childhood memory game from ancient consoles, great work :D

The game presents an interesting mechanic, however I wasn't good enough at it to really advance and see everything for myself. 

Cool take on the theme and well-polished, gj !