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Thanks, I'll try it out :)

^ This game. It's still in development phase and I just want to see how many CGs are there in the beta build. After I drag & dropped the rpa file (the filesize is more than 1gb), the program works as intended but then stopped working midway through (the window simply disappearing, leaving no extracted/decrypted files). I don't think my antivirus blocked it or interfere the process since there's no error pop out or something like that.

Is this still being worked on or abandoned?

Looking good :) 

Hope you guys still working on it.

Most game jams that I know of do have some sort of time limit for creating games. There's a different set of rules for each jam, so you better pick one and read the rules first to get a better understanding of how a certain jam works.

Hope that helps :)

I think It's okay. No problem.

Some example:

^ All-ages version

^ Mature version

Hope that helps :)

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Compared to Game Jolt with its lack of information provided on each and every game pages, is still better. Plus, Itch has a better tags system. Itch has the option to make your library "private", Game Jolt doesn't have that. Itch is more lightweight than Game Jolt, making browsing hundreds of games easier, thus increasing discoverability. And even though it's free to upload your games on both platforms, I see more quality games here than on Game Jolt. Like, the good/bad ratio is: for every 3/4 games here, I find at least 1 good game; on Game Jolt, the ratio dropped to 1 good game for every 10 low-effort games.

Thanks for this :) You're awesome!

Regarding the download button, I can see and download it just fine. Try refreshing the page or  open it with different browsers or clear your cookies and cache. Hope this helps :)

Thanks for another neat game. You might want to add the tag "pixel art" for more exposure and discoverability.

Bumping. I think these guys are in need of immediate help.

Is there a plan to translate this game into English?

Thank you, I will report back to you when I find any confusing tag(s).

Besides the capability to exclude tag(s), I think should make a new classification for game's demos/trials. A bunch of those are tagged as "free" even though in reality only the demos are free. And this, obviously, could mislead gamers.

That being said, I'm impressed with's extensive tag system (even though some of those should be merged, like the "tentacle" and "tentacles" tags that I brought up in my thread here; the ability to make my playlist/library "private" and the wealth of information that I can find on each game's pages.

What's the difference between this version and the Steam version?

Nice one! Just like others before me, a sequel would be appreciated :)

Played a bit of your game, and wow! It's great!! Keep up the good job.

Great game!! Thanks for making this little gem, hope you will develop it further.

Btw, there's a bug when fighting the first boss, at the beginning I use the water gem and start hacking away, strangely, for the rest of the fight the boss just sitting duck there, not attacking, doing nothing lol. Also, strangely enough, when I starting out the gem costs 500g apiece, but after buying my second or third gem, the price suddenly drops to 100g apiece. 

Tried to use this extractor to unpack archive.rpa files, doesn't work sadly.

Beautiful, it's just beautiful *sobs*

Thank you for your reply. :)

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Are tags can only be created by developers? To my surprise there are two tentacle tags (one example:, both tags have 14 games, with a slight differences. Meanwhile, there's no tag for cooking games even though there are quite a bunch cooking games here when I use the search bar with keyword "cooking".

Also, is there a way to exclude a certain tag when I'm searching for games? 

Thank you in advance. :)

Regarding the fate of this game read

I love simple, short but lewd games like this :)

Thanks for the fun game :)

But, what's the use of room code?

Thanks for the heads up :)

Like the title said...