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Hmm, nice game.

One problem though, when I completed one of the ‘item drops’ achievement, a quick pop-up appeared, and I should’ve earned $50, but my dollar count doesn’t increase.

Thank you for the speedy reply, I have found it.

It’s a pretty nice game.

Hello, I bought this game as part of the Ukraine bundle. I noticed that unlike other RPGM games, the save folder is not located in the game folder itself. May I know where the save folder is located on my system/PC?

It’s really good! Both the combat and movement are fluid and easy to master. The atmosphere and music are perfectly complemented the gameplay too!

Pretty cool and relaxing game.

Heya, I bought the game through the Ukraine bundle, but when I try to open it, I encounter an error like the screenshot I posted above. My PC is 64-bit, any tips on how to fix that? Thanks

Lol, good one.

Thank you for the speedy reply. I’ll spread the word about your game.

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The Harvest Moon vibe really gives me the feels and nostalgia. Not to mention with the addition of animated H and hunting system, this is just perfect!

Edit: Umm, maybe I’m blind, but where can I obtain/buy farming tools like a watering can to water my crops?

Waiting for a sequel.

Just want to make sure but if I buy a game, I can still download it at later date even if the dev of said game deleted it in the future right? Like, I bought game ZZZ in this month, can I still download it in December if the dev decided to remove it in October? Also, what about those free games? If a user already included a free game into their library, what will happen to it if the dev decided to remove it from the platform?

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Tried using VPN, doesn’t work.

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When I tried out the latest demo build, I get this error -

I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code: Exception: DynamicImage u’nat[persistent.nakedmode]_introfull’: could not find image. (u’natnaked_introfull’)

Are there any differences between the itch version and the one on Steam?

May I know why did you guys deleted both Butterfly Witch of the Lost Mountain and Fault: Butterfly 3366444 from itch? Both are looking good from what I saw on VNDB, shame I can no longer download those two.

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Simple and yet fun to play till the end. May I know where the save file is located?

Edit: Strange, After I got the true ending in one sitting, the screen goes blank like the screenshot below v

Any idea how to fix this?


I’ll be blunt here, sorry for that, but a lot of people will simply “bounce off” your game page the moment they see the stock assets that you’re using. Yes, RPG maker has kind of bad rep among mainstream gamers. But then, there’s still an audience for that kind of game. You just have to capture their attention with your originality and creativity somehow. Good luck with your game. :)

No English version?

Waiting for more.

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Thanks, this game does look beautiful.

Also, just wanna to make sure - no boss has been implemented yet in the demo correct?

I know that this is just a prototype. Just wanna pointing out some things -

Really need to improve how the hero climb up/down the ladder, it’s easy to get stuck there.

When I pressed E, nothing happens.

That being said, good prototype overall. I like it.


Thanks for your usual recommendation thread, I appreciate it.

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Seems the dev forgot to post any announcement here regarding this game, so I’ll just post it here:

We’re sorry. Zodiac Axis is no longer under active development. After careful consideration, I’m regretfully ceasing active development on Zodiac Axis. I’m enacting an open refund policy for our Kickstarter backers and beta access supporters during this time. I will continue to develop the story in the background, but no longer can guarantee a specific release date.

From: The Official site

Thanks for re-releasing this nice little VN, and if I may bother your further, please reupload Binary Soul, a VN you guys created in Nanoreno 2015. The link on your blog is no longer active. Thanks and sorry for being a bother.

I think Leaf already said this several times but basically a PM system is prone to be abused by spammer and such. That's why he won't implement it anytime soon.

Thanks  :)

Pretty good, too bad there's no downloadable version tho :(

Is this still going or abandoned?

When will the English version available?

Old but gold man. Still digging that main menu music.

Any plan for English version?

Any updates?

I find it difficult to search older games here on Itch.

There's the "when" time tags selection on the left-side bar of the screen, but it's pretty much limited to a month-old games.

So, if I want to look for games from year 2016 for example, I have to click on the "Directory" at the bottom of the Itch page and then click on the year 2016. My question is: why not include the years selection into the "when" time tags selection on the left-side sidebar?

Is this still in development or abandoned?