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Seems the dev forgot to post any announcement here regarding this game, so I’ll just post it here:

We’re sorry. Zodiac Axis is no longer under active development. After careful consideration, I’m regretfully ceasing active development on Zodiac Axis. I’m enacting an open refund policy for our Kickstarter backers and beta access supporters during this time. I will continue to develop the story in the background, but no longer can guarantee a specific release date.

From: The Official site


T^T Really?? I was really looking forward to this game coming this year, but I guess the COVID-19 situation affects everything doesn't it? The art style and story line is a breath of fresh air from all the VNs I've played so far, and this game has a lot of potential to possibly be one of the best VN. I really hope this game gets released some day. It would be a real pity to throw away all the hard work the team has put in so far. Until then, stay safe everyone!


Thank you for posting this because I had been sitting and waiting to hear about whether this game was going to be coming out at all or not. It's a shame too because this game is so beautiful. :(