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The demo is beautiful! I fell in love with the characters and I can't wait for the full game! If you haven't already do check out their previous game Beginnings and Always it is an equally amazing game as well!

no you can load directly from the most recent save file and continue to episode 5(but if you didn't save then ya you have to start all over again)

Yay! Can't wait for the English version soon! This game looks really cool so I really want to try it :D

I really loved this!  Nowadays there's really not much horror side scroller games so I'm really grateful for this. One thing to note though, I couldn't really get to the potion scene. After failing on first try, I was just stuck with no cutscenes when I restarted since I already have the wolf's hair. Not sure if this is a bug or just me but if it's a bug hopefully u can fix it!

lol xD

Whoa! The atmosphere in this game is actually quite scary.  Especially during the chase scene. Love this game! Keep up the good work!

very interesting :D

agreed x

Cool game! I encountered some minor bugs in the game such as getting stuck  in the bible so it will be really cool if you could fix those! Other than that, I really enjoyed this short horror game. Look forward to more from you!

Cool demo! Took me a while to get the hang of the game. I look forward to the full game! 

This is incredible! I love the atmosphere, voice acting, storyline and most importantly the moral told here!  I also love how the certain parts of the story is left to the readers for their own interpretation.  It fits with the theme well. I look forward to playing more games from you!

Wow, just wow! I absolutely love this game! I love how players are given the option to choose MC's personality and how there are so many death ends should you choose the wrong options. It really teaches you to choose your words wisely, especially in dangerous situations. I also love the LIs, especially Vadeyn! He's my favourite <3 Definitely give this game a go if you are into dark fantasy romance genre~

I feel bad for you! You missed the BlackLivesMatter bundle which was only $10 and has a variety of  visual novels including this one! I guess you just have to wait for the next sale  or bundle!

I like the anime-style kind of concept in this game! The art style is kinda cute and cool too! I also love how you could just continue your progress no matter how many times you get caught by the enemy xD  One thing I would like to point out is that please fix the control as the walking control gets inverted halfway through the game and it is kind of hard to play. Otherwise, can't wait for episode 2!

Just finished playing this game after buying it a few weeks ago and man I LOVE this story and its characters ^^ I'm glad I supported the developers becuz you guys deserved it! Will play the mini stories soon! In the meantime take good care guys~ 

T^T Really?? I was really looking forward to this game coming this year, but I guess the COVID-19 situation affects everything doesn't it? The art style and story line is a breath of fresh air from all the VNs I've played so far, and this game has a lot of potential to possibly be one of the best VN. I really hope this game gets released some day. It would be a real pity to throw away all the hard work the team has put in so far. Until then, stay safe everyone!


I actually learned a few things about funerals  and burials from this wonderful game. Just want to thank those who made this game possible! You've allowed me to view death from a different perspective ^^

I just want to say, HOLY CRAP! This game is astonishing in terms of the storyline, characters, art design and graphics. Not to mention that it is a FREE game! You have truly outdone yourself with this game, developer! ^^ Additionally, all the love interest routes are entirely different so readers dont have to worry about getting bored reading the same lines again, thus making it easier to replay the game in order to get different endings. Hope to play more games like this from the developer in the future, even if it is paid!

I love this game! Although there is only one ending, they utilized the more than one solution to a puzzle thing very well. The horror atmosphere is great too! Too bad it's very short, would love to see more future games from the developers! OWO 


Definitely one of the best free visual novel I've played so far! The art is AMAZING and the story itself is captivating as well. I've come to love all the characters as they are all so interesting and play a major role in the plot line (including the side characters which is really rare in VNs) I'm surprised this game is free given its amazing quality. Definitely 10/10 for me! ^^

Agreed ^^

GREAT GAME SO FAR!  I really love the storyline and the characters! The horror elements in this game are not that scary too (suitable for those that are easily scared like me :P)  so I recommend those that love RPG games to give this a go~

I think that is for the beta access to the game plus access to their original music album etc. you can go to their website and check ^^

THIS GAME IS AMAZING XD If you still deciding whether or not to play it just play it! The story is amazing and its one of my favourite visual novels

You can download this game from gamejolt its free there as well!