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Epic Battle Fantasy 3

A silly turn-based JRPG that will keep you busy for 10 hours - and it's 100% free! · By Matt "Kupo" Roszak

This game is old.

A topic by Matt "Kupo" Roszak created Feb 05, 2020 Views: 967 Replies: 4
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Very old indeed.

If it was a kid, it would be about old enough to be learning long division right now.


Old but gold man. Still digging that main menu music.

Out of many of the, ahem, Newgrounds to "Today" people, I feel you done a fair trade out of a lot of them.
Many games that are currently on cell phones that are not Gatcha auto battle RPG games, were just silly little flash experiences.
You turned your epic battle into a boss rush mode then into a full RPG adventure [and shoot em up] So ya, bottom line, has a lot of content, funny lines, and overall enjoyable.
So thanks. For not makeing this into a Gatcha for ability level up chip and tier token kind of game.

Old but gold!  Kupo!  :)