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Sorry about that - I don't have a Mac to test on, so I probably won't be able to fix it.
It's possible that a newer version of Flashplayer might help. I don't know anything about Macs so I can't think of much else to try at the moment. Cat Cafe is the only game in the collection that renders graphics with the GPU though, so it will be in some way related to that.


Yeah, I'm not sure what causes that. I'll have to ask the Ruffle team - it's still a work in progress!

Huh, that's weird. What operating system are you using?

Hey, you should upload Economical 2 to!

Either way, I'm looking forward to playing this, as I really enjoyed the first game.

Ah, yes, temporary Flash files are being blocked for some reason.
It's possible that you have that allowed, but only up to a certain size - worth checking in that Flashplayer options menu if you can increase the file space allowed.
It's also possible that some other application is interfering, maybe an antivirus, Windows settings, or PC-cleaning utility is blocking all Flash files, in which case it may be tricky to figure out what exactly the problem is. Sorry about that.

That's weird - can you double check that .meow files are being created in the installation folder when you save?
Did you get any warning messages about saves when you started the game?

I plan to eventually update the game to allow it to run on Mac and Linux, but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Have you tried different resolution options?
I can't think of anything other than that to try.

That's something I plan on doing - I'd like to package EBF4 the same way I did EBF5, where you can just take out the .swf file.
BUT it's not going to happen any time soon, I've got a few other projects I want to finish before that.

Yeah, sounds like something is stopping the game from making Flash cookies. It could be an antivirus, system settings, CCleaner, maybe something else? Is the folder unzipped and all that?

Please add my game Epic Battle Fantasy 4 to the bundle, if it's not too late.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 community · Created a new topic 'sup?

First post.

Very old indeed.

Bullet Heaven 2 community · Created a new topic First Post

What's up?

Hi, this is the developer!
I'm just testing out this community feature - I hope you like my game!