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Epic Battle Fantasy 5

A turn-based JRPG, full of silly dialogue, anime fanservice, strategic combat, and monster catching! · By Matt "Kupo" Roszak

Hello World

A topic by Matt "Kupo" Roszak created Feb 05, 2020 Views: 771 Replies: 1
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Hi, this is the developer!
I'm just testing out this community feature - I hope you like my game!

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Matt I love your games!
I grabbed the older ones off of your personal website (that you have hosted) and greatly enjoyed EBF 3 (though mostly played it offline on my laptop).  Do consider a 'bundle pack' of all your games all together for like $25 or something because collectors love that stuff!  I know some of the older games are a bit of a pain to turn into self-contained EXE files but it can be done (I've actually done that already for my own personal use; it just embeds the flash file within a small SWF player).

Just stick a note that the games older than EBF3 aren't fully supported and let that be it.  I hope that my Steam forum suggestion about native controller support for your games may become a reality sometime :)

EDIT:  If it is possible to buy the game DRM-free here on itch and also get a Steam key with purchase that would be amazing!  I have many friends who want to play via Steam (for achievements mainly) and I want to be able to also play it on Steam while having this version as well.