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Interesting, I’m surprised I didn’t do that originally. I’ve posted a fixed version.

Like I said, i built in a delay between rounds that should wait out the time it takes for the sliding window to catch up.

That said, I checked the HTML5 source and it apparently takes two seconds for the fps value to refresh and I only accounted for one, so I edited it again.

That would be a way to deal with the problem from the opposite end, but if this solution works I’ll leave it alone.

Updated it so that rerunning or cancelling the benchmark doesn’t break or mess up the results.

I’m not sure if this is the problem but GameMaker averages the number over the last second or two so, so if the simpler tests are too fast it’ll churn through it before the figure has time to correct itself after the lag of spawning all of the geometry. I added a five-second delay before the start of the first test which will hopefully be enough to get past that.

Maybe that’s a sign that it’s time for me to clean up the Settings menu, I think that one was added for a really old version before I added code to load materials separately…

Should be able to. Do you have “show vertex colors” in Viewer Settings turned off, by any chance?

So I tested a bunch of different models and couldn’t replicate the issue. You’re using a relatively recent version of the program (last updated about a month ago) and the material files are named correctly, right?

I’ll look at it in a little bit, I have a feeling I know why it would have lost the texture images but just in case which model(s) specifically was it?

Variables accessed with the dot operator have their hashes evaluated at compile time, but those accessed with the struct accessor have to have them evaluated at runtime

These are really nice. Are you planning on making any more?

yeah i use that for pretty much everything lol

I’ve been asking them for ages to have it allocate memory in chunks the same way ds_list_add does, but it hasn’t happened yet

Very in-depth, thanks.

  1. There isn’t a water limit anywhere, although it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one. Is there text in the game anywhere that said there is?

  2. Not a bad idea, I’ll look at adding that for the next one

  3. Lol, whoops

  4. I thought about allowing people to click on a calendar date and “skip to this day,” but I don’t want people to accidentally skip too far ahead and cause plant values to drop farther than they wanted - but if enough people bring it up I’ll see about ways to speed it up. I might reduce the amount of time you have to wait for plants to grow, at least for the early-game ones.

  5. I’ve seen a few people complain about this, it’s never happened to me but I’ll see if I can find out where it’s coming from.

  6. I can’t get that to happen - but I think I know why it might be, so I’ll try to throw in a simple fix for that next time

  7. Yeah I’ll implement that eventually, I wanted to have the entire save/load system and all of that stuff in place for demo day but there wasn’t enough time

Feels like it could be a mechanic in a larger game, but right now there isn’t much to it. In the beginning of the game you can just activate and deactivate the shield as needed, but by Level 3 or 4 it becomes more worth it to just keep the shield up at all times, because the meter doesn’t deplete very fast and there’s so little time in between meteors.

Very polished! I like the humor, the mom character reminds me of Morticia Addams. The pixel art character animations in the pizzeria are very cute.

I can’t think of anything that I’d say should be improved gameplay-wise, unfortunately I didn’t get to play very much of it because I’m bad at this kind of game.

Monsters are very cute!

The control system is a little odd, I’m not sure what the logic of using arrow keys for movement, D for jump, A and S for skills, and 3 for bombs is.

Controls don’t feel very responsible, as if there’s a sizeable delay when you hit an input and when something happens - I’m not sure if this is just an animation thing, or if this is intentional.

I like the basic idea, the game doesn’t explain itself too well though. I was able to figure out what I had to do after messing around for a few minutes, but a tutorial or hint system would be appreciated for strategy-heavy games such as this.

I also seemed to get stuck in the menu that you get clicking on the icon in the bottom-left of the screen, there doesn’t seem to be a way to exit it.

Feels like a good start!

Game crashed when clicking on the Environment setting (though I can’t reproduce it, not sure what happened):

Unable to find any instance for object index ‘19’ name ‘o_map’ at gml_Object_o_GUI_Step_0 ############################################################################################ gml_Object_o_GUI_Step_0 (line -1)

Much juice.

Going to second the comments about it being a little unclear what you have to do, especially with all of the hundreds of bullets flying everything a little while into the game. A little bit of juice and rainbow and everything is good for giving the game character, but I think it’s a little distracting in this case.

I’ve never seen it bug out like that before, would you be able to record a video of it or something like that?

Anyway, thanks! The UI is definitely still a work in progress, though. Still deciding what the best way to organize a lot of the information is.

Okay, it seems that it did get submitted after all. I must have refreshed the page without realizing it was already in or something. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That’s awkward.

Not sure if you can use your administrative god powers to correct that or not; I meant to submit this instead of one of my old dev tools:

doom but with snowmen

Now there’s an idea for the next 3D jam…


high score: 311

i like the octopod

I did, yeah - though if it makes it any easier, I also made this little program to make cutting sprite strips into individual images faster:

thanks! Wasn’t trying to do anything new or different or anything, at least not this time around, this was a game dev project for YouTube so I’m glad to hear you think it reads well.

There is an available upgrade where killing a foe immediately after dying will revive you, but if it happened after the dialog showed up there’s probably something wrong with it, I’ll have to investigate it later.

The colors are indexed by counting all of the (unique) colors in the image and putting them in order. This can’t be done in a shader and has to be done ahead of time, but mapping the color onto the index can be done in O(1). Jon’s works by searching the palette for a matching color (or an almost-matching color), which is much slower but is usually good enough.

Getting the palette of a sprite at runtime isn’t something Lorikeet does (nor do I have any interest in doing so), though if you really want to do that there’s this one that Jon made. The color index is stored in the grayscale value. Look into how old video game consoles stored sprite color before the days of RGBA.

If you want to apply an additional effect after the palette lookup, modify the final gl_FragColor value.

“Why are all of the handwriting fonts so clean?” was literally the question that led me to this, lol. Nice.

Do you have a preferred way of being credited? If not I’ll just include a link to this Itch page.

lol, that would do it

Somewhat curious in how you calculated the odds of the crash…

I haven’t been able to replicate the issue (and the line of code in question *should* contain a safeguard against problems like this happening). Can you find an exact way to reproduce it?

For what it’s worth, an official particle editor has been announced by GameMaker on the roadmap, and when that comes out in a few months I’ll probably be retiring this one.

Have fun with it!

The type at the bottom is something that’s in the development version that I don’t include in the “official” version (yet), it’s related to this. It doesn’t have an effect on how files are loaded.

I think I’ve fixed it, if you go into Preferences and make sure Combine OBJ Vertex Colors and Combine OBJ Submeshes are turned off that’ll prevent the program from overwriting the vertex color with the material color when you import files. I’ve also uploaded an updated version where vertex colors are blended with material colors instead of overwritten by them. Hopefully that’s the end of the problems.

Fixed the viewer settings bug. On that note, do you have “view vertex colors” turned on in the settings? Turning them off will obviously not show the vertex colors.

Works for me. Download it again to make sure you got the current version.

Can you send me the file? The ones I’ve tried work.

Okay, let’s see.

If you open the obj in notepad, does it show six values after every “v” line instead of three? Also, you tried it with the beta version of Penguin instead of the old one, right?