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i put 3 items in the recycle bin!

it was fun throwing papers, even if that's all there was to it :P


Much more than me :D

Cards are fun!
I didn't totally get how the combine works, or why suddenly I can only draw one card each round, but it was fun, thanks.

Very cute, it is a bit tiering that I should carry them to each other and around the map, but I enjoyed the concept! Smart use of familiar mechanics.

Fun game, nice work on the tight levels.

My computer insist that the .exe contains a virus and won't open it :(

Nothing missed, it is a simple mechanic.

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, not sure how it happened, not sure what solved it, the wonders of Unity WebGL :D

Very cute, I enjoyed it, thank you.
Simple mechanic, clear visualization, feels deeps and make me think.

Thank you for playing the game and thanks for your input.

The idea was to create a child-like environment, a toy ship collecting toys. The round things should create the feel of a children's ball pool and the background should illustrate a child's room. This idea might not have passed as clearly as we hoped, but we do like the bizarre world that was created.

Fun game, I checked out some of your other platformers, nice to see where you are going with this, good luck!


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, this game was kind of a joke for a game jam. 

There are three enemies, you jump on top of them, each time you cause them damage depends on your dice roll, they give you damage the same way, until either you die, or all of them do.

I'm honored :)


Fun, I enjoyed it :)

nice variation between classes, interesting choices.

I only beat the game with the druid, but open all of the classes.

Cute game.

I can't go past level 9, even that I think I understand what to do :/

Thank you, and thanks for playing :)

Thanks :)
We were two, my friend helped with the idea and did all the writing. Also, the opening menu is from previous jams.

fun game, in the style of and osmos

awesome presentation

This is quite addictive (at least the first level, couldn't master the other) and the art is so good and right that I'm sorry I can't really see the movement happening. also, the narrator is brilliant.

I don't know the source material but it seems pretty straightforward.

Unity build for chrome users, as well as pkg files and executables can be found in the game page

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Thanks :)

We had little free time for this project, but you are right, that would have been cooler!