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Extremely late reply sorry! But for anyone still wondering (solution below): 

Click format -> margins -> wide, and 

Format -> font size -> 30 

This is meant to show artificially getting it to one page last minute by changing the formatting (and not the content)!

Also add in the student ID in the input box as given in the sticky note.

Hope that's clear for anyone who gets stuck! I know it is not immediately clear that the buttons are clickable.

Thanks for playing! 

Aww thanks for playing & good job finding all the frogs! So happy you enjoyed it :D 

Thanks for your feedback! We'll definitely take that into account! 

Thanks so much!

Thank you!! 

Ohh which one? 

Unique concept and nice implementation of the theme!! Really like the clean geometric design as well. Nice job! 

Fun game! I liked the mechanics and enemies. The detail with the enemies changing colour was a nice touch. Well done overall :D 

Addicting gameplay and cool take on a classic. This is super polished, well done! 

Cool idea and fun game! The visuals are clean and cute & the music is nice too :D

Yess, love that visual detail!

The graphics are gorgeous and I like how one side becomes coloured when you're on it - fits the theme well. It was epic hearing the music change as well when the giant asteroid came in :D 

This is a really fun game, I had a blast playing! Absolutely love the concept of this and really fits the theme + geometricness. Awesome work :D 

Thank you! Yes we definitely ran out of time for some polish, hoping to add more later ^^

Fun game and I like the geometric design. The music was epic and I really enjoyed the funny audio clips! 

I like the interpretation of the theme picking between Romans/Barbarians, but as others have mentioned more differences between the two sides would've been awesome. You said you would address this so looking forward to updates!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :D

Nice puzzle game! Loved the design of this with the lighting and atmosphere. Hope to see more levels in the future! 

yess of course! XD

Thanks jen xd 


Thank you!

Liked the design & geometricness of this and the different weapons were a lot of fun. Cool interpretation of the theme!

Thanks so much!! (Yep some sleep was definitely sacrificed xd) 

Fun game and well done on making a 3d game in such a short amount of time! And the cut scene at the beginning as well was so cool - makes it very polished :D

Thanks so much for playing and for the video!! It was very enjoyable to listen to your commentary, really glad you enjoyed it :D 

Sorry about the bug with the fishing game!! I'll have to check why that happened xD 

Sure, your game is great!!

Thanks so much! (yep, some sleep was definitely sacrificed in order to finish all the mechanics xD)

He's just happy to be making friends :D

He's my fav as well XD (although weird looking frog a close second) 

Good work even if it's a prototype! Hope you keep developing this & other games :D 

Very creative and original concept. Trying to figure out what to do was a nice challenge!

Graphics were great and the music is awesome! Always love a rhythm game, enjoyed it, well done!

Game is very polished - graphics & sound are nice as well!

Haha thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed playing :D 

Thanks so much!!

Thanks so much!

Thank you! :D 

Thank you! (To be fair the vent frog does excel in being sneaky :D)

The art is gorgeous! I love that you implemented different endings. Always love a well written story.

Very cool aesthetic and the music is awesome! Cool concept, I had fun :D