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Liebe die Dialoge, zieht mich regelrecht in den BA(H)NN

Thank you for the good feedback!

absolutely! I always try to do that. But some people can take feedback better than others I guess. Anyway, it was a fun jam. Thank you for hosting it :)

thanks for your insights. Yeah, who knows what caused it. I just feel like it kinda ruins the spirit of game jams when you're not really honest and only say good thing or only say bad things about something. I mean I want people to improve after all.

But if someone voted almost all projects badly then maybe our positions is deserved after all. Although 15%+ 1* votings seems quite suspicious.

Still, I was happy that we were able to participate in the first place..:) 

It's weird, I never gave another project less than 3 stars in any category. We spent a lot of time on our game in those 2 weeks, the ratings feel a little odd. :( 20% of our ratings were 1 star, 13% 2 star.  

When I commented on games, I usually gave them lots of feedback and criticism instead of just being positive. Do y'all think that was a mistake? I really want to see game jams as a place of improving and feedback, yet if giving feedback risks people hating on our game then I'd rather not give criticism and suggestions at all... 

I don't know, maybe our game did deserve 1 star ratings. Guess we'll have to improve. 

I still want to thank everyone for playing it! :) It's been fun anyway.

Can't say a whole lot about it; short and fun! Wasn't boring, engaging puzzles. polished art as well. Very pretty ending screen :)

Good job!

The voice acting was a bit... odd. haha. The idea is fun and the cabin itself is pretty cozy, only problem is that kidnapping isn't exactly cozy (to me at least). But I'm glad you sticket to the "one room" thematic! Like the comments mentioned the controlling with the laser pointer was not as easy as it could be (by raycasting directly from the camera).

Love the aesthetics. Also FINALLY a game with good voice acting! :D

I couldn't help but a feel a little uneasy... have trust issues with this game, especially when the black bars came up. I can't place exactly why because the game has a very cozy atmosphere and music. Maybe it needs some more wind VFX to make it less uneasy idk.

Interesting game! Also very cute ghost 

This was fun! The character design of the scarecrow is awesome haha, love it dearly. Wish there would've been more unique upgrades.

The highscores aren't real people, right? Seems quite high to me lol.

There was a bit little variety to make it interesting (the timer was really short but that didn't make it really challenging because you just have to hold down one button for a long period of time when running towards something). I did however really appreciate the clean pixel art :)

The best thing about this is the character design, very cool.
I would've liked it if there was more feedback for example when trees/bushes were converted, for example sound effects, just for fun. And the jump animation needs some work (I didn't even notice that it had a jumping animation for quite a while).
Solid entry to the jam and I think it hit the theme really well :)

I couldn't really connect with the story or characters a lot so after a few pages I just scanned through it, but in terms of quality this was great. Very well-written and I really appreciated the color choices and little extra effects. I'm sincerely impressed by this :))

Artistically, this game is awesome. I love the shaders. And the theme is also really fitting, both the "one room" theme and color palette! Kudos!

Some things I noticed that could be improved
- the web version doesn't work well with it, when you esc the mouse usally doesn't get back into the game and it'll stop at the borders 

- sometimes there were missing keybounds on the UI (for example it took me a while to find out Enter was the button to start a game)

- would be cool to have some sort of overarching goal. Like if you finish a game something happens, it stops raining or sum. Just having a "win"-condition so that you can end the game without feeling like you have missed something ':D (I hope I didn't, I looked around everywhere for a few minutes)

It's a great submission for this game jam and I think hope you'll place well :)

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you! I want to take my time with the games when I play them. Yours is on top of the list and I will definitely play it before the voting ends :) 

Hey guys!

our project is still missing some votes, we would really like to get at least 10 votes (at the moment we're at 7 votes).

Also, I'm always happy about constructive criticism, as I'm planning to further develop and improve the game down the line.

Of course: yes, I would like to play and vote your games, too! Just drop me a link :))

Here is our project! 🍂

awesome, thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

I'll definitely have to make the buttons work again. I usually use Alt + F4 to exit many games, which is why I didn't pay much attention to that. That's why I'm happy about the feedback, because I would've probably forgot about it in my priorities otherwise! :))

I have tried that, but it only moved with the wind and then nothing happened. Tried it for like 5 minutes. Maybe I missed something but I'm pretty sure I mashed all the buttons I had and none of them did something lol. 

This was quite a mixed bag. I admire how you all worked together. That's not something casual and requires good planning and communication, so well done!
I like coffee shop simulators and they're a good fit for a cozy autumn. The environment is pretty decent as well. 

What I think doesn't fit so well are the among-us-like characters. I know humans are hard to model. But animals can be easier! For example, walking cats. But it's okay, for a game jam capsules are sufficient. 

Then... the gameplay. I feel like it's not very inspired, it feels a lot like a Roblox game (without the microtransactions). Which isn't bad per se, but more creativity and thinking outside the box is always great. You don't have to reinvent the wheel and create an entirely new genre, you can begin by adding small tweaks to the gameplay that differentiate it from other games (maybe something fall related).

And the balance needs to be a bit better. When you don't have a waiter you will miss lots of customers no matter how fast you are. But when you have one then it's pretty easy. 

But, I admit, many of these things are maybe not something for a game jam. I don't know how little time you had, as you said, maybe it really wasn't a lot. The friend that I worked on my project with often told me that I had too high expectations for a game in a game jam, even our own project, so don't think that I'm being rude haha, I'm trying to give feedback so y'all can improve! :)

Keep at it! I think you can definitely make this game better and more fun by working on it further after the jam :) 

BigD is... your name? Aight. why not I guess xD

Unity can be a hassle but you get used to it over time! Keep at it. I remember starting out with it and being super frustrated. Then I had a break for 1-2 years and when I came back and was used to the interface and stuff I was learning a lot quicker. No need to take a break that long, what I'm saying is that it's easy to get a bit lost in the beginning and naturally improve over time :))

Hah, knew it! I really noticed the inspiration of Dorfromantik. The appeal of Dorfromantik is that it's a very visual experience, you can see everything move and grow. Meanwhile in a not-so visual game like this I think it's better to focus on strategy. It's not very entertaining to look at blank cards, so it'd be good to have something for the brain to do.

Cheers! And good luck your future endeavors 

I'm really impressed by this. You should market it more!

For a second I thought "what tutorial?! Did they play a future version of my game that includes a tutorial??" But then I remembered that there was the How to play screen... and yeah! Put all my brains and skill into that screen. I know, it's a masterpiece on it's own.

I think for Forza Horizon we definitely have the looks - but since we are limited to autumn we can't have any other seasons! Dangit! :( :D
But hey, if Playground ever wants to integrate Kite sliders into their game, they should @ us haha

You're very welcome! :] I think you guys definitely have the potential for making some cool games ^-^

I really love the art style. Just the gameplay is a bit odd. The character should at least be able to run. Also, the controls should be snappier and the camera should be far out enough so that you can always see all the pumpkins. I enjoyed the game for it's artstyle, feel like you have lots of talent for games on that note!

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Unlike DS, I really found the walking speed to be just right for a "cozy autumn" game. The problem was that for the fact that you'd have to start from the very beginning each time you finished a section with a cloud you'd have restart from the very beginning. And then the game isn't even laid out in a way that you can speed-run it when you know the way, because when you start you always have to wait for the cloud to go to the end and then back, no matter what. So, if you want to keep the slow speed (which I think you should), then at least put in some checkpoints or something to not make it as frustrating that you have to restart again.
Besides that, I liked the idea of having a small comic in the beginning. Maybe it had a bit too little going on in terms of storyboarding, making it a bit bland. Instead of just showing that she want's to go home, maybe emphasize a little more on the "danger" that lies ahead, the bad weather, and the frustration in her that comes with it, just so that we can empathize a bit more with the character.
I know it seems like I critizise a lot but that's the best way to learn! :D I think it's really nice work overall with some good ideas!

I'm on the case! :D

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My game also has some bugs with the counting of lives lol, still haven't figured out what causes it exactly, also ran out of time. It happens!
But since the main goal of your game is literally to collect ingredients for a recipe, and then that doesn't work, it's really frustrating xD

For your very first learning-unity game this was awesome! I really liked the piano soundtrack as well.  Is the name of the piano track "BigD"? Lovely. Couldn't have named the composition better myself.

Some flaws I noticed were that the moles had some weird hitboxes (only in the middle), that the score didn't reset after switching instruments and that you simply used unity standard buttons for the falling notes... which as someone who has worked with unity for quite some years and saw these buttons for all these years and now associates various bugs and errors with them... please don't

I've been wanting to improve my note reading for quite a while and this was quite a "just do it already" kinda moment for me haha. I have had some troubles with the controls. Would've been nice to see on the screen which piano keys are assigned to which on the keyboard. Also, a QWERTZ-keyboard support (German keyboard layout) would be nice, because like this I'd always had to press Y which is switched with the English Z in positions.

I adore people who understand and enjoy card-style games, can't get behind it myself often times. But always enjoy trying them out just to see. I can definitely notice that you put a lot of work into it. I also like the detail of the cloud shader.
I was a bit confused as to what the goal of the game is. A high score, yes, but there's no real "enemy" (other than the bird which didn't really appear for me in 5 minutes of playing). Maybe there is a deeper point to the game, but as a non-card game player I have a hard time finding out what :D Nevertheless I like the style and feel like with more time you could probably make some really decent games!

This is a really cool concept! Too bad I dont have any friends to play analog co-op games with haha

The art is pretty neat. I did have problems, like many others, with the potion itself... had the correct mushrooms and then after having collected them all for minutes you want to put them in and then boom, failed. Tried again and still didnt work >w<' Other than that, I liked the concept of collecting ingredients in the woods, which is very cozy indeed 

I found this to be quite enjoyable, actually. In the first minute I had the impression that it was just like any other pixel jump and run, but it definitely picked up innovation in gameplay as time went on, especially the wind mechanics were a nice twist (my game actually has a wind related mechanic as well :D) :)

I love the SFX of the game. Controls took some getting used to but it was manageable, would definitely update that tho. Also I had struggles in the beginning where I should make the coffee. Other than that, great use of the theme :)

Thank you so much! I actually thought of adding SFX to the wind change as well but forgot about it later on when working on the SFX, dangit lol! When we're allowed to update the games after the jam, I'll definitely work on that, also add some animations to the wind changes :))

This was really funny. I think you made good use of the theme "one room" as well, I do however think kidnapping is nothing exclusive to autumn season, nor is it very cozy to be kidnapped (at least imo lol). Still, funny experience, liked it

The main character has an awesome design. Love it heaps. 
But it also made me have super high expectations for the game which weren't fully met, but no problem, still one of my absolute favorites of the games I played so far!

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Really love the design and fun soundtrack! I couldn't really control the drone tho, maybe a bug?

This was decent! Although I feel like you could've done better if you finished only on one thing, instead of many mini games, because in a game jam you usually only have time to polish one mechanic rather than lots. I really liked the surprise in the end with what happened with the painting (dont wanna spoil it) :)) Maybe you could've focussed more on that!

I really liked the idea of this! Also the background music.

If I had to make a suggestion - I feel like it's hard enough to remember the different notes. Would be more comfortable if basic tasks like Talk To, Pick Up Item etc. would just show up when you're near them so you wouldn't have to look them up as often

Please, be our guest! 

Obviously it's not perfect and has some flaws, I'd definitely want to improve it with updates once the jam is over. But for now I'm still rather happy with what we created :)