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ofc! thank you!

Correct, 1-4 is nominal. 

yup! your hunch is right, when it sys 2in6 chance, you should roll a "2" or "1" on a six sided die for the effect to activate !

Ah thank you kindly!

Dark wizard powers corrupted my brain and in a fugue state i wrote these rules. since then ive been punching concrete and chewing nails to correct my ways. please find it in your heart to forgive me

Thank you kindly! I have one piece of advice: renounce the dark arts and lift my friend.

Good point! The distance is more for firing range, but I can see how movement range would be helpful.  Usually in play, when someone wants to move closer I will have them just spend their turn getting as close as they want. Its a bit more free form, so I hope this makes sense! There is also nothing wrong with setting a foot limit for players "i.e. you can run 50 ft during your turn." 

Hi there, thank you for your comment. 

The -4 is deducted from the total result of the d20 you roll when firing your weapon.

I will further link you to the original rules of Violence, which are used for this adventure, and you may find helpful. 

I am glad to be apart of your foray into RPGs! I hope you have fun reading and playing :)


I will whip Eric into shape!

fuck wizards

you're too kind big man 🙏 

That’s amazing! So encouraging to hear you both had fun :) thanks for playing!

Hi! Thanks for playing the game, I will try to clarify some things as best I can :)

1. Hmm, this would seem correct! As you can use any number of Treasures for an encounter, you can get some pretty wacky bonuses that can make you rather powerful.

2. Ah! This was a poor edit on my part, on page 3 it lists a "Trader" as an encounter, the "Merchant" was meant to be worded the same but this was an oversight. To clarify, treat the Merchant in room 5 as you would a Trader.

3. That would be correct, if the Target Result is lower then Treasures that work as "minus number" would be more useful than "plus number". It was my intention that Treasures could be mixed and matched to offer various +/- to help get to the TR. 

I hope that clarifies some things, and thank you for the notes. This is a game I would like to return to, and  clearly it needs an update! Thank you again for playing,!

Thank you!

you’re welcome and thank you!

hi there! yes unfortunately in its current format it's not the best to print at home. my apologies on that, it's something I will need to do going forward, thank you for reading!

Hi! That’s very kind of you, I hope it fits well within your game! I’m not very online atm, i do plan on returning to twitter before the end of the month tho :) thanks for reading 

Wow this is very cool and so well put together, a great comprehensive review of everything inside. Thanks!! It's funny, looking at it now there are many things I would revise and this vid was a good help in understanding what I should do different in the sequel!

awesome!! also you’re totally right, i will add a white background version and throw it up soon! 

can do!

hey thanks! i appreciate the comment. i guess the main influences when writing this were some paintings by Zdzisław Beksiński as well as this particular album of dungeon synth (idk why, i guess its just what i was listening to when making it)

thanks! i might make more Rungs for fun in the near future!!

(1 edit)

weird! i def did something wrong, will rectify it soon!

(1 edit)

oh damn, so for the single page version its meant to be folded and cut into an 8 page mini booklet, but maybe i messed up a part and the pages dont align up, will look into it!!

it was made for the pocket places jam, here is the jam page:

Thank you friend!


I'd like 1 stock photo please and thank you

Ah ok, I tried emailing  once before but will give it another shot. Thank you!

I initiated a payout 5 days ago and it still says it's under review. I try to email support but clicking the contact support button doesn't take me anywhere.
So what's the deal?

So like many people I have been furloughed from my work for the past year in the US and have been on unemployment benefits. Every two weeks I certify my unemployment forms for benefits confirming that I did not work. Well about several months ago I started making games for fun and releasing them here as Pay What You Want and made a hundred or so dollars. 
My question is do I need to list that as having done work on my certification for benefits? I make a little money on here but I don't consider it a side hustle or anything.
Anyone else in a similar situation?


duly noted! thank you!

I tried to buy a game and kept getting a message that my payment couldn't be processed. The error message I got was P-5906848 I think. It shows on my bank statement that I have multiple pending transactions for each time I tried to buy the game. I'm hoping that all these pending transactions don't hit at once. I did just recently set up stuff to start selling things and connected to my Paypal account, could that be a reason?