This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-10-10 23:00:00 to 2021-11-13 00:00:00. View 50 entries

Systemless, rules-free locations that fit on a single sheet and can be folded down into a little 8 page zine! You've got two weeks to make one and submit it to the jam!

The idea is to think about game "content" in a different way, outside of the constraints of rules and dice and probability and mechanics. Try to create something that manages to still be useful at the table, even without any of those things! 

Obviously, submit as many as you want!


The One Page Zine template by Starwest is the one I use! Get it here!

Alternatively, there's the Pocketfold version which doesn't require cuts and does some interesting things with folds! Get that template here!


Keep the submissions totally free of bigotry and hate. No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia. If you're a nazi, fuck off. 


Discuss your entries on twitter using the hashtag #pocketplaces or join us over on The Pink Square Discord to talk about the jam and minimalism in RPGs in general!


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A systemfree science fantasy setting set in far future Brighton, UK
System-free pocket zine setting about a strange, mostly dead country
There's Something Wrong in the Meat Lab
An outpost has grown around the humming stones.
7 settings for any system
psychedelic system neutral TTRPG setting filled with tiny floating moons
Systemfree space bodyhorror on Mars
6 furry and fierce backgrounds for use in Troika!
A post-apocalyptic TTRPG setting for Lay On Hands and beyond...
A pocket-sized system agnostic space horror on far-future Mars
A system-neutral market location where you conduct trade with the dead
A systemless setting about a city in the sky.
A metabuteco: a familiar place if you came to the right place in Brazil
an urban low magic locations zine
A mini-zine setting for fantasy role-playing games.
A systemless expansion for any ttrpg. A tower of wax and flame and ice and pain.
A Pocket Places Jam Submission
A haunted and suspended atoll, broken by Time.
Scenes from memories that never happened - A zine
A Pocket Place by Zac Bir and David Koslow, inspired by the works of Manly Wade Wellman
Role Playing
A radiant mini-setting
a universal ttrpg supplement mini zine
A City for Crime, Supers, Urban Fantasy, and Other Modern Settings
A pocket place about a secret order of spies, their birds, and the giant floating eye they live in.
A system-agnostic space western setting for any TTRPG.
A foldable booklet for a systemless setting based around a city, carved into the mouth of a great dead leviathan.
You were handed this pamphlet by your unionized gnome coworker. Stay safe, strike hard they said.
A setting inside a pocket.
a small pocket guide to liminal spaces and distant stations.
a world of stink
adventure site pocketmod
A location for roleplaying games.
A Strange Forest for Fantasy Hex Maps
System free zine setting of a post apocalyptic small island
This hex environment presents six aspects of a mesa shrouded in a fog of myth and story.
A zine-length city for use in TTRPGs
A totally normal roadside attraction
A ttrpg system free dive into the strange dishes of other worlds.
A twisted forest for in-between adventures.
On Halloween night, prepare for a fright!
A foldable tiny location which is a semi-fictionalised version of where I live
Systemless village creation as a one-page, double-sided Pocketfold booklet
a messy little pocket mod pointcrawl
A tiny zine by Horos.