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Hey all! I haven't joined WGJ in a long time but some of my first games were made for it, and I'm sad to see the discord server getting shut down, though I understand the reasons behind it. 

Would it be possible to at least keep the theme announcement channel/bot up and running? Is there a way to see a list of previous themes outside the discord?  

I hope I can join another jam soon. Best of luck to everyone!

That was intense! I played on Nightmare and soon ran out of arrows and had to sneak my way through the rest of the game. The mood and atmosphere are amazing, I was scared the entire time. I had to use the darkness, but the monsters and sound effects kept me on my toes. The world building is very interesting as well, I wonder where this story will go.

It could still some polish, definitely, but that's what the demo is for. Kinda wish we had another less intense level before this one to keep it light and get used to the game haha.

Mechanics are great, amazing demo, can't wait to see the full version! Keep it up and be proud, you did well.

Haha yeah, I suck at level design and always rush it during the end of the jam. Great idea about the flying enemies! I'll work on the platforming to makes it better for next time. Thanks for the feedback!

Intentional or not, I loved it. It also happened with the enemy shots haha

Can't take credit for the music, I'm afraid! It was generated using Wavebots.

Yeah, I'll work on improving the controller next time ^^ Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the character controller could still use a bit of work regarding friction and platforming, I hadn't actually noticed until I saw bim playing it and then you mentioned it, I'll try to improve it for next time.

The UI could really use some work, it took a while to understand what was going on, and the game crashed on me twice while I was in the middle of a wave. That said, it felt like a solid defense game and I would have loved to play some more if it didn't crash. Good job, especially for your first time! Congratulations on finishing!

Such a cool use of the theme! I enjoyed playing, though it was a bit tricky. It seems like you can only push enemies if they're frozen or if you're sneaking up behind them, which makes it hard to get them to kill each other. Also experienced that bug with the bridges, unfortunately. Ping me if you fix it, I'd like to see the rest of the levels! 

Pretty good game! Great job!

Love the art style, yeeting the chickens at each other was hilarious xD I loved how they got in a frenzy after you stole their golden leader. Great game!

Whoops, friendly fire xD I sandwiched an enemy in-between two of my units and hit myself when I killed it, that was hilarious. I really liked this entry, and I played longer than I expected. I think I'm on the last level and keep dying to the last enemy haha. 

Great job guys!

Fun little game, the controls were hard to get used to. It's a cool idea, well done!

Got 3200 after a while! Very cool mechanic, challenging game, my only note is you could've added a collider to prevent the player from leaving the play area and maybe locked the mouse cursor to the screen. Otherwise, really enjoyed playing it, simple yet great!

Got a higher score than bim, 10/10

Fun game, great use of the theme!

I think it's an hour or so before the jam starts.

I actually agree about the theme! So many possibilities, and much better than most themes... I hope I get to join and make something good.

Ha, it's been a while, hasn't it? We totally should! I just did LD a few weeks back. I considered asking you if you were available but ended up doing it solo. Not the best result, I overscoped, but as always I improved in some areas!

And yes, I understand it can be difficult. No rush ;) I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great!

I still enjoy using the application, it's great! 

The one thing I actually want, as someone who knows next to nothing about the technical aspects of music, is more genres to choose from and generate, in the bundles and templates tabs. Specifically, songs.  I know you can modify the output and the parameters, and that's great, but having more options to start from and tweak until you get something you like would be amazing!

Great app!  I wish you the best of luck, my friend.

I don't think so, but I really enjoyed playing so I'll definitely check out the new version!

The post jam version has additional rooms so there's more variety in the dungeon layout, some slight game feel improvements, as well as rocks that you can throw at enemies and damage them with. I'd appreciate any feedback!

Thanks James! And thanks for hosting the jam!

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Thanks! The player rotation is the same as the grid in the background, and the little compass on the left (jump is along the green arrow, movement along the red arrow).

Haha this game is hilarious! Interesting take on the genres, I really enjoyed playing it! 

I really like this one! Took a while (and reading the description) to understand what to do, but once I did it got really interesting. I think my highest is 3499 so far. I'm gonna try and get to the mansions!

Haha this was a difficult game, but it was pretty fun! Liked the little comments after death!

Haha nice! I liked how you shoot back out the things you absorbed!

Those poor frogs :( I had to do a double take when I saw them LOL

This is good for a first game! Congratulations on finishing it! I really liked the art and the music/sound effects!

A couple of notes:

The issue with the play button not appearing unless you're in full screen can be solved if you set the canvas to scale with screen size, and set an anchor for the button.

The jump doesn't always trigger for some reason.

A few checkpoints would be nice.

But otherwise this is a good entry!

This game is hilarious! Was a bit unclear on what the letters are for until I read the game page, and it was kind of difficult to collect the letters I wanted, but otherwise it's a great game, I laughed at the random ducks, kappas and farts!

RIP Bert.

This is a funny game, the music fits well! 

RIP Bert.

This is a funny game, the music fits well! 

Fun game, I liked the art and the way it rotates, nice levels and different mechanics. Those moving spikes on the last level surprised me xD Happy ending as well

I love playing this! Seems like the heal ROM is a bit too rare though, it's hard to make it far

Watching this game being developed and change over time has been an incredible inspiration, can't wait to try it out!

which version? WebGL or Windows? 

hmm yeah that might have been a good idea.

Also about the restart, yes, I didn't find out it doesn't work until I uploaded it. I fixed it but apparently can't upload a new build while the ratings are going on. Thanks for playing!


Thanks! Can't take credit for the music though

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Oh wow, thank you so much! It means a lot!

Can't take credit for the music, though

No worries, mate. I was looking for feedback, and I got it, so I appreciate it. I spent some time learning the basics of OpenToonz to animate the slime, and I'm glad that at least that part was generally liked :) Thanks for being honest, and I hope to improve in the future.

Hey, thanks for the feedback :/

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from, I think that would have been better now that you mentioned it actually. I do need to work on my game/level design. Hopefully I can improve that in the future. This was the first time I go beyond making the mechanics, usually I just make those and stop without making a game.
As for the level visuals, yup. I wanted to do something else but I didn't know *what*, and I ran out of time, so yeah. Maybe next time.