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Ooh, thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing our game!

This is really good. It's so rare to have any kind of online interaction on jam games, and the way it's done here is so creative, I love it. (also, seeing milo appear in the game right after it was played on the stream really cracked me up XD)

A bit on the easy side, but a solid puzzle game with great presentation, good job!

(also, just a small bug, I played trough a second time and got stuck on a level (the one with 2 enemies, spikes and a turret) because it started with upside down gravity before I even pressed the button)

Love the main mechanic! The game has a good amount of content but it doesn't feel repetitive at all. The coolest thing was the “Aha!” moments, especially at the last level.

Took a while, but I managed to beat stage 4 (would definitely not have done it without your hint on the comments haha). There were some cool ideas for each stage, specially near the end of the game. Also, I like the logo and background (it's what caught my eye to come here to play).

Yeah, we started with the teleportation idea so it was kinda hard let go of it, haha. Thank you for the feedback and kind words!

The real challenge here is remembering where each key is on the keyboard haha. I like it.

Needs a bit too much spam clicking for my liking, but otherwise it works well, fits the theme and looks good!

Very pleasing visuals. I wished the camera would be a bit further away from the character, or maybe it zoomed out as the character got bigger. Great job on the entry though!

The last level made me question my ability in video games, I beat it in the end though, that felt pretty good. That being said, this is a great take and execution on the theme, probably the best game I played on this jam.

I knew someone had to do it! And it's as frenetic as I expected it to be, great execution on the idea.

Great execution on the mechanic, very polished. There is quite a lot of levels (they didn't feel repetitive or anything, just good content).

I think the jump right before the wall jumps on the level "Dropper" is a bit too tricky, I finished the game and that was by far the level with the most retries.

One of the best games right here. I didn't complete it very fast, but got 141 flowers on the way! Great job dude.

This looks great, I think the houses are a bit too delicate, but otherwise the concept is good. Again, the graphics are really good, I love it.

Being "bumped around" instead of taking damage is a cool idea, I like it.

I love the reasoning behind the game mechanic, I mean, it's technically a rhythm game, but all the context around it makes it something different. (also, the art and music were on point, great job!)

Oooh, I love the mood here. The idea is just great, it's like a typing game but more centred on the puzzle aspect. The only bad thing I can think of is virus noise being a tiny bit too loud, otherwise it's great!

Limited spread control instead of limited ammo is a pretty good idea actually, because you are never really unable to fight, it's just a lot harder. I like this, fits the theme and has a really solid gameplay.

I didn't expect that boss battle at all, haha! Short, fun and fits the theme, can't ask more than that.

(Also, just cutting back to the main menu after beating the final level is a big game jam mood, I am also culprit of that on previous game jams)

It all works pretty well, just kinda repetitive. Good work!

Oh true, at that point only really paying attention would save you.

The recorded lines where really funny ngl. I think it needed a few more audio clues though, like a line for successfully breaking the box, or just sounds effects for the player. I really like the idea though.

Art and music are on point, especially the music! The small bit of dialogue at the start was also really funny "LOOK AT THAT".

I left my computer for a bit and came back to soooo many people, I couldn't even choose who to aim for, my high score was 34508.

Thanks for the feedback! But yeah, the only thing to do if you teleport too close to a bullet going your way is to shoot in the direction of that bullet as soon as the game resumes (aka spam left click), because the bullets will cancel each other (which is not the most intuitive strategy really). And the bullet speed is a real dilemma, too fast and they become hard to avoid (and harder to take down), too slow and they become easier to take down but stay on the screen for longer.

Again, thanks for the feedback, I really apreciate it.

Compared to the more common "chaotic" interpretations of the theme, this one is very calm and relaxing, I like it. Also, great job on the pixel art!

Oh god, spinning 6 plates was so tense, my high score was 24683.
Very fun game, all the random events really fit well with the core mechanic, and it 100% fits the theme. Good job!

My internet is fixed! time to play some games

Thank you all for the comments! My internet went down on the last hour of the jam, and it really is a miracle the game is up. I will get back to play your games once my internet is back!

I like it, I think it all fits together pretty well. I assume the key location was always different? Sometimes I founded it in a few minutes, and others in a few seconds. The only kinda janky thing was the flashlight controls, not sure if that was intentional.

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I have to say, this is very addictive, loved it! Really like how clean everything looks too. Loved how stage 1-3 had a patch of regular ground that could be used to finish the level with less moves if the player payed attention enough, good design!

But maybe you should make more clear that you can Aim & Shoot clicking anywhere on the UI, and not only on the ball. I know it's written  on 'controls', but at least a quick tutorial text on the first level would clear that up for the player.

My course score was my favorite number by the way, 12 :D

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I may try to rethink the tutorial, you are not the only one that didn't know at first it was possible to walk left and right.  But for now I tried made that more clear in the game's page. Thank you for the feedback!

Fico feliz de você ter gostado! Obrigado :D

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Very nice demo. I remember you showing the artwork on discord, I really liked it.

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Thank you! I am glad you liked it! Maybe I can change those spikes to be just the classic triangular spike.

ownt, thank you for playing too! c:

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I don't mind at all.

Actually, can you give me the name of your channel? because I want to see it (^▽^)/