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I have to say, this is very addictive, loved it! Really like how clean everything looks too. Loved how stage 1-3 had a patch of regular ground that could be used to finish the level with less moves if the player payed attention enough, good design!

But maybe you should make more clear that you can Aim & Shoot clicking anywhere on the UI, and not only on the ball. I know it's written  on 'controls', but at least a quick tutorial text on the first level would clear that up for the player.

My course score was my favorite number by the way, 12 :D


Yes there are a few little spots like that I tried to put in, a few other levels have similar things which are fun to find out! I'll hopefully get time to add more levels and explore the actual level design aspect in more detail as in all honesty they were rushed with the jam being 2 weeks and half of that spent getting the shooting mechanics to work right.

I've had similar feedback regarding the fullscreen clicking so I'll definitely look to rectify that. The game was sort of created with mobile in mind and I think it would be less of an issue there, but still I'll try and find the time to make that more obvious.

12 is a great score! Some levels you have to get a bit lucky in the current prototype to get hole in 1 and 2s so I'd maybe look to change that one day, perhaps with longer levels so lucky bounces and quick restarting is less incentivised. Thanks for playing! :)